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PostSubject: Takuri [Dead Apostle]   Takuri [Dead Apostle] EmptyMon Sep 05, 2011 12:21 am

Dead Apostle

Name: Takuri, called Sturmwolf by the church
Age: Unknown - apparently just as old as the Ancestors
Gender: Female
Parent Vampire: Misaiko
Contract Partner: Jeanne D'arc

Personality: Takuri is, without stretching the word too much, a real tomboy. She is known for being quite adventerous, going ridicolously close to dangers that could easily proof fatal to a Dead Apostle, or really any being. It isn't so much that she does not realize danger - even Takuri would run in the face of assured death - but that she loves to challenge herself and her limits. Unlike quite a few vampires, she never seems too concerned with collecting blood - this is mainly thanks to her pack of wolves doing the hunting for her every night without any action of herself. She loves her familliars quite deeply, and hurting them can end with a lot of pain.
She is quite the sadist at times, though. Her weapon of choice is a whip, and enjoys dealing others pain a little too much at times. In particular, she does seem to like women a lot more than men, both with her sadistic side and normally - in short, she is a lesbian and has no quarrel admitting that, even though she is pretty much an ancient woman from a time where it was a taboo. It goes further in this direction - Takuri has no sense of 'faith' into anything, and has a particular distaste for the church thanks to being sealed away by them for a long period of time. Oddly enough, she harbors no ill will towards the woman that actually sealed her.
Even though she can quite sadistic, Takuri is more schoolary than one would expect. She spends many nights and waking days reading in her hideout, and even more modern technology like the internet is no complete stranger to her thanks to it. Whenever not enraged or suffering from a shortage of blood, the Dead Apostle is actually quite nice and level-headed. Speaking of that, she absolutely hates drinking human blood - while, like any vampire, she loves the taste of it naturally, she has sworn to only drink it when it is the only chance of survival. Otherwise, she uses the blood of animals to stay alive.
And also mentioning her enraged of course raises the question what makes her angry. For one, calling her a monster repeatedly will NOT get her angry - since she is one. However, looking down on her as a lower form of existance is a quick way to an early grave. Being a member of the church will at least get an entry on the shitlist, that much is for sure. Takuri also hates the fact that she is a Dead Apostle - quite strongly so. She is endlessly searching for a way to turn back into a Magus, but so far without any luck. Still, she has hopes that the grail might help her regain her humanity and true self.

Appearance: Takuri [Dead Apostle] 23jfhw7
Takuri has a VERY wolf-like appearance, complete with soft but strong fur, a tail, and more wolf-like than Dead Apostle-like claws and teeth. Her eyes normally shine in a beautiful brown-color, but change into a mesmerizing red whenever she smells blood or feels any kind of other arousement. To hide her bestial appearance, she sometimes wears a full-body cloak around herself, but those times are rather rare.

Statistics: The same rules as the ones for Magi apply, two stats can be raised at creation.
Hand to Hand Combat: F
Speed: F
Endurance: F
Magic Circuits: E
Mana Production: E

Special Abilities: Call of the Wild - Wolf Pack. Grants Takuri the ability to store a pack of wolves in her body, and while the two biggest wolves are within her body, both her Speed and Endurance are raised one complete level.

Familliar: Takuri uses a pack of wolves as her familliars. In total, she has five of them 'stored' in her body, with two of them nearly always fused with her, giving the 'animalistic' appearance. Those two are 'mutated' gigantic vampiric wolves, each one nearly double the size of a german shepherd. Those are the alpha male and female respectively of the pack. The other three have the size of regular wolves, but are vampiric - they burn in sunlight, but can directly transmit any bloood they take into their body by devouring prey into her system.
Should the wolves be killed in combat, it'll take Takuri until the next night to revive them.

Magic Type: Wind Magic, Rank E - Magecraft centered around the manipulation of wind and the air itself. Once, Takuri was strong enough to unleash a hurricane with a flick of her undead wrist - those days are long gone by now. She can at the most make a single blade out of wind to attack the enemy at once, and can quickly tire out by using this Magecraft.

