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 Kurou [Rider-Class Servant] wip

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Kurou [Rider]
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PostSubject: Kurou [Rider-Class Servant] wip   Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:32 pm

Servant Template

Class: Rider
Alias: Kurou, Rider
True Identity: Kurouso Demonbane, future hero
Appearance Age: 21


On the left: Normal day. On the right: About to kick your ass into the milkyway.

Personality: Everyone has a general personality. 2 Paragraphs are the minimum for this.

Power Levels: The basics for every Servant are E in each level. However, special rules apply to each class. You can find those rules here. At creation, you can raise the Rank of one level, mark it with a color code.
Strength: E
Endurance: E
Speed: D
Magic: E
Mana Capacity: C

Class Abilities: Riding, Rank A: All creatures but those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as mounts. This rank is high enough to have aptitude for the Rider Class.

Personal Abilities: Madness Resistance, Rank B: A power acquired by fighting cosmic horrors in the past. The longer the user endures their presence, the more resistant he becomes against all types of madness inducing effects. Rank B is high enough to be virtually immune to the effects of modern Magecraft that affects the mind.

Spells: Kurou does not know how to use any Magecraft himself, having stopped his studies before being able to cast anything. His Magius Style and Demonbane battle-armors operate on the concept of Magecraft, but do not require any actual knowledge to effectively use.

Noble Phantasm: Innocent Blade, Demonbane - Rank A++ Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

Kurous true Noble Phantasm is a suit of high-end armor. Being a combination of mechanic and magecraft, known in his time as 'Magitech', this metal beast stands at the size of a two-story building at the very least. Being in the shape of a man, it seems to be made out of steel, but it's true material is unknown. It could very well be a new element created through the alchemy of the future, in fact, as it seems completely invulnerable to all weaponry that humanity itself has currently (though this does not apply to Noble Phantasms and True Magic). Thus, it gives an insane boost of defensive power to use it. It does not run on any known energy besides pure, raw prana of the Rider inside of it. As a special ability, it is also able to 'warp' the Master into the inside and protect her during combat, and even more, allow for control by two people to optimize combat proficiency. Kurous appearance while inside changes into the one seen in the above pictures on the right.
However, the defense is not what makes this Noble Phantasm one of the greatest 'fake gods' to ever be created. It's true power is giving the wielder everything needed to become a true master of combat, as it has incredible mobility, enormous strength and also feeds combat knowledge into Kurous brain. In short, Demonbane is a giant suit of awesome fighting techniques with enough power to pulverize an entire city as a battle-ground - if it had an opponent of enough size to fight.
Demonbane has multiple 'special moves'... however, to use them, the Master inside with Kurou needs to become his 'grimmoire' and give him the knowledge into a download to Demonbane, meaning a certain level of Magic is needed from them to be able to supply the control over it. Once that level is met, though, Demonbane does not require any more energy to use those techniques than for a simple punch.
Finally, to summon the armor in the first place, both Kurou and his Master need to speak a chant in unison.
From the hate scorched sky.
With righteous anger in our hearts.
We draw forth the sword that smites evil!
Thou art the innocent blade-

Magius Style - Rank C Anti-Personel Noble Phantasm

Magius Style is a weaker, personalized form of the power granted by a Grimmoire and Deus Ex Machina.

History: There are unlimited futures, but some are darker than others. Kurou might very well be from the bleakest of them all at this point. In his timeline, he was created as a Homunculus for a simple reason - so that he might one day become a Magus capable of using a Deus Machina, a fake god created by humans. However, the horrors of magic found him before the success did, and he dropped out and went into hiding long beforehand.
In his world, a terrorist group known as Black Lodge appeared, threatening to destroy everything and summon outer gods back to the world to create their own, twisted utopia. When Kurou was tasked with finding a 'Grimmoire', he came upon an ancient Homunculus that called herself a Grimmoire - in an emergency situation, Kurou was transformed into the Magius Style, and forced to pilot Demonbane, the strongest Deus Machina that was ever built. At first he was reluctant to fight, but after seeing the evil of his later arch nemesis, Master Therion, he decided to fight him and Black Lodge no matter what. Gaining the powers of ancient gods himself, he managed to destroy Therion...
Or so he thought. In the end, Liber Legis and Demonbane are equal, and thus none of them ever won. After each time Therion fell, the timeline reset itself - the same was true for Kurou. The two became trapped in an eternal time-loop, one desiring the end of everything, the other with the desire to save everything. Orchestrated by one of the elder gods, Nyarlothep, they were to be trapped in an eternal nightmare...

But then the endless Grail War happened. Ripped out of the time loop in which he was doomed to be an eternal hero, Kurou now has one single chance to break the eternal time loop - and defeat Nyarlothep once and for all.

Roleplay Sample: Just a small bit of how you roleplay. It doesn't have to be the character you are making the application for, but it is advised. The minimum is 2 Paragraphs, and it can be taken from another site, as long as you've written it.
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Kurou [Rider-Class Servant] wip
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