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Ryougi Shiki
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Magus/Master Template

(Note: The "Third Shiki" does not exist in my version. It is too hax.)
Full Name: Ryougi, Shiki (両儀式 (Female) 両儀織 (Male) )
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Personality: Prior to her coma, she originally proved to possess two personalities, a male personality named SHIKI (織), and her usual female personality Shiki (式). Children born into the Ryougi family are generally male and are raised with two personalities, so the male personality is customarily called the "yang" personality, while the female is called the "yin" personality. However, Shiki's unnamed brother was not born with these dual personalities and thus deemed unsuitable to be the family heir, resulting in Shiki being raised as the family head in his place. It is easy to tell which Shiki is speaking at a given time because they both have a distinct style of speaking, most notably that the female Shiki speaks politely and with reserve, referring to herself with the gender-neutral pronoun watashi (私), while the male persona has a brash personality and refers to herself with the masculine pronoun ore (オレ).

After waking from her coma, Shiki discovers that she can no longer feel the male Shiki's presence and assumes that he died because of the accident. She also feels a detachment from her memories before the accident, and while she knows she is Shiki, she does not feel that she is. In the hopes of regaining herself and the "dead" Shiki, she puts on a cold facade that somewhat resembles the male Shiki's and tries to act as the female Shiki did.
Affinity: Mystic Eyes
Partner: N/A

Status: MEoDP User

Ryougi Shiki Render_ryogi_shiki_1-1

Magic Crest Appearance: N/A

Close Combat: C+
Speed: E-
Endurance: E-
Mana Production: F-
Magic Circuits: F-

Magic Type:

Name: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception
Type: Mystic Eyes
Range: Depends on weapon used. With a Katana, Shiki's effective strike range is 9 meters. With a knife, effective range is three meters.
Descrpition: The eyes are not really different set of eyes but are a circuit (possibly similar to a Magic Circuit) that opens up in the users brain and normal eyes, allowing them to "perceive death" in the form of lines and dots. The user in question is the only one who can touch or use these lines and dots (i.e. no one can interact with the lines/dots even if the user of the eyes were to point out their location on something). These lines can then be traced with a sharp object such as a knife or a sword. Cutting the line “breaks” the object along that line and damage inflicted this way can not be healed or repaired in any way. Healing is possible if cutting the line doesn't completely separate a part of the object from the object itself. Dots can be pierced by sharp objects. Piercing a dot effectively “erases” that object from existence, in a sense that the object loses even its inherent properties such as momentum, toxicity, and generally any effect it may impose on it's surrounding. Living things whose dot was pierced get “stopped” and, as a consequence, die. While this death may not be instant, it is absolutely permanent, and can't be reversed or bypassed, even by reincarnation. It is possible that Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are categorized as Blue under the Noble Colors system. Araya Souren himself infers that ultimately she could perceive the death of anything, without exception, if she searched deeply enough. However, that would cause more strain than Shiki's eyes if she tried to do so. Her eyes are permanently active, but she didn't suffer much strain until five years ago, when her eyes became slightly more powerful. This causes the exact same risks as Shiki Tohno. Because of this, Touko brought her a pair of specialized contacts much like the Maganagoroshi glasses. The difference is she doesn't have to remove the contacts, but simply say "Release." The contacts will then become nothing more than normal contacts and the lines are visible once again. To reactivate the contacts, she says "Close." However, in case something happens, the contacts have a 24-hour limit that will automatically close if she hasn't closed them. Sleeping automatically closes them as well.

Name: Prosthetic Arm
Type: Mystic Code?
Range: ?????
Descrpition: Shki has a Magical Prosthetic Arm that allows her to grab things from a distance, and also affect intangible objects. As seen when she went up against Kirie Fujō who at the time was a ghost had several ghostly figures under her control. Shiki used her Magical Prosthetic Arm to grab her in her ghostly form. Shiki had to cut off her first Prosthetic Arm because a ghost was grabbing it and was going to throw her off the Fujō building. It has been stated by Aozaki Touko that her second arm will be twice as strong as the original, and that it would take an elephant to destroy it. It also showed great durability when Shiki was running at high speed and jumped off of a building and landed on the other building grabbing the roof as she landed.

Background: Shiki's family, the Ryougi, are or were members of the Demon Hunter Organization. Their special skill involves creating two separate and distinct personalities within themselves. When a child is born, he or she is given a single name written in two different Kanji, each one relating to each personality. Shiki has an older brother, however he was unable to manifest a second personality within himself, thus making him ineligible to succeed as the head of the family.

By the time Shiki was born, her family had effectively retired from the task of demon hunting, becoming a family similar to the Tohnos, in that they remained wealthy landowners. In this case, they own a large Japanese-style mansion with a grove of bamboo beyond the outer wall. Due to Shiki's success in manifesting her second persona and her older brother's inability to do so, she was chosen as the next head of the family and began training to do so.

