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The 6th Heaven's Feel has begun - what will be your place in an eternal war?
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Servant Template

Class: Saber
Alias: Saver
True Identity: King Arthur Pendragon
Appearance Age: 20s.
Gender: Male

Like many of his Anglo-Saxon bretheren, Saver has a fine white skin tanned only by days spent outside for duels. His torso and legs are slightly lighter than the rest of his body, as they were unable to be tanned from under armor. There are some faded scars across both of his arms and hands from taking swipes in duels to lure the opponent in.
The knave kept his hair in a style many years before its time.Despite keeping the lower back of his hair trimmed evenly and only down to his neck, Saver keeps the rest quite unkepmpt. While it is trimmed, it is never even close to being symmetrical. His bangs part close the center of his head, though the split is closer to his right eye than it is the left. Both of his eyes are oddly-colored. Saver's eyes are an almost-radiant turquoise, which is a rare eye color for that time period.
Saver has only a slight muscle definition. His abdominal muscles are only slightly defined, as are his biceps and triceps. There are a few burn marks across his back from when he went on a frenzied rage. Saver's leg muscles are quite different from the rest. They are quite well-defined, but not bulging out. Specifically, his calf muscles are perhaps his most well-defined.
Saver's main clothing is the armor he wore during his time alive. However, it is reinforced with the Saber-class attribute of magic resistance, as well as summonability. It is unique in the fact that the design is only remotely similar to one other suit of armor. However, even that armor pales in comparison to this magnificent craft. The breastplate of Saver's armor is split into two parts.
The upper area of torso just under his neck is a smaller plate. This plate holds a hood in place. Yes, the armor has no helmet. Instead, there is a deep royal blue hood with an ivory-colored stripe down the center, going back to the royal colors of blue and white. The hood is not connected to his undersuit, which too is elegant. The neck of the undersuit has a split down the center to allow for ease of access and exit. There is a gold-colored outline around that opening with golden buttons to make it even more flashy. A fur lining at the top of the neck's opening finishes the ornateness of the undersuit's upper half.
On the sleeves, there are a pair of threads interconnected by V-shapes before tying off right above the elbows. The end of the sleeves have a white fur that matches the neck's fur. His gauntlets are done asymetrically. Saver's left sleeve is covered by a gauntlet that has a higher concentration of prana to counter magic. The other hand is not as protected, but it has greater mobility because of that. Brown straps resembling chunks of a leather belt connect the armor and the undersuit. His pauldrons scale like the treads of a tank for two links before their chain is broken by a larger link. An ornate swirl with a pair of wings below ordain the pauldrons' center, with a variation in the center upper breastplate. The variation simply adds another pair of wings above the lower.
Saber [Arthur Pendragon] Archetype_Saver


Saver's main perogative is to uphold Chivalry. He has no other meaning in life except to do that. Yes, even Diarmuid Ua-Duibhne's honor level is shaded by this Knight. He follows the code of Chivalry to a T. Saver will not stray from his ways, and tries to stop others from it. However, he's not always successful. Saver is seen smiling almost 24/7. This isn't to say he's happy all of that time, he just...smiles. Saver's facade of being happy is one of the best many people can put on. Saver can immediately cheer most depressed people up just by his smile, and those who can resist his smile are doomed to unhappiness.

Saver harbors no old hatred towards anyone, not even Mordred or Lancelot. In battle...Saver is not smiling. It's the one time his smile turns into a frown. His now-serious expression is one of focus. He rarely takes the initiative, however. Instead, Saver mainly defends himself. This is not to say that he won't take the initiative if his Master is in harm's way. His sense of values is that of a matured man and has a sense of justice. Will bring close things that bring virtue and goodness, and will ascertain those that bring atrocity. He is the image of a hero one can feel good about. In Japanese, the way he refers to himself differs depending on who he talks to. To Megumi, he uses 'boku'. To his enemies, he uses 'watashi'.

Power Levels:
Strength: B
Endurance: A
Speed: B
Magic: C
Mana Capacity: E

Class Abilities:
Magic Resistance: A
Riding: C+
Personal Abilities:
Charisma: B
Instinct: A
Prana Burst: A

Noble Phantasm:
Invisible Air:

Saber's true identity is King Arthur Pendragon, son of the British King Uther Pendragon and Igraine, a former Duchess of Cornwall. After a warning from Merlin about a plot to kill Uther, Arthur is entrusted by Merlin to a loyal knight, Sir Ector, who raises him as a surrogate son. When Arthur is fifteen, King Uther dies, and with no known eligible heir to the throne, Britain enters a period of turmoil following the growing threat of invasion by the Saxons. Merlin soon approaches him, explaining that the British people will recognize him as a destined ruler if he withdraws Caliburn, a ceremonial sword embedded in a large slab of stone. However, pulling this sword is symbolic of accepting the hardships of a monarch, and Arthur will be responsible for preserving the welfare of his people. Without hesitation, he draws Caliburn and shoulders Britain's mantle of leadership.

Arthur rules Britain from his stronghold in Camelot, and earns the reputation of a just, yet distant king. Under the guidance of Merlin and with the aid of his Knights of the Round Table, he guides Britain into an era of prosperity and tranquillity. Caliburn is destroyed, but Arthur soon acquires his holy sword, Excalibur, and Avalon, Excalibur's blessed sheath, from Vivian. While Avalon is in his possession, Arthur never ages and is immortal in battle.

Throughout his reign, Arthur's Excalibur's scabbard is stolen while he repels an assault along his country's borders; when Arthur returns inland, he discovers Britain is being torn asunder by civil unrest. Despite his valiant efforts to placate the dissent, Arthur is mortally wounded by a traitorous knight, a homunculus born from his sperm and blood named Mordred, during the Battle of Camlann.

His dying body is escorted to a holy isle by Sir Bedivere. Arthur orders a grieving Bedivere to dispose of Excalibur by throwing it back to Vivian; in his absence, Arthur passes away silently. Arthur is limited to the class of Saber, unlike many heroes that can be summoned into different classes.
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Saber [Arthur Pendragon]
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