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The 6th Heaven's Feel has begun - what will be your place in an eternal war?
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Morgana Le Fay
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PostSubject: Morgana Le Fay [Master]   Morgana Le Fay [Master] EmptySun Nov 06, 2011 9:30 pm

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Morgana Le Fay
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Personality: Morgana is a selfish and manipulative person. She has a very cold, almost insane and frightening exterior, and her eyes and manner of speech often give the impression that she knows more than a human should know. She takes great pride in her long lineage as a Magus, believing that a great heritage is needed to be a strong user of Magecraft. She is an 'extreme' of the order, as she believes that Magecraft can and should be used to manipulate the normal humans, just out of hiding - so that nobody will ever find out the truth about Magecraft. If her power is not enough to solve a problem, she can get angry rather quickly and surprisingly - her temper has been noted to be explosive, but not in a fiery kind of way. Her rage is cold, sinister and tranquil, and she even killed a student once for trying to steal her documents on otherworldy studies. With a rusty knife. As long as she is not in that mindset, she tries to use her Magecraft to manipulate both normal mortals, as well as other Magi and even supernaturals to her bidding. While doing that, she is never truely 'evil', but has a vision of perfect harmony only possible under complete control. She sees normal humans as lesser beings and minds that need the Magi to control them for their own good. She has always been somone directed only at success and control, and her training from childhood onward made sure of her never feeling like a normal girl, or later on, woman. Being superior is something natural to her, so it took her quite a bit of considering all possibilities before deciding to summon her current Servant. As someone who does not take orders, the Association views her as a viable source of power, but also a troublesome one. The only beings she has true respect for are the real Magicians.

Affinity: Summoning and Necromancy
Partner: Merlin

Status: Full Member of the Magic Association, full family Crest, works as an agent of the Clock Tower

Appearance: http://www.steveargyle.com/admin/uploads/piezas/Liliana_of_the_Veil_Alternate_2.jpg
This is her 'Magus Outfit', of course. Her clothing is a lot less flashy normally, but still mostly red and black.

Magic Crest Appearance: N/A (Hidden for now)

Statistics: Important Note: A Servant of the same Rank in a Statistic is superior to a Magus with the same Statistic. At character creation, you can select up to two Statistics or the same one twice and increase them by one Rank. Highlight or color-code the currently applying Stat, don't delete the others! If you use a Status Altering Magic, give it another color and paste this exact color onto the reached Stat. If you manage to go over B Rank in those that are limited, add that new Rank in the Color you've chosen.
Close Combat: F
Speed: F
Endurance: F
Mana Production: E
Magic Circuits: E

Magic Type: Familliar Summoning, Rank E
The art of calling spirits of nature, hex animals or bring inanimate objects to live to act as tools for the Magus. A familiar can be anything from a bird to a chair or even thin air if the Magus using it is capable enough. Summoned familliars are inferior to Heroic Spirits summoned by the Grail, and can only stay a limited amount of time... usually.

Sample Spells:

Watcher's Eye, Rank E - Creates a small 'eye' in the form of a magic circle on an object Morgana touches. As long as she is within 200 meters distance, she is able to percieve what happens around it by closing one eye.
Feathered Survey, Rank E - Creates a raven out of a bunch of feathers and a doll. This raven will then carry out one spying task that can't take longer than 2 hours before returning to Morgana and instilling it's knowledge into her mind. Should the raven be destroyed, all information is lost.
Maggot's Feast, Rank F - Creates a bunch of flesh-eating maggots out of prana to get rid of unnecessary flesh of bones and get rid of corpses. They are not viable for attacking a being that can move, but are quite useful for torture by letting them eat living tissue.
Doll Trap, Rank F - A simple, small doll gets enchanted together with a dagger. The knife seemingly vanishes, but once someone other than the user of the spell picks it up, the doll will do a total of one jump to reach the neck of the target and stab with the hidden knife.
Binding Chair, Rank D - A trap that enchants any kind of chair. The moment someone sits down, the chair binds the target in a tight, otherworldy grip, and will not let go until the prana in it runs out or the spellcaster tells it to let go. Furthermore, it can strangle the captured person if ordered to do so.

Necromancy, Rank E
The possibly darkest art of them all calls the spirits of the dead that still roam the planet, the corpses of those that have died and even dead animals or insencts into the service of the Spellcaster, often to carry out a specific task. A spirit of the dead can usually stay for as long as it has mana itself, but should the Spellcaster lose all of their own prana, they lose control over those under the own control. In the best case, they disappear. In the worst, they attack their summoner in blind rage and pain.