During a snowy night, she meets Kokutou Mikiya for the first time, after he passes by her on an empty street. Later, they meet again when they enroll in the same high school and end up in the same class, beginning a casual relationship. Around this time, murders begin to occur in their town. Kokutou learns from his cousin Akimi Daisuke, a police investigator, that the murderer is most likely from his school. While the suspicion initially turns to Shiki, Kokutou doesn't want to believe it, even though she has an injury consistent with Daisuke's investigation. A number of scenes interspersed throughout the movie show Shiki at the crime scenes, but not actually committing the murders.

Shiki's male persona arranges a meeting with Kokutou, explaining to him her condition and surprising him with her male persona's outgoing and cheerful nature, which is drastically different from the female persona's reserved and quiet demeanor. This Shiki explains the division between the two personalities, and mentions that the two have been out of sync lately. After the meeting, Kokutou goes to Shiki's home, only to find her standing in front of a headless corpse, blood still spurting from the neck. Splattered in blood, Shiki utters an oft quoted line by Shiki even to this day:

"Be careful Kokutou-kun.. A terrible premonition can bring about a terrible reality."

Kokutou is questioned by the police regarding the incident, but he maintains that he did not see Shiki there and refuses to give any further information, even to Daisuke. Kokutou then regularly camps out in the bamboo grove outside Shiki's home in an effort to 'prevent' her from committing any more murders. After a while of this, Shiki confronts him with a knife and chases him through the grove and out onto the street, pinning him down with the knife to his throat. When she asks him to say something, all Kokutou can reply with is:

"I don't want to die."

To which Shiki warmly smiles and replies:

"I want to kill you."

When she raises her knife and moves to stab him, she finds she's unable to do so. Quite suddenly, she's attacked by Araya. A brief fight between the two ensues, but after Araya is wounded by Shiki, he notes that she's not fighting to kill but rather so she can flee. He allows her to do so, and Mikiya chases after her. Once he manages to catch her, she confesses to him that both Shiki and SHIKI like him, with this being the only other thing that SHIKI has known besides murder. As such, she feels that since he won't remove himself from her life, she'll remove herself from his.

Fleeing to the end of the street, she throws herself in front of a passing car, in an attempt to commit suicide. She fails, in the sense that SHIKI dies in her place, to allow her to remain with Mikiya. For two years, she is in a coma.

Mikiya Kokutō brings over some ice cream while visiting Shiki, but Shiki is not happy to see him and says that she does not like ice cream so she decides not to eat it. Afterwards, Shiki and Touko discuss the recent spate of unusual suicide incidents where several high school girls fell to their death, but left no suicide note and had apparently no reason to commit suicide. Tōko concludes that the girls did not intend to die. At night, Shiki visits the deserted part of town containing the Fujō buildings which have now fallen into disrepair and are about to be demolished, and while there stumbles upon the body of newest victim. She also notices several ghostly figures floating above the Fujō building.

The next day, Shiki discusses the building with Tōko, as she can feel something abnormal about it. Tōko suggests that the figures are records and memories of the victims who have died so far but have for some reason not dissipated into the world. In the afternoon, Shiki is walking outside when another victim falls to her death. Deciding to take action, Shiki visits the Fujō building at sunset and battles a mysterious apparition that manages to take control of Shiki's left arm and tries to choke her to death with it. Using her mystic eyes, Shiki destroys her arm which is revealed to be a puppet arm that Tōko created for her. While the arm is being repaired, Shiki eats the ice cream that Kokutō bought using her remaining arm. The next day, Shiki takes back the repaired and improved arm, returns to the Fujō building and destroys all the floating figures and the apparition, who attempts to use her power of suggestion to make Shiki fall. It has no effect on her because she never had interest in such things.

Afterwards, Kirie Fujō awakes in her physical body on her hospital bed after being killed by Shiki in her spiritual body. Touko walks in and asks why she did it, Fujō replies that she didn't intend to make them fall, she just wanted to make friends with them, and so called to them, as she was stuck in the hospital with an incurable condition ever since she could remember. After Touko leaves, Fujō decides that the moment of her death when she was killed by Shiki was the most that she has ever felt alive, and wanted to relive that feeling. She wheels herself to the roof of the Fujō building, where she commits suicide by falling from the roof. Kokutō wakes up, feeling as if he had slept for a very long period of time, and Shiki demands that he stay over at her house to finish the ice cream he bought. In the Epilogue, Touko is walking near the Fujō building with Azaka Kokutō, where Fujō's corpse has been found. Touko comments that she just probably could not fly today.

In the middle of the night, Tomoe Enjou stabs his parents to death in a fit of rage, before escaping his apartment in a panic. Not long after, a homeless burglar finds their bodies, but when he returns with the police, to his surprise, he finds them being greeted by the residents in perfect health.

Sometime later, Shiki helps fend off some school bullies that were attacking Tomoe. Seemingly taken by Shiki's presence, he quickly asks her to help hide him, ecstatically claiming that he is a murderer. Shiki agrees, and simply cites she “is the same as him” when he is surprised by her easy acceptance of his status.

For the next month, Tomoe stays at Shiki's place, their life punctuated with Shiki's nightly sojourns, and Tomoe waiting for the