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 Aria [Defender]

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PostSubject: Aria [Defender]   Aria [Defender] EmptyWed May 18, 2011 8:06 am

Servant Template

Class: Defender
Alias: Aria
True Identity: Troy (Embodiment Spirit)
Appearance Age: 18
Gender: Female

Appearance: In battle:

Personality: Aria is the embodiment of the city of Troy - a great city in history that was rumoured to have walls which would never fall to any enemy. Because of this, Aria herself is enclosed in her own emotions, and is generally very quiet and non-outspoken, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. She will protect her Master to the end, no matter what the cost, and unlike most Servants, is also generally against engaging in battle, she would rather let the Servants come to her and use their strength against them.

Out of battle, it requires a great deal of work to get her to speak to you, unless it's discussing battle tactics. It takes a few days to have her become accustomed to someone, but when she is, she instantly becomes warm and friendly, greeting with a bright smile and actually opening up to them. She is very careful with information, and will try and gauge her Master's worth before anything.

Her wish, strangely enough, is to live life as an actual human, and to be reborn into this world not as a City, but as a person to walk the fields with someone that she can care for.

Power Levels: The basics for every Servant are E in each level. However, special rules apply to each class. You can find those rules here. At creation, you can raise the Rank of one level, mark it with a color code.
Strength: E
Endurance: C+
Speed: E
Magic: E
Mana Capacity: D

Special Abilities: Continuance - The ability to come out alive and still fighting. At D Rank, it is possible for her to ignore crippling blows, with a 50% chance.

Spells: Aria knows only Reinforcement spells, D Rank. She generally only uses this on her shield and weapon.

Noble Phantasm: The Iliad is a shield that she carries with her at all times, only being revealed into it's true form when it's name is shouted out.

Defender of the Small (Iliad) Rank B+, Anti-Personell Noble Phantasm - The Iliad is able to nullify attacks that are stronger than B-rank. Anything WEAKER than a B-Rank attack, and the shield is useless for defending. This serves to confuse the opponent, and comes from the fact that it took a weak attack and trickery to defeat the walls of Troy.

Phantasmal Counter of the Steeled Heart (Aeneid) - Rank: A+, Anti-Army Noble Phantasm - Aria's most powerful Noble Phantasm is created as a wall that surrounds her and her Master. Within the wall is a Marble Phantasm, one that keeps the mind of her Master calm. This wall is impervious to basic attacks up to rank D+, but is always susceptible to other Servant's Noble Phantasms. In fact, this is the very purpose of this wall. Once the opponent uses their Noble Phantasm, and said Phantasm collides with the wall, the wall will instantaneously shatter. Aria will then take in the magical energy of the wall, creating a perfect replica of the Noble Phantasm that shatters it, abilities and all. She will be able to use it once, and then her own Noble Phantasm reappears. This came about because Troy was a city that could turn around every attack back onto it's opponents. (Defense)


Steel. That was the first thing that she felt. Stepping forwards, she felt the steel blade run itself through her leg. She grunted, and fell onto a knee, gripping the blade with metallic hands and pulling it out of the flesh. Fresh blood ran down her cotton clothing, and she stared up at the man who had forced the longsword in. She grimaced at him and stood back up, resting herself on her uninjured leg, using her own sword as a crutch. She would only need to fight with her shield. Her violet locks fell over a pained expression, and a pair of deep blue eyes stared at the man with a defiant glint within their gaze.

“Kuh. You...” He smirks at her speech, muffled by clenched teeth.

“Me?” He steps forwards towards her and holds his golden arms out to the sides – the ceremonial armor glimmering in the filtered sunlight. It was certainly impressive armor, she would give him that. If she wasn't in pain, she'd be admiring it's beauty and ornate crafting. With a confident grin, the man drops his arms once more and points his sword at her face, which was distorted by pain. “Come, now. What about me? All I did was wound you.” His voice was mocking. It was mocking her pain, her wound. She didn't like that, it degraded her. She spat on the ground and pushed herself up, facing him directly with a pain-filled, and yet confident expression.

“Heh... I...” The woman faced the man and aimed her sword at him – he hadn't bothered to force it forwards, he wanted his prey to die fighting. He made another mocking motion, putting a golden hand up by his ear.

“I...?” She spat again, a small globule of blood landing on the ground and leaving a small red stain. Was she really that badly injured? Another lock of hair fell before one of her eyes, restricting her vision further. She smiled softly and raised the sword further.

“I... am not done with you.” She stepped forwards, and her injured leg simply gave way beneath her. She didn't have the time to react and she fell forwards towards the muddied earth, towards what she knew would be her deathbed. She didn't even look up, she knew what the scene would be. The golden man would raise his sword and bring it down. She would feel the steel enter the flesh. It would burn for a second. Twist. Curl. Bleed. He would drive it in further. She would scream from the pain of it. Then it would end. Just like that. She would be left there, bleeding to death. And so she waited. And waited. And yet, nothing happened. There was no steel entering her flesh. She just lay there as the rain began to fall...

The wooden horse stood above her, soldiers still pouring out. She wasn't meant to be fighting. If she'd just listened to her father, left with her mother and sister... If she had just escaped from the Roman invaders, she wouldn't be dying of blood loss right now. She looked up at the horse again, and her vision faded into nothingness...

Bright light. Bright light. Brighter. Sharper. Louder. Everything was coming closer, moving faster, the light flares were streaming around her body, ethereal shapes flowing into her own form. She had been human. She had once been a young woman, of no real importance. But now... why was she chosen? Was it because she had stood up and tried to fight? Stolen a sword from her home, killed soldiers? That would be it, right?

“Defender.” Eh? That wasn't her name? Her name was... w-what was her name?

“You are no longer a single person. You are an embodiment.” A-an embodiment? No, she was a person! She was human!

“Don't try to resist your fate, Heroic Spirit of Troy.” Troy. That was where she came from. Alright. She was on her way back to restoring her personality, restoring who she was.

“Do you have a wish that you want fulfilled?” The woman's eyes widened. She was human. She was human, she wasn't a spirit! Her mouth opened slightly, and she spoke that sentence which would change her forever...

“I wish... to be myself again...”

Roleplay Sample: The history above. Can that be counted?

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Fresh Character

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Johnathan [Saber]
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PostSubject: Re: Aria [Defender]   Aria [Defender] EmptySun Jun 26, 2011 9:09 pm

Approved, your Noble Phantasm ranks are assigned.
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Aria [Defender]
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