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The 6th Heaven's Feel has begun - what will be your place in an eternal war?
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Servant Template

Class: Saber
Alias: Saber, The Traitor, Kingslayer
True Identity: Mordred Le Fay/Mordred Pendragon
Appearance Age: 17
Gender: Trap (Male)

Appearance: Mordred [Saber] Rk8wt2
Mordred [Saber] 16gztcg
One thing to note about his appearance is that while he is naturally blonde, his hair only has it's natural color in full sunlight, and is a dull dark blonde otherwise. Also, should he have to stay in corporeal form and still hide, he is usually seen wearing a black suit, not unlike the one Saber had in Fate/Zero.

Personality: Mordred is a man filled with pride. He is proud of his accomplishments as a knight, and upholds the code of chivalry. Despising racism and fanatic seperation of groups, he believes that everyone can become a great knight, should they so chose. He always aims to be the ideal knight - without flaw, in both appearance and behavior, properly following etiquette and grasping steel should the time call for it. However, he is also willing to step into the shadows, and go over corpses, should he have to. If it is required, he will stain his hands with the blood of countless enemies and whole armies to keep peace and joy of those on his side. He would even carry out assassinations on his own, instead of hiring someone else to do it, if needed.
A man stands by his decisions, and so Mordred never once expresses regret for what he did in the past. While accepting the mantle of 'traitor', he does not retaliate of people scorn and hate him for what he did to Arthur and his knights. However, he has his own beliefs as to why he had to do what he did, and will tell those to the ones who would listen. One has to be careful, though - he certainly has the tongue of his father, able to captivate people into his ideals even without wanting to influence anyone, This ability has diminished as a Servant, but is still there. He holds no love for his mother, Morgan le Fay, or his father. However, he still respects King Arthur as a symbol - but hates him as a person, and to Mordreds own regret, he hates him for refusing to accept his son as one of his own.
One could call it a slight inferiority-complex, for Mordred believes himself to be the best possible knight in all of history, but also as the best possible king for britain, but clearly needs someone he completely respects and outright adores - like his father - to approve of it, to tell him that he is right about it all. His valiant efforts to be a better and better knight clearly rise his devotion to chivalry above the rest of the round table - not a single rumor of Mordred trying to take females or even Guinvere as his own have even a splinter of turth behind them. One could almost call him as innocent as a child in this regard, though he has the knowledge. As someone who aged faster than any human, he is actually a lot younger than he looks.
Many a person will notice that he resembles his father as almost an identical being. While he has some of the features of his mother, he does take pride in carrying the face of a king, even if he was a failed king in his own eyes, and wishes to rise to being a better king than even Arthur. And should he not manage to do that, he wants to at least discover a person that could be a good king - as his father told him, as he died, Mordred was never fit to be king. Of course, Mordred himself does not approve of this statement.
He holds no resentment to the rest of the round table, but should they wish to challenge him for his treachery, he will meet steel with steel, and insult with truths, honeyed in the art of great masters like his mother or even his own father.

Power Levels:
Strength: B
Endurance: B
Speed: C
Magic: E
Mana Capacity: A

Class Abilities: Magic Resistance, Rank C
Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against Magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

Personal Abilities: Kingslayer, Rank A
An ability unique to the leaders of rebellions. The one with this ability will automatically be stronger while fighting Kings, Emperors or other rulers. This lacks any effect against other Heroic Spirits. On A Rank, one is considered a true murderer of kings. Strength and defense against rulers is increased by one rank.

Charisma, Rank C
Suitable to lead rebellions and small armies, but insufficient for a true king.

Spells: As the artificial son of a witch, Mordred has access to Witchcraft himself.

Fading Spirit, Rank D - By constantly chanting ", feel thy burden, , thy strength fadeth, , end thy path" again and again, the target indicated by the Name gets their fighting spirit, overall mood and state of mind lowered. If the spell is used for very long periods of time, it might even drive weaker individuals into suicide. To use it, though, the true name of the target must be known.

Noble Phantasm: The Sword of Eternal Glory, [Clarent] - Rank A++ Anti-Castle Noble Phantasm, Maximum Range 1-99, Maximum Target 1000
The sister sword of the legendary Excalibur. Forged by fairies of Avalon, this sacred blade takes in raw prana and strength from the wielder. It is virtually unbreakable, no known weapon could do so much as to chip it. Once called out, Clarent takes in the Prana the wielder pushes into it and releases it in a blinding white-blue light, able to eradicate and cut through nearly anything in it's path. Strong enough to kill a god, Clarent was the weapon that allowed Mordred to slay his father, king Arthur Pendragon. It has been tainted by this act, however, and now has a king-killing factor in it, making it stronger against rulers but weaker against rebells like himself.

Forgotten Glory of Traitors, [Broken Round Table] - Rank B+ Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, Maximum Range 1-20, Maximum Target 200
When one king wavered, another rose to take his place. Able to break the trust of the king, Mordred still holds the hearts of his knights firmly in his hands. Calling upon the might of his allies, Mordred summons 12 Wraiths, heavily armored knights with a variety of weapons from swords to axes to bows and even high-level Magecraft. His companions are sustained by Mordreds own prana, and act as an extension of him. Should they be killed, it will drain Mordred's Prana considerably. The summoned knights are but copies of the real Knights of the Round Table, but are still a threat even to Servants which surpass all humans and normal summoned creatures. Greatly affected by Mordred's own Charisma rating.

History: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Mordred
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