Sample Spells:

Corpse Carnival, Rank E - Turns a dead body, or a pile of bones, into a Servant for at the most 3 hours. Zombies are stronger than humans but slower, skeletons are the reversal. They constantly drain small doses of prana from Morgana to stay in the mortal plane, lack a mind of their own and can't speak.
Eye Scream, Rank F - A dead eye is reanimated and used as a floating, remote-controlled surveilance camera. Again, Morgana has to close one eye to see the fotage. The eye can be easily destroyed, but is hard to detect because it is so small.
Wraith Wrath, Rank E - This spell 'throws' an angry deceased spirit drawn from the planes between at the enemy to curse them. They will have the worst luck possible for a short time, but the spirit, while looking like a menacing black and purple skull with a lot of poisonous miasma around it, is harmless physically.
Skull Cannon, Rank D- - Morgana summons an otherworldy dead ghost in the form of a skull with large fangs that grows until it is almost as large as her, and fires it. It tries to chomp down on the opponent and bite him/her in two.

Crest Spells: While Morgana certainly has a Magic Crest - and one of the oldest at that - it holds knowledge and spells clearly not of this world. Before Morganas mind, body and magic are not strong enough to withstand it, her mind automatically locks all uses of it. She is not yet able to activate the otherworldy Magecraft.

Background: Morgana Le Fay is the only descendant of an old and powerful line of Magi. They hold many allies and just as many enemies within the confines of the Clock Tower, and right from childhood on, she was guided to become a great Sorceress herself. However, it should be noted just how far her blood dates back - her whole family are direct descendants of Morgan Le Fay and Morderd the Traitor, the legendary figures of Arthurian Legend. As her ancestor that held the same name was already more supernatural than human, even in today's time, Morgana is not entirely human. She has partial supernatural blood, which slows down her aging and is partially responsible for the fact that her family has never even once produced a descendant without an incredible amount of Magic Circuits, although their quality can sometimes grow weaker. In fact, Morganas elder brother was deemed unfit to inherit the family name thanks to weak circuits and was given away to another, minor supportive family of the Le Fay. She has never met him, and only knows of him for the small chance that he might try to usurp her, so that she might kill him easier. She was never given any kindness, nor did she learn to show it. Life was to make her family's name greater, to surpass even gods, that was the firm belief instilled into her mind. Morgana turned from a normal kid into a cold, collected and intelligent woman with every day. Not once did she cry because of the pain instilled into her by recieving the Command Seal, and not once did she ask to meet her siblings - for her younger sister had also been 'taken care of' by her parents before she ever really met her. As the strongest Le Fay in two generations, big expectations were loaded onto the girl, and she complied - not happily complied, for she did not know happiness in anything but her own success and the defeat of all opposing factors. Her parents both died shortly after she had obtained the full Magic Crest of her family, and thus also inherited their knowledge of otherworldly plains. Some sources say that her parents killed themselves because said knowledge had finally torn their minds into pieces. More sinister rumors tell that Morgana Le Fay herself killed her parents in their sleep. No matter which was true, she made no delay in showing those that owed her family that she knew quite well who was on their side, and what would happen to those that opposed her. For one so young, she was quickly seen as an eyesore by older Magi, and as a threat by the wiser. And they were not always the same people in that regard.
As news of a new Grail War reached the Clock Tower, Morgana quickly ordered a search for a particular artifact that had once fallen into the hands of an allied but now distant family. After killing quite a few of them from the shadows, Morgana obtained the artifacts she needed - no Le Fay had ever entered the Holy Grail War, and she was going to correct that. With the possibly strongest, but also hardest to control Caster Class Servant ever seen - even though other Magi disliked the Class for petty reasons like them being superior in Magecraft, the woman knew exactly that a strong Magician was worth more than any swordsman in the world, legendary or not. What she does not know - and has no chance of learning as of now - is the fact that her own mind is not entirely her own. Thanks to the circle of rebirth, Morgan Le Fay is the direct reincarnation of the first Morgan Le Fay, the sister of King Arthur and mother of Mordred the Traitor. However, since the original Morgana was, like her name suggests, a Fay, her mind has not entirely faded into Akasha, and can give Morgana bursts of murderous rage, flashbacks full of uncomprehendable knowledge, fits of raw insanity of having two minds at once, and occasionally headaches.
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Approved, yo.
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Morgana Le Fay [Master]
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