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 Johnathan [Saber]

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Johnathan [Saber]
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Servant Template

Class: Saber
Alias: Johnathan, Saber, Guardian
True Identity: Nostra Dremoras [future Hero]
Appearance Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Johnathan is a tall swordsman, standing at nearly 2 meters with his 1,90m. He doesn't have a wide build, though, and looks very slender and agile, though he lacks that certain something Lancers have that just spells 'fast'. His hair is long and tied into a ponytail, with a completely dark, almost unnatural black that doesn't seem to reflect any light, no matter how bright the day is. This is a side-effect of his Noble Phantasm.
The eyes of the hero, though, shine in a bright, almost cyan blue, like a clean and beautiful sky. The usual superior grin to enemies or friendly smile towards friends is often only shortly replaced by facial expressions meant clearly to mock others by overdoing nearly everything.
His clothing, quite unlike for his Class, has nearly no armored parts. He wears slightly futuristic looking clothing, with the chest piece being the only visible 'armor' - it is a black chest piece out of an unknown metal. The rest of his outfit is surprisingly normal for a Servant - the rest of his shirt is a smooth, black cloth, and his long sleeves on it have a few silver plates itched into it, but they are not large enough to qualify as additional armor. Around his neck and on top of this chest piece, he always wears a necklace in the shape of a cross.
His pants are in a normal shade of black, quite like his shirt with the chest armor - unlike his sleeves, it has no metal plates in it, but rather, has a small line of a metal looking like silver running down the outside of his legs. His boots have the same silver metal worked into them.

Personality: Johnathan is a very laid back person, mainly because of his incredible confidence. He has that confidence in every area of his self - he doesn't believe to be able to lose any battle, or other competitions, for that manner. One of his catchphrases is 'awesome' - it doesn't need to be said that it's often centered about him.
Behind that arrogance, though, Johnathan can be very serious when needed to be. He is extremely protective over everyone he consideres to be on his side - he is clearly not against siding with other Masters and Servants together with his own Master in an attempt to win this war. His confidence is often overplayed by himself, he can clearly judge opponents and their strength once they cross blades - if he has no chance of victory, he'll assure his Master to be safe before he would betray her and simply search out a new one before he faded away, like some more questionable spirits would.
As a former chaotic hero, his fighting style is very reckless - he never learned any 'real' swordsmanship, and simply attacks and defends how his instincts tell him to. That way, his battle reminds more of a Berserker than a finely controlled blademaster. He is actually not a 'true hero' - he was regarded to be one by the people around him, but never tried to be one, or desired the destiny of greatness he achieved in his life before death. Becoming a heroic spirit was rather surprising for him, but he accepted his new fate as a protector of the planet - but now, as a Servant, he desires the Grail to grant him two wishes that he could never fulfill as a Guardian alone.
Another small personality trait that should be noted is the fact that Johnathan is a smoker, and will never say no to a good beer or other alcoholic drink. For a hero, he clearly likes to enjoy himself quite much.
Under the confidence and protective behaviour, he can actually sometimes have troubles saying just exactly what he says, always considering those close to him before considering his own feelings. This is not always the case, though, and he will sometimes simply go out with his thoughts, often surprising others with his clear and honest words.

Power Levels:
Strength: D
Endurance: D
Speed: D
Magic: E
Mana Capacity: D

Class Abilities: Magic Resistance, Rank D
Cancel Single-Action spells. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.

Personal Abilities: Heroic Willpower, Rank D
Defies fate with the strength of the will. Servant can stay in existance and fight without any prana left in the body for at the most 10 minutes.

Spells: Healing Touch: Bleeding, Rank D
A weak magic, this channels Mana into the users hands and uses it to restore small wounds and weak bleedings. However, this can't fix damaged organs even in the slightest. The chant to initiate this spell is:
"Durch meine Hände
Kommt die Rettung"

That Certain Something:

Noble Phantasms: Dremoras - Sword that Strikes in the Night (Rank B+)
Draemoras is a demonic sword, and as his main Noble Phantasm, Johnathan can summon it out of thin air instantly. The handle of the blade is wrapped in a red cloth that is held by black strings through it, and a ruby is set into the hilt, far bigger than the gems one would normally find. Draemoras is a one-handed blade, but as a Noble Phantasm, it is a bit longer than a normal longsword would be. The blade itself is in a deep, dark red color, almost appearing to be red. The handleguard looks like a bunch of twisted and black branches out of steel, and a closed eye is engraved into the blade itself, right above the handle. As a side effect of wielding this sword, one of the body parts of the owner will turn completely black, but in a very sickening way: instead of just changing color, it simply absorbs light instead of reflecting it. It looks incredibly un-natural, and in Johnathans case, his hair is the thing that appears completely black like the abyss itself.
Special Ability: After calling out the name of this Noble Phantasm, the eye on the blade opens. In the instant that this happens, the sword turns completely black, and swallows all light around it, practicially emitting a dark light that eliminates the sight of all in a large radius. Afterwards, Saber dashes forward, slashing through both the channeled darkness and the enemy in the process. This attack is executed with incredible speed and accuracy, and it is very hard to dodge or block.

