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 Merlin, The Ancient Magician. {DONE}

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Merlin, The Ancient Magician. {DONE} Empty
PostSubject: Merlin, The Ancient Magician. {DONE}   Merlin, The Ancient Magician. {DONE} EmptyWed Nov 02, 2011 11:40 pm

Servant Template

Class: Caster
Alias: Caster Malificent
True Identity: Merlin, The Ancient Magician
Appearance Age: Late teens/Early 20s
Gender: Female



Height: 5'11"
Weight: 147 lbs (a good bit of that being her breasts)


Merlin shows exceptional talent and potential in her magical abilities and her keenness to further her education despite the risks carried with using magic. She can be outspoken and foolish, as with her first meeting with Arthur. She will at times use her magical abilities for herself, as when she fought Arthur in the market place, and to soften her workload. However most of the time Merlin will use her magic to help others, although this sometimes has consequences.

Merlin used to be naive; she appeared unaware that Gwen had romantic feelings for him (or doesn't feel the same way), telling anyone who asks that they are just friends. She is also very selfless; when Gwen is sentenced to death for witchcraft she confesses that it was her who cured Gwen's father with magic, despite the fact it would have cost her her life. Also, after she had been poisoned by Nimueh, she sent a light to guide Arthur out of the caves beyond the Forest of Balor and advised her not to take the Mortaeus flower despite the fact that without it she would die. She later offered to give her life in return for Arthur's on several occasions.

Kilgharrah also noted that Merlin had a habit of attempting to see good in everyone and warned her that this could prove to be her undoing. Even after Morgana turned against Camelot, Merlin pleaded with her not to help bring down the kingdom, pointing out that there were innocent people living there. She also tried to make Morgana realise that people did care about her and that she was being selfish and evil, because she was working against the very people that cared for her.

As Merlin grew older, she also grew wiser and Arthur noted her wisdom on at least two occasions. Most of the time however, Arthur thought she was an idiot, saying that she only had brief periods of wisdom and was stupid the rest of the time. Merlin's wisdom was also shown when she guided a sorcerer named Gilli to prevent him killing Uther. Merlin often called Arthur names that most servants would never call a prince such as "Dollop Head" or "Clotpoll" showing that she was unafraid of insulting people higher ranked than herself. She also insulted Uther, calling him a "stupid, arrogant old tyrant", though it should be noted that she was disguised as an old man at the time. Merlin was also observant, being able to recognise Gwaine even while he was in armour because of his unusual fighting style.

Nonetheless there is also a darker side to Merlin's personality where she will go to extreme measures to protect those she cares about, even if it means killing enemies. Merlin has been forced to directly kill people an alarmingly high number of times in order to protect others, such as Sophia and her father Aulfric, Tauren's henchmen, and Nimueh. The death of Nimueh was one of the most notable displays of Merlin's darker side because she showed rage and hatred towards her before summoning lightning to destroy her. She also poisoned her close friend Morgana when she thought that her death was the only way to save the people of Camelot, although she refused to do so until she was certain that there was no other option. She also directly killed others while in combat, such as the Sidhe elder, another Sidhe, Grunhilda, Mary Collins, Edwin Muirden and, indirectly, Aredian by using magic to heat his knife so that he fell to his death and Tristan De Bois's wraith by allowing Uther to use Excalibur. During the siege of Camelot she burned quite a few of Cendred's soldiers by throwing a wave of fire against them. More recently, during Morgana's reign over Camelot, she used the sword Excalibur to destroy the immortal army controlled by Morgana and Morgause, killing thousands of soldiers simultaneously- although the evidence suggests that these soldiers were all essentially dead anyway-, and later, with the help of Gaius, seriously wounded and nearly killed Morgause. Merlin didn't appear to feel any remorse for killing so many people though Morgana was an exception but this was only because Morgana had once been a friend. Merlin not only killed her enemies but she could also be extremely cold to people who she disliked such as when she made a snake scare Morgana's horse to injure her and she was indifferent about it. However, Merlin's brutality was only directed at her enemies and she never harmed anyone who wasn't an obvious threat, occasionally trying to talk to others and convince them to change until she is certain that she cannot.

Power Levels:
Strength: E
Endurance: E
Speed: E
Magic: B
Mana Capacity: D

Special Abilities:

Territory Creation, Rank D

Personal Abilities:

High-Speed Divine Words, Rank D
The power to activate Thaumaturgy without the use of Magic Circuits. The language of the Age of Gods, back when words played a heavy role in spellcasting. As such, it is power long lost by modern magi


Unluck, Rank C:
An AOE spell that affects anywhere within a 100 yard diameter. Any attacks used in this diameter that has a hit condition based on luck, or has to rely on luck to make contact, or alters luck in any way to hit the opponent, will fail automatically and miss Merlin.

Comprehend Languages, Rank E:
A spell always applied to Merlin that allows her to instantly understand and be able to fluidly speak any language she hears.

Astral Projection, Rank C+:
A spell that allows Merlin to, technically, be anywhere, as she can project a 3-D holographic-looking image of herself upon any surface of any place that she has been before. Thus allowing for communication between her and her charges or allies at long distance.

Sap Strength, Rank C:
Another AOE spell, this one with a 50 yard diameter, that slowly drains the strength (about 5 pounds of physical force per post) of all within besides Merlin. Ally or foe.