Magic Crest: As a former Magus of a powerful line, she posesses a Magic Crest, just like her sister. Why their family had two Crests is unknown in today's time.
Takuri [Dead Apostle] Stigma
The Magic Crest is not always visible, but should it activate, it can be seen - Starting slightly above her right breast, it goes down and over said breast, with the last of the arrow-heads stopping under her clothing, and stop right before reaching her nipple.

Crest Spells: Shadow Cape, Rank D - Twists around the darkness that surrounds the user, ultimately making him/her nearly invisible to the naked eye. Only useable in very dark shadows or in a dark night.

Gandr Shot, Rank D - A weak curse that will make the one hit with it sick, but it doesn't work on other Magi all too well. With enough Prana, the Gandr Shot becomes a physical, black bullet fired from the hands, able to deal slight blunt damage on the target. A hit with multiple Gandr Shots will even pin down a Magus with a bad case of the flu.

Windshield Layer, Rank C - A shield around the user blocks of any natural wind, but wind created by Magecraft will shatter the barrier if it has enough prana to overpower it. Since the barrier works by using wind itself, the users clothing will flutter about. For increased Prana costs, the user can enlarge the area to protect other people as well.

Insanity Stare, Rank A - The 'eye' part of the Mystic Crest turns into an actual illusionary eye, and should the enemy look inside, will feel an unexplainable fear and terror from both the Magic Crest and the user for 5 posts. This will severely hamper anyone who is cocky enough to breast-stare during battle.

The Focus, Rank A - The 'eye' stares into the enemy's eye like with Insanity Stare, but this time, Takuri will instill a 'Focus' into them, something they feel the drive to absolutely do no matter what. The more complex the order, the harder it is to force the enemy into submission, and the more it goes against the original desire of the victim, the harder it gets too.

Layer Upon Layer, Rank B - A strong supportive spell, this stimulates the muscles and mind together with the magic circuits of the target, ultimately raising the speed by a full rank for five posts. This works on humans, Dead Apostles, Magi and even Servants, but stronger individuals can reject it by instinct and thus require more prana to be enhanced.

Make Your Mark, Rank C - A supportive spell that enhances the eyesight of the target by applying Prana to enhance distance, eliminate errors and even grant limited night-vision, not that Takuri would need the latter as a Dead Apostle anymore.

Mystic Code: Takuris Mystic Code doesn't look impressive at all - it is actually a whip.
Takuri [Dead Apostle] 2wgbzba
As a Mystic Code, it is a catalyst for Takuris wind magecract, as the can pour her prana through it before shaping it, creating gusts, blades and simple whiplashes out of compressed air with a flick of the whip. Needless to say, it also hurts like a bitch to get whipped by it normally. Takuri loves this weapon just enough to make it creepy for everyone else.

History: Takuri was born a very long time ago, during the years before the first Dead Apostles betrayed their True Ancestors and started killing the race off. She was the second daughter of a powerful clan of Magi - a clan so powerful, in fact, that they passed down two different Magic Crests through the generations to further improve their might. Having a close relation to her older sister, their life wasn't the easiest, but both had incredible talent.
Takuri was the more forceful of the two. Her sheer amount of Magic Circuits and thus raw prana was astonishing, allowing her to execute even weak spells with tremendous energy, thus making her the perfect example of overflowing power. She was hailed as the one member of the family with the biggest vast amount of prana, even as a kid - as she grew up to be a teenager and learned how to use her hidden Magic Crest - since she was not showing quite as much skin back then - it was clear that the sisters both were aimed for greatness.

The Clan, however, does not exist in today's time, and that should be a big hint. In fact, a terrible tragedy would in the end shatter all their luck and dreams. One night, a terrible thunderstorm kept Takuri from sleeping - she was a powerful young Magus, but not able to influence the weather. That was on the level of true magic. However, what was worse than the thunder was the ominous feeling the young woman got.
Sneaking through the big mansion which was almost a castle, she headed for her sisters room, in hope of her dispersing the fear that creeped through Takuris body. But once she reached the door and opened it, her life would forever change.