Fretragin - Spirit Sealing Sword (Rank E)
This Noble Phantasm is Johnathans first weapon, and way weaker than his sword. He often wields it in his off-hand while using Dremoras, though. The 'sleeping' state of this weapon is the cross-shaped pendant John is wearing, and upon infusing his Mana into it, John calls out the true form - a jet-black shortsword with a silver handle. Besides being incredibly sharp, the original ability it had was to hurt spirits - but seeing as any Servant can do that, this ability is useless now. As a side-effect of wielding this demonic dagger, Johnathans upper arms have been permanently marked with an upside-down cross that looks similliar to a tattoo. The more Fretragin is used, the larger these marks originally grew, but this effect stopped after John died.

History: Nostra was born in a far future. When exactly is not possible to be determined - however, he is from a timeline where nobody ever managed to obtain the eternal Holy Grail of the 8th war. The intense magical power of it finally caused the boundaries between dreams, magic, sorcery and the worlds to shatter more and more, nearly eradicating Japan off of the map before it disappeared.
In the wake of a disrupted world, it left behind a terrible spawn of darkness and raw power - the 'Remnants'. Those monsters destroyed the known world in a matter of years, turning it into a wasteland, leaving both the church and Magi of the world nearly powerless. The last few survivors of mankind strived to survive in this desolated land, and he was born as one of them, many many years after the 8th Heaven's Feel ended.

One day, when he as a boy of an age around 14 wandered the ruins of a city, a sharp cry ripped apart the hearts of everyone, pushing them deep into the worst fear - the fear of death. A Remnant found them, something that nearly always ended in death. Running in all directions, the group tried to scatter and allow at least some people to survive - however, the three friends Nostra was with ran straight into the monster, which looked like a giant lizard made out of shadows and fire. As they stumbled backwards, the hand of the young boy instinctively grabbed hold of the small pendant he had - a memento from his dead mother and father.
Unknown to the other survivors in his group, he always had a special potential - the power of a Magic Circuit in his body. He was born with the potential for magical powers, but without a teacher, never realized it. Now, in this panic, his mind hit the switch closing his magic circuit not just with a 'finger', but rather, with a large hammer, breaking open his potential and making him pour all of his prana into the cross while praying for a way to survive.
And that was the start of a miracle. Out of an old family heirlrom, a Noble Phantasm was born - a weapon that had been passed down for ages, without anyone realizing it's very simple nature, which is a miracle in itself. Suddenly feeling the cold steel of the shortsword in his hands, the boy knew that normal weapons could not hurt those Remnants. Still, it was better than doing nothing, so he blindly slashed at the black creature.

This was the birth of a hero. Taking down the Remnant with a wild, uncontrolled flurry of swipes, the being died - it was surprised because it had never encountered prey that fought back before. Standing there panting, the blade in the boys hands disappeared, and returned into the form of a pendant. As the other humans slowly got closer to him, it was the birth of a hero.
Over the next few years, this living hero would soon become known all over the former area of europe, since he was one of those that could fight the monsters. Still, he never stayed with anyone for too long - if he helped someone out, it was on a whim. He felt himself superior to others and the Remnants, as he was not a skilled Magus, but still one of the few remaining ones. Constantly having to fight for his life, Nostra changed from a timid boy into an overconfident anti-hero, or chaotic hero - his actions were only on the good side out of chance, not choice.

During his prime, Nostra encountered an intelligent Remnant at some point. Challenging the Magus to a 'game', both set their weapons as the bet - for Nostra, it was his dagger, and the opponent chose to use his sword as a bet, too, a demonic sword without a name.
After solving all the tasks at the exactly same times, it finally resulted in a fight after all, a fight that Nostra could not win. Being badly wounded, with nearly fatal cuts all over his body, the fighter was rescued by none other than a group of people he helped before, and that had discovered weak magic themselves. Buying him some time, the man got up again and stabbed the Remnant into the back with his shortsword, claiming the demon blade Dremoras as his own, and making the name of it his last name.
His sense of honor and friendship mainly steemed from those risking his life to rescue his. Becoming their leader, this group of brave Magi and fighters fought a fight that can never be won, since the Remnants are endless. In the end, he died alone, after all of his friends died, while slashing down their killer. Being a hero for many of the survivors, he was removed from the cicle of rebirth, and is now a Heroic Spirit.

Roleplay Sample: N/A

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Sniper Gilgamesh says...
Johnathan [Saber] Servant-TheGoldenKing
Spot on!
I hereby approve this app. Congrats.
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Johnathan [Saber]
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