Suggestion, Rank D+:
An odd type of spell. Suggestion influences, not the target, but the words that Merlin is directing AT the target. Changing their sound, and presence to be more to the liking of the recipient, and increasing the appeal of those words to that target through a bit of mind-magic woven around the words. Basically, it increases the likelihood that the target will agree/comply with whatever Merlin is saying.

Tormenting Thirst, Rank D:
An attack spell that shoots a jet of water from the end of Merlin's finger. It looks and tastes just like water, and appears to any detector of magic to have no mystical properties. It is also odorless. However, when consumed, the "water" will turn into a gel-like substance in the target's throat that, instead of constricting their breathing, absorbs any liquid taken in or currently present, causing an un-quenchable thirst that lasts for three days.

Siren's Call, Rank B+:
Merlin focuses on a person in her mind and sends out this call. To said person, wherever they are, it will sound like the most beautiful singing they've ever heard. It caresses their mind and draws them towards it, not controlling so much as influencing. The only way to snap them out of it is by physically harming said person in such a way that creates at least a bruising wound.

Mindrape, Rank B:
A mental spell that requires Merlin to directly touch the opponent's temples. If she does so, she can inject this spell into their mind. What it does, is it takes that person's worst fears, memories, and nightmares, and re-surfaces them all. Swirling them and making the opponent re-live each one that comes up for a duration of 6 posts. And memories/fears aren't as simple as the idea. The opponent feels each memory, fear, or nightmare as if it was reality. The same pain it would cause, the same issues, etc.

Ray of Frost, Rank C+:
An arc-shaped ray of blue energy that emits from Merlin's hand at will, slowly freezing anything it touches. It extends for only 4 inches wide, but it can be as long as Merlin wants it to be.

Meteor Swarm, Rank B:
A large group of flaming, house-sized rocks that descend upon the earth rapidly, rotating around merlin before flying at the enemy at high-speeds, each rock detonating with a 20-meter explosion of rock and fire whenever it makes contact with anything or anyone.

Fly, Rank ??:
Simple.. it allows Merlin to fly or hover.

Noble Phantasm:

Excalibur, Anti-Infantry Phantasm, Rank A
Not the real excalibur, but a copy made of the real blade using the same materials, worn on Merlin's right hip and wielded with her left hand. Excalibur is Merlin's sword, used as a Phantasm to take out scores of enemies. The way it does this is thus: Excalibur can absorb any mana that Merlin puts out, as directed by her. Excalibur converts this mana into energy in three forms. Electricity, Heat, and Cold. When swung, Excalibur releases all the energy that Merlin has fed into it in a burst of energy that carries the properties of a fireball, an iceball, and a bolt of lightning, simultaneously shocking, burning, and chilling the opponent. The strength of the blast is directly proportional to how much mana Merlin has fed into it.

Merlin's Staff, Enhancement Phantasm, Rank C, Rank A when in her Reality Marble.
Simply enough, a golden ornate staff with a crystal ball at the top, used by Merlin to channel a few of her spells. When cast from the staff, Merlin's spells double in power, whether the power being strength or suggestion or whatever else the nature of the spell could be.

|| R E A L I T Y M A R B L E | S O R C E R E R ' S V O R T E X ||

The real pinnacle of Merlin's power comes in her reality marble, the Sorcerer's Vortex, used only in the most desperate situations.

The marble, when used, changes the appearance of the world around her and her opponents to resemble space. An empty black void filled with billions of stars. When activated, all the stars appear to spin before all shooting off beams of energy at Merlin, lifting her into the air and overloading her with energy before dropping her back down to the ground, the stars swirling around the opponent and her in a vortex of light for the duration of the marble's use.

In this marble, Merlin has unlimited mana reserves, able to cast any spell at any level in her arsenal left and right with no side effects or ailments. However, there is a downside. While using the marble, Merlin has no cognitive thought or judgement. The overload of energy takes away her higher brain power and reduces her to a speechless, mindless rage aimed at whatever opponent(s) she's facing. Her attacks are all doubled in power, but she might as well be a berserker with how she acts in this area. The time it can be used is limited, also, after ten posts, Merlin is forced out of the marble, and it takes another one post for her to compose herself, slowly regaining her sanity and thought, weakened slightly by the after-effect of the marble.

I am the Alpha of the Universe. The Omega of the Afterlife.
I use the life force of the very universe to shape my attack, creation itself is my weapon.
Though blind it may leave me, the power and essence of all things will give me strength enough to best my opponent.
Unknown to sanity, nor known to weakness.
I have created and destroyed like a God, only to return to mortality.
And yet, these hands of mine will never find solace from my plight.
So, as I speak these words, bring forth
The Sorcerer's Vortex.

Note: While speaking the chant, Merlin's eyes will glow purple and emit a reddish smoke from the sides.


(Change all reference to the MALE gender. Refer to Merlin as female for this history)

Roleplay Sample: Niet.
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Merlin, The Ancient Magician. {DONE} Empty
PostSubject: Re: Merlin, The Ancient Magician. {DONE}   Merlin, The Ancient Magician. {DONE} EmptySun Nov 06, 2011 8:08 pm

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Merlin, The Ancient Magician. {DONE}
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