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 Miyamoto Musashi, Saber.

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PostSubject: Miyamoto Musashi, Saber.   Fri Dec 09, 2011 7:34 pm

Servant Template

Class: Either one of the eight classes seen in the games (including Avenger), a custom one from us or your own custom one is possible.
Alias: A Heroic Spirit can't risk to have their name known – what alias is your character using?
True Identity: Quite frankly, this is the name of the hero or villain the heroic spirit is based off. You can use heroes from the future if you don't want to use mythological ones, but since nobody knows their story, the power of such a spirit is weakened.
Appearance Age: This doesn't have to be the actual age the heroic spirit had when he/she died.
Gender: Male, Female, Trap, Reverse Trap, you know the drill.

Appearance: Include both the wardrobe and normal clothing, if your character uses both. Either 2 paragraphs, or a picture will suffice.

Personality: Everyone has a general personality. 2 Paragraphs are the minimum for this.

Power Levels: The basics for every Servant are E in each level. However, special rules apply to each class. You can find those rules here. At creation, you can raise the Rank of one level, mark it with a color code.
Strength: E/D/C/B/A/EX (describes how much power is behind every physical attack)
Endurance: E/D/C/B/A/EX (sets how much punishment the character can take in combat before being defeated)
Speed: E/D/C/B/A/EX (Your speed in every way – spellcasting, ranged combat and melee are dependant on this as well)
Magic: E/D/C/B/A/EX (Sets how strong your magic can be)
Mana Capacity: E/D/C/B/A/EX (This will be used to determine how often you can use your Noble Phantasm and spells in battle)

Class Abilities: The natural abilities of the hero and his/her class. For example, Saber class has Magic Resistance normally, while Berserker uses Mad Enhancement. You can choose 1 ability at Rank D or 2 at Rank E. Independent Action is Archer Class exclusive and starts at F (or E if it is chosen alone), Hidden Presence is exclusive to Assassin Class and Riding can't be increased over Rank C for everyone apart from a Rider Class.

Personal Abilities: Personal Skills like Arturias Prana Burst, the Mind's Eye (both true and fake), high-speed thaumaturgy, and the like. You can start with one on Rank D or two on Rank E.

Spells: Nearly all Servants know at least a bit of magic. They are not bound to a certain type of magic like a Magus, but can only use a certain maximum of different spells. (1/2/4/7/13/20 – Caster has this amount times 1.5, rounded up.) The strength of your spells as a Servant is depending on Mana Capacity as well, but you need less Magic: you can always use Magic spells up to 1 Rank higher than your level in it (with the maximum being EX+), but you need to have at least Mana Capacity of 1 rank below the needed mana level – for a B rank spell, you need C rank magic and D rank capacity. Also, highest possible spells quickly tire out a Servant with a lack of Mana Capacity!
You can't save spell slots for higher levels of magic – if you have C rank, you need to have 4 (or 4x1.5) spells! You can, however, have spells not yet able to be casted with your current mana capacity.

That Certain Something: Only applies to Avenger Class and Assassin Class, delete otherwise. This is that certain skill or talent that actually raises you to a rank where you can fight other Servants.

Noble Phantasm: Delete if you are using Assassin Class. This is the weapon of your spirit, his/her identity, and the strongest thing he/she has to bring down opponents. Depending on the effect, the mana cost varies, but a Noble Phantasm in general is rather hungry for mana, so be careful with the use. The staff will determine both the drain on your mana and the rank of the Noble Phantasm AFTER your application is finished.

History: for historical figures, either use a link to wikipedia, or give us a basic rundown. The latter allows you to change around some details and parts of the legend, even the gender of the heroic spirit. For a custom created spirit, you need to give more detail – explain why they are a hero or counter-guardian!

Roleplay Sample: Just a small bit of how you roleplay. It doesn't have to be the character you are making the application for, but it is advised. The minimum is 2 Paragraphs, and it can be taken from another site, as long as you've written it.
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Miyamoto Musashi, Saber.
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