A single lightning bolt illuminated the room for just long enough to make Takuri lose her voice instead of scream. Holding his struggling sister captured from behind was... Not a man, no. His prana, his whole presence, was on a whole other level. He was a nature spirit, the strongest of them all, he was... Type-Moon, the oldest True Ancestor, also known as Crimson Moon. His reasons stay a secret to Takuri to this very day, but the old vampire did not act to kill or capture the younger sister as well - instead, he just mercilessly lowered his head and bit the older sister in the neck. Uttering a silent plea for help, Takuri, instead of helping her dear sister, turned tail and ran, and ran, and ran. Exiting the castle, which was now running red with blood from nearly everywhere, escaping minions of Crimson Moon, and just running without end. Her fear and panic knew no bounds.
However, her quick escape was not quick enough. Three days and nights did Takuri wander through Japan, without resting even once, before finally nearly passing out - only to be captured by a familliar, but unaturally strong hand. Red eyes, and a terrible, but all too well-known smile.
"Nee-chan... You should feel what I feel... I will share it with you, alright?"

A terrible time of horrendous pain followed. Takuris was an amazing Magus - thus it was no wonder that she never turned into one of 'the Dead' to go the long way of vampiric evolution. Her body, soul and mind were twisted, turned, and she was one of the first vampires created by another Dead Apostle. The horrible pain of immortality, being forced into the servitude of the True Ancestors, and especially being near both Crimson Moon and her own sister who had turned her into a vampire against her will, proved too much for her.
Although real hints were lost in time, it has often been strongly implied that the Takuri of that time was incredibly strong - strong enough to actually help Zeltretch in his fight against Crimson Moon. How much of that rumor and later legend was true is not known, but it clearly was a spark - a spark that would later lead for her to be the first vampire to openly defy the True Ancestors and desert them. Denying herself the thirst for human blood, this was the time when she discovered her aplitude for making wolves into familliars, and fused with them.

The relationship to her sister, though, improved over time again. Takuri had no part in the wars between True Ancestors and Dead Apostles, wishing not for battle or the death of their creators. However, with time and clashes with humanity, Magi and the Church, around the middle ages, she became known to the catholic church, which quickly gave her the name 'Sturmwolf' because of her unorthodox mixture of summoning familliars and using devastating storm magic.
During those times, a follower of the church scouted out Takuris lair in europe and attacked her during the day, when she was at her weakest. That woman was none other than Jeanne D'arc, as she would later be called, and after a struggle that took all day from the morning into the deepest night again and the next morning over, she managed to strike a fatal blow and drive a stake into Takuris dead heart.

However, she had ascended over the point of normal Dead Apostles, even though she was still not counted as one, seeing as her parent vampire was a Dead Apostle and never killed by her. Being only human, Jeanne was unable to actually kill a 'mystery' on the level of Takuri, and sealed her away in a coffin blessed by the church. Being stored away in the vatican for decades after Jeannes death, the sealing of the Sturmwolf was one of the 'behind the scenes' reason for her being made a saint later.
Being unable to kill her just yet, it was determined that Takuri should stay sealed away for the rest of time, until the last bit of her blood and strength was gone and she died naturally. Being 'shipped' to Japan at some point to seal her even more effectively, she was literally walled into a church, the very same that would later serve as one of the points in the Holy Grail Wars.

However, after the fifth, the church was left empty without a priest. As the divination of the halls had already been tainted by the unholy contraptions that had produced the prana for Gilgamesh, the final bit of it vanished, and the stake in Takuris heart corroded from her strong curse.
"So... it's finally time... to wake up?"

After waking, Takuri quickly noticed just how weak she was. Being barely able to even crawl at the beginning, she took every last bit of blood she could find - which wasn't so bad, considering the sixth holy grail war should've just 'ended' outside. Her wolves took care of the cleanup-duty, but the war did not end. Being restored at least a little bit, her nose picked up a familiar scent... The scent of a beautiful woman. Finding the wounded and nearly dead Servant, the Sturmwolf felt pity for the woman who had once sealed her away, and forced the woman into making a new contract with the Dead Apostle.
Now, the grail war is about to truely erupt endlessly, and Takuri has only one goal...
To become human.
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