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 Hua Mulan (Rider)

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Hua Mulan
Fresh Character

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PostSubject: Hua Mulan (Rider)   Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:05 am

Servant Template

Class: Rider
Alias: Ping
True Identity: Hua Mulan
Appearance Age: 16
Gender: Female (Reverse Trap)

Appearance: Mulan is very boyish in appearance, having used this to fool the Chinese army. She has short black hair and and brown eyes. Her torso consists of a red Chinese robe with a black border at the cuffs with a bronze lamellar cuirass over it. From there, she wears white cloth pants and black, Chinese cloth shoes.

Personality: Mulan is unlike most girls from from her society, she has always been the adventurous, rough and tumble girl. Even when she was a little girl, she wanted to go out and play with the other guys, but this was not what her family wanted of her. She was expected to marry into a wealthy family and was taught in preparation for that, though her father did indulge some of her tomboyish tendencies by teaching her how to defend herself.

Mulan is a very caring and brave woman, risking her very life to keep her father out of the war by replacing him. Once she sets her mind on something, she will be determined to finish to the end. She seems to have a very leveled head on her shoulders, having accomplished the rank of General in her time disguised as a man.

Power Levels:
Strength: D
Endurance: E
Speed: D
Magic: E
Mana Capacity: D

Class Abilities:

Riding - Rank D

Personal Abilities:

Mystic Face - Rank D

Because of her convincing pretty boy looks, she has been cursed to warrant the unwanted attentions of other women. Any woman without the proper magical resistance would instantly become enamored with her once they got a good look at her.


Chinese Mystic Arts: Lucky Cricket - Enhancement, Rank D

A spell based on the superstition that crickets grant the owner good luck. This spell summons a wispy astral of a cricket that hops in the air and circles around the summoner for a moment before disappearing, leaving the summoner with an increased level of luck and good fortune.

Noble Phantasm:

Gift of the Emperor: Kahn's Saddle Rank: B+

The saddle given to Mulan when she refused the Emperor's offer of political power in favor of a horse to return home with. In order to make sure the hero of China received what she rightly deserved, the Emperor had made sure the horse was prepared with the finest saddle, magically enhanced by the greatest Chinese Magicians at his disposal.

Any horse wearing this saddle gains abilities far greater than any other horse. The horse becomes more intelligent, vastly increases the speed in which it can move, and it becomes far greater in power. As well as, giving the horse a form fire magic that manifests in a powerful charge in which the horse becomes encased in flames that leaves the rider unharmed, but not so much the target of the charge.


Roleplay Sample:

(Taken from a post I made on

Tsumibara flinched as the plate shattered on the wall next to her. The eggs sticking to the wall, the yolks causing a yellow stain on the wall. But before she could even think about cleaning it up, Assassin had pulled a knife on her brother. No. She had to stop her from hurting him.

"Stop Assassin-chan!" The violet haired girl yelled out, "Don't hurt Nii-san, it was my fault. I must have overcooked the eggs."

"I'll remake your breakfast Nii-san, just don't be mad at Assassin-chan. She's still just a small girl."
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Sexy Priest-class Servant

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PostSubject: Re: Hua Mulan (Rider)   Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:11 pm

I see no problems I approve of this!

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Hua Mulan (Rider)
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