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The 6th Heaven's Feel has begun - what will be your place in an eternal war?
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 Berserker [LANCELOT]

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The Black Knight
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PostSubject: Berserker [LANCELOT]   Berserker [LANCELOT] EmptyFri Aug 17, 2012 1:31 am

Servant Template

Class: Berserker
Alias: The Black Knight
True Identity: Lancelot of the Lake
Appearance Age: ????
Gender: Male

Berserker [LANCELOT] Zero_berserker

Height: 191 cm

Weight: 81 kg

Personality: Even though he is a Berserker-class servant, Lancelot did have a personality once. Lancelot is shown extreme loyalty to his King but Lancelot's guilt was, ironically, compounded by Arthur's refusal to actually blame or reprimand him for his actions. He would later admit that this made him feel it impossible to atone for his sins. In his despair, Lancelot sought escape through descent into madness to seek atonement; thus, when he became a Heroic Spirit, he was summoned as the insane Berserker.

Power Levels:
Strength: A
Endurance: A
Speed: A+
Magic: C
Mana Capacity: C

Special Abilities:
Class skills
Mad Enhancement- C: Raises basic parameters in exchange of hindering mental capacities. In some cases, also seals away Personal Skills. Rank up for all parameters except Luck and Mana, but in exchange one can no longer think and speak properly.
Personal skills:
Eternal Arms Mastership- A+: Prevents degradation of fighting skills when under the effect of mental hindrance. Mastership of combat arts has reached the point of being said to be unrivaled in one's era. By complete merging of mind, body and technique, it is possible to make use of full fighting skills even when under the influence of any sort of mental hindrance.
Magic Resistance- E+: Protection against magical effects. Differently from the Resistance effect that merely rejects prana, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Important to note that the term "verse" seen below refers to a set of three lines. Thus, a chant of two verses is equivalent to a Six-Line incantation. Cannot cancel spells, but magic damage is reduced somewhat. (Lancelot's originates from a magical ring, however its powers received a rank-down due to Mad Enhancement)
Protection of the Fairies- A: A blessing from Elementals, the capacity to increase one's Luck in dangerous situations. Activation limited to only battlefields, where is possible to perform feats of arms.

Spells: None

Noble Phantasm:
Knight of Honor:
For Someone's Glory:

History: Lancelot, known as the Knight of the Lake, had been loyal to Arthur as a Knight of the Round Table. He was one of the few individuals that Arthur viewed as a friend, and as such was privy to the nature and properties of her sword.

Lancelot's downfall began when he fell in love with Arthur's queen, Guinevere. When Lancelot and the queen began their affair, the Knight of the Lake considered fleeing Camelot with her, but his loyalty to Arthur and his sense of duty prevented him from doing so. When political enemies of the king exposed the affair, the queen was ordered to be executed. Left with little choice, Lancelot attempted to save her, killing several of his fellow knights including Gawain's brothers Gareth and Gaheris in the process.

Lancelot, who was considered the Perfect Knight, Guinevere, the queen who had made her beloved betray his duty, and Arthur the king who blamed himself for her loyal knight's despair, all suffered from the resulting fallout. Although Arthur forgave Lancelot actions but Gawain still bears great hatred to Lancelot for his betrayal and the death of his brothers. His disloyalty had fractured the balance within the Knights of the Round Table. Finally, this incident became the trigger of war and carnage, and the country shattered to pieces in the flames of war.

Lancelot even after being ex-communicated wanted to participate the Battle of Camlann to serve his King but Gawain hostilely rejected him which resulted the debacle of his King and his country.
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Johnathan [Saber]
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Berserker [LANCELOT]
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