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 The Victim of Circumstances

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PostSubject: The Victim of Circumstances   Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:45 pm

RP Sample wrote:
Hanako was sitting behind the fine oak desk on her comfortable leather office chair in front of a rather recently outdated computer unit. The summer heat was hardly fond of for her as the air conditioner was breaking down for the third time in the last three weeks. Honestly, the company was extorting the firm for more money or the heat will be the thugs threatening to burn the firm down. Next to her was a small ring fan that does not have the blades. Though quieter, the fan often cause her eyes to well up with tears as her eyes fought to keep themselves hydrated. If anyone walks in now, they can think on sight that she was crying over something when her eyes are irritated. Luckily the fake bifocal over her light blue eyes does not have lenses or they would fog up with the humidity in the air. Even with the fan to her face, she was noticeably sweating as she can smell the wet cotton of her shirt gaining an invisible v-neck from her sweat. Clacking away on her computer quickly as she was updating a recent case about a Japanese rapper accused of rape at Fuyuki University in Nada-ku. Her employer, a lawyer solved the case with the rapper being found innocent, though she heard rumors that the rapist was wrongfully found innocent through backroom deals because the rapist was a political child. A political child by definition was an offspring of a political official like a governor or a senator; the President's Daughter is a title for a political child for example. The door open and shut as Hanako's employer comes in with a bag of lunch boxes and a small bag of a trinket.

"Hey Kiddo. Brought ya some lunch and a trinket." Announces the kind lawyer as he puts the small bag on Hanako's desk before placing a lunchbox on the desk. Hanako just smiles before saving the document and minimizing it. She then pulls the lunch box to herself and opens the box. An array of cuisines that are not cheap and even have expensive tuna-on-rice sushi. Drawing out her chopsticks, she splits it and fix her hands to hold them for eating the delectable meal. Just like so, she begins eating and savoring many of her favorites, including the expensive tuna-on-rice sushi. What soon gets her attention was the small bag of trinkets. With her left hand that is free, she reaches out into the small back and wriggles them out of the small bag after gently grabbing the trinket. It was a plastic feel as it comes out to be... "How you like it, Kiddo?" The lawyer speaks as Hanako discovers it to be a statuette replica of a hentai scene where the heroine gets raped by a tentacle monster. While blushing, Hanako contemplates how she can find a better job so she can punch her employer in the crotch and walk out with the lunch box. However, she has a nature where she cannot hurt anyone, she has not forsaken humanity just yet.

Keeping the blush to herself while failing to hide it, Hanako closes her light blue eyes and simply nods as she releases her grasp around the adult-rated novelty statuette and slides her pale-skinned left hand back to the green cardboard of her lunch box. While nodding, her dark brown hair's ponytail moves up and down while her side burns sways forward and back. She continues eating, trying to forget that she wants to punch out the bastard of an employer; after all, he saved her financially from becoming a street vagabond. With her left thumb on the rim of the lunch box, her left index finger taps in short intervals against the corner of the box's sides while she keeps a smile, despite it being fake towards her employer; the real smile was for the meal. "Glad that you like it. Keep up the good work." Hanako's employer responds to her acknowledgment. As he goes into his office, the employer switches his handing of the bag from right hand to left hand as he uses his right hand to pat once on Hanako's scalp. The door opens and shuts behind Hanako as the employer is already in his office.

The lawyer was a proper man known as Miyazaki, Sasuke; political lawsuit specialist. More like criminal's savior with all his clients being rich juveniles and even richer political children. At least the pay was good enough that if she quits now, she would not stand a chance. Hanako secretly loathes the idea that she is working for a criminal in a business suit, but what are her chances that someone with better morals would just walk right into the door and present himself on a silver platter for her to take on with no strings attached? Especially with her resume bearing a "market stain" where average graduates are automatically disqualified from the list of hotshot corporations like Sony. Even most colleges and universities will not accept someone with a market stain on the transcripts. Thinking of all that makes Hanako doubt that she would get lucky or get a miracle when applying for Fuyuki University. And do throw the idea of marrying someone of higher class out the window, if Hanako cannot stand crowds, then a wedding, a social gathering would make her burst out the door and out of the district.

As she was down to her most favorite, the expensive tuna-on-rice sushi (gotta save the best for last,) the telephone rings and Hanako picks them up. Usually the callers are panicky young men who want to get away from a lawsuit, but when she hears heavy breathing, she can tell that something just recently happened. Usually that "something" that happened recently is something that Hanako dreads about because the trace will be fresh and nauseously obvious as Hanako's fear of crowds. "Hello? This is Tsuchihime." A man's voice speaks through the telephone's receiver. That makes Hanako's heart skipped a beat with her eyes shot wide opened. The sushi drops back down into the box before the tuna tips off the rice and onto the paper protecting the cardboard. The lips quivers as her mouth gaps ajar in a quiet pain. That man's voice is familiar to Hanako and that voice belongs to her father, Tsuchihime, Sai. "Come to my residence. I need help here." Tsuchihime requests before closing the line. Hanako drops the phone's receiver and taps away on the computer, leaving a message for her employer;




With that message made and not saved, Hanako rushes out of the law firm and calls in for a taxi by holding her right hand up. Shortly after, a taxi arrives as Hanako climbs in. She gestures for something to write with and the driver gives her a notepad and pen. With haste, she writes down, Tsuchihime Residence before handing it back with the pen. "You're a mute? Alright, off we go then on the double." the taxi driver responds after reading the notepad. The taxi takes off as fast as the speed limits and traffic will allow them.
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The Victim of Circumstances
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