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 Richard the Lionheart (Done)

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Richard the Lionheart
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Richard the Lionheart

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PostSubject: Richard the Lionheart (Done)   Richard the Lionheart (Done) EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 2:35 am

Servant Template

Class: Saber
Alias: Richard
True Identity: Richard the Lionheart
Appearance Age: 38
Gender: Male

Richard the Lionheart (Done) 24paog7
Richard the Lionheart (Done) 1zlgowk

Personality: As one might expect from his appearance, Richard tends to keep a stern, authoritative tone about himself most of the time. This is not to say that he is uncaring, but Richard prefers to keep a more...serious air about himself. Now, do not confuse this with arrogance; while Richard does know that he is definitely above average, he does not assume to be the best. Richard keeps this serious persona up because he has seen much battle over the years, and knows that to fall victim to emotions can be fatal. Of course, behind this stern face lies a noble and honorable man; the kind of leader you would expect from the legends of him. Granted, having been both a knight and a king, one would expect nothing less from him. While these two traits did help, Richard has unusually high charisma; and this, along with his famed deeds helped him become probably the most famous king England has ever had. All of this, however, is basically just a "first glance" at Richard's personality. While one may not expect it from his stern tones, Richard is actually more of a friendly guy than he is unfriendly. Granted, one would have to get to know Richard better before they see his more friendly side. Along with this, Richard is also quite protective of those close to him, willing to both physically protect them as well as to aid them whenever he can. Of course, even when he is being friendly, Richard still keeps a bit of his serious nature about himself. In fact, only those closest to him; dear friends and lovers, would see Richards truest compassion and feelings. This is not to say that he keeps to himself, but he only reveals his full feelings to those he can trust the most.

When it comes to battle, Richard's prowess prove why he has earned the title "Richard the Lionheart". For starters, Richard is a highly intelligent and tactical individual. This is proven most by the fact that, by the age of 16, Richard was commanding his own army and quelling rebellions. In fact, Richard is legend to have been a tactical prodigy, and his skills in leading are only matched by his skills in battle. When fighting, Richard seems to attain a level of focus that goes beyond the serious nature he normally seems to hold. Questions like "will I live?" or "am I strong enough?" are absent from his mind when fighting, and he focuses only on defeating his opponent and protecting his allies. Along with this, Richard can be quite ferocious when engaged in a battle, able to overwhelm foes with powerful moves. Overall, however, Richard's fighting style is actually quite fluid and prepared, allowing him to switch between different fighting styles and strategies with relative ease. Of course, Richard's skills in combat can also be accurately gauged by the weapon he wields. In the hands of any other fighter, a sword as large as Peregrinus would be unwieldy at best, and would quite frankly be more of a hindrance. In Richard's hands, however, Peregrinus becomes a lethal force, able to supply both the strength and skill it takes to wield such a sword. Though he is not a "fight happy" type of person, Richard does respect and even enjoy battle, he just does not go around always seeking it out.

Aside from battle, Richard does have other activities that occupy his time. For starters, Richard enjoys to read, especially some of the classics. Richard also enjoys intellectually challenging activities such as chess and other games of strategy. While not a daily drinker, Richard does enjoy a good beer or liqueur, though he does not overindulge. Food-wise, Richard has quite a diverse palette, and enjoys to sample many of the worlds different cuisines; of course, he himself is not the best cook. When it comes to girls, Richard does actually have a bit of confidence, mainly derived from his own nature. Granted, he also respects women, and is generally not a womanizer. He is attracted to women, but he prefers a certain type, so he doesn't just chase any "piece of tail". Despite his noble status, Richard is actually quite loyal to his master, Misaiko, and is willing to do as she says, so long as it's nothing immoral. Overall,while he may come off as stern and serious, Richard is generally a good guy, and probably one of the best allies that you could ever hope to have.

Power Levels:
Strength: D
Endurance: E
Speed: E
Magic: E
Mana Capacity: C

Special Abilities:
Battle Continuation-Rank E: The ability to ignore one's injuries and physical exhaustion to push on and fight longer in battle; Battle Continuation allows for one to keep on fighting even after they have reached the normal "limit". At rank E, Richard can only push his body over its limits for a few minutes, and has a very low chance of surviving a fatal wound.

Heroic Charisma-Rank E: Only held by true leaders, this ability enables one to not only be a persuasive talker, but also an encouragement to allies in battle. This level of Charisma goes beyond the reach of normal men, and only once in a lifetime is someone born with this level of it. At rank E, Richard's persuasion can only be effectively used on one person at a time, and he is only able to slightly boost the morale of his allies.

Guardian Angel: A simple shielding spell, the user concentrates a small amount of mana into an area around themselves. The mana is then condensed and formed into a medium sized shield/barrier to protect the user from harm. Because of its smaller size, the shield can be summoned up rather quickly.

Noble Phantasm:
Peregrinus-Sword of the Crusades - Rank A, Anti-Army Noble Phantasm: The legendary two-handed sword wielded by Richard the Lionheart during his 3rd Crusade, Peregrinus is unique from all other Noble Phantasm blades in many respects. For starters, it is an almost unwieldy size, being about as tall as Richard himself. Second, while other blades may be ornate, Peregrinus takes this to a whole new level. The hilt is decorated with gold and rubies, and it has an intricate design that even some of the greatest artists would envy. However, when compared to this final factor, everything else about this blade is simply mundane. Unlike all other swords of legend, Peregrinus is not some divine blade gifted by the gods, nor some magical "trinket" given from some maiden who rose out of a lake. This sword is legendary because Richard himself used it and made it a legend. In fact, this blade is a testament to human perseverance and ingenuity, and sets Richard apart from all other heroes. This sword represents all the trials he has undergone, all the victories he has earned, and every honor he was bestowed. Without Richard, this sword would be just another blade, but because of his greatness, Peregrinus has ascended into legend.
Special Ability-Lion Brand: The special attack granted to Richard through Peregrinus, Lion Brand focuses Richards heroic spirit to unleash a devastating attack. Basically, it condenses and converts his mana into a physical power, using Peregrinus as a conduit. Once enough energy has been stored, Richard must say the phrase "My spirit is the Lion, King of the beasts, through my blade flows his mighty roar, it's power to tear my enemy asunder; bear your fangs, Peregrinus!" and slash his blade downwards. Doing this unleashes all the stored up energy, forming a gigantic lions head blast. The blast will shoot forward until it collides with a target, and upon collision, will explode in a tremendous blast, also letting out a wild roar. Though designed more to take on one strong target, the attack can also be effective against a group of enemies, if aimed right. Size-wise, the blast is much larger than Richard himself, and could easily destroy some quite large buildings if it were to collide with them.

Determinatio-Vassal of the Lion, Rank A, Supportive Noble Phantasm: Though not as famous as the sword itself, Determinatio, the sheath to Peregrinus, holds its own powers. Unlike Peregrinus, it is rumored that Richard got Determinatio blessed by the Catholic Church before he went to battle in Israel during his 3rd Crusade. The reason behind this was that to bless a sword, a tool only meant to harm, was against their doctrine, but to bless the sheath, the "vassal" for the blade, was allowed. Through the blessing, it is rumored that God himself "touched" the sheath, bestowing upon it his favor. Following legend, Richard was able to deal many a devastating blow to Saladin, the Muslims leader. However, because the rest of his men lacked the faith Richard held, he was ultimately unable to reconquer Jerusalem. The sheath, however, still held its power, and was not used again after the Crusades.
Special Ablity-Hero's Shroud: Being "blessed by God", Determinatio, the sheath to the great blade Peregrinus, has its own unique ability. At first, Determinatio's ability sounds rather vague, "to shroud one in ones own heroic deeds". It's effect, however, is actually quite simple; it creates a suit of armor around Richard, made powerful because of all his legendary deeds during his life. Because Richard is still one of the most famous, if not the most famous, of the English Kings, this armor is very powerful, and seems to be near impenetrable. However, the armor does have a drawback. Because it is so powerful, the Hero's Shroud has a rather high mana consumption rate. Because of this, it is only wise to use it in dire emergencies, and to use it for short durations of time. Appearance-wise, the armor is the armor seen behind Richard in the second picture of him. To activate the armor, Richard must say "Shroud me in my deeds, Determinatio"

History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_I_of_England
(Note: omit the section entitled "Sexuality")

Roleplay Sample: (A post of mine from Bleach Blazing Souls)
As he followed Aya into the village, Ravana noticed a lot of the...well villagers he guessed looking towards him and Aya with somewhat questioning glances. If he were on top of his game, Ravana probably would have been able to make an accurate guess as to what they might be assuming. Of course, around such a pretty girl as Aya, Ravana was completely off his game. Hell, he had to fight to keep a blush from his face and to be speaking coherently. Luckily, he had been winning this battle so far, something he wasn't too used to. By now, with some other girls, Ravana would have already made a fool of himself, and they would have either slapped him or just left. Luckily, he was able to keep it together enough to at least remain calm on the outside. Then again, after that kiss to the cheek, he was left wondering a bit. "I mean, she has to have felt a little something for me, right? otherwise, why would she just do that?" he asked himself in thought, probably over analyzing the entire situation. Then again, he did raise a valid point in his head, she must have at least fond him somewhat attractive to have just gone and kissed him on the cheek. With a smile on his face from his own deduction, Ravana soon realized that they had arrived at a more modern looking dojo, looking a little out of place compared to the rest of the scenery. Of course, this was not to say that the place looked bad; in fact, it looked quite nice. Hell, Ravana would have loved to have a place this nice for his own training. Then again, with the work schedule he gave himself, he never really had time for training, save for all the daily battles he got into.

As Aya led him further into the dojo, Ravana noticed a group of five elderly persons. Judging form them being in the dojo, as well as a little common sense, Ravana guessed that they were either elders, or held some significance to the clan. As one of them introduced the group, Ravana's assumption was proven correct. "Ah, hello there, I am Ravana Ichiro, Co-head of the Vizard Corps" Ravana said, introducing himself with a bow to return their courtesy. Then again, Ravana was a generally nice person, so even if they had been rude, he still would have probably bowed. As he stood back up, he heard Aya tell him that she'd tell him about the clan after she prepared the meal, as well as preparing it for the elders. "Alright, well, I guess I'll hang out here and get to know everyone" Ravana said in response, a friendly ton to his voice. Turning back from Aya to the elders, Ravana noticed a questioning look on each of their faces, and honestly, it was slightly intimidating, even for the Colonel of Black Ops. "So, um..." he started, trying to think of something to say to the elders. Of course, it seems that they had already chosen a topic of discussion, and as Ravana heard their first question, he felt almost like he had been knocked breathless, a blush instantly coming to his face. "W-w-what? B-boyfriend? n-no, we're not dating, I mean, not that I wouldn't want to, I mean, she's really pretty and nice, but we just met, and um..." Ravana stuttered, quite literally tripping over his own words. Quite honestly, he had not been expecting any question like that, and it really got him. Over the next few questions that the elders asked, Ravana kept trying to explain what had happened; how he had been on patrol and sensed a large group of hollows. He kept trying to tell them that he had just fought off the large horde of hollows, and that Aya had offered this as a reward, but they still kept asking him these questions. Luckily, more so for Ravana, by the time Aya was done cooking, the elders had finished their questions and had allowed Ravana some time to collect himself before Aya came out.

Of course, as Aya did come out, Ravana immediately noticed the good smell of the food, and couldn't help but sniff the air. He had to admit, being a cook himself, the food smelt pretty damn good. As Aya prepared the table, Ravana went over and, before taking a seat, waited for the elders to take theirs, not wanting to be rude. Of course, they just had to make it so that he'd be sitting beside Aya, especially after all the questions they had asked him. Trying to put all that aside, Ravana listened intently to Aya's explanation of the village and her clan, actually finding it to be quite interesting. Of course, as Aya prepared his meal for him, Ravana blushed a bit and tried to say that he could do it himself, but found himself to be a bit to shy, so he just went ahead and let her. After the explanation, Ravana felt that he had a slightly better understanding of the village and her clan, er, clans, since there were two. Before asking any other questions, Ravana decided to try the food first. Taking his chopsticks, Ravana decided to try a bit of the fish first. It appeared to be salmon, cooked in what Ravana guessed was a soy sauce based marinade, with some sesame seeds and other garnish. Taking a piece off, Ravana brought it to his mouth and put it in. The first thing that came to his mind, was..."delicious". Damn, this food was just as good as it smelled. Hell, it might even be better than some of his own cooking, though he'd probably debate that fact. "Oh wow Aya, this is delicious, I mean, wow" he said, trying to find more words to use other than delicious. After taking a few more bites, trying a bit of everything, and giving constant praises to Aya, he decided to carry on with the conversation. "Well, I'll probably have quite a few more questions to ask you, but, how about you ask me a question first? you know, to be fair" he said, taking a break from eating to speak. Since he was starting to think that he actually might like Aya, Ravana felt that it would be best if she also got to know more about him. "So yeah, any question you wanna ask, I'll answer; I'm not really much of a secretive guy" Ravana said with a little laugh, smiling at Aya.
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approved. Ranks assigned.
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Votato in nome di Dio ...
Mentre Prego ...

Richard the Lionheart (Done) Crossylum
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Richard the Lionheart (Done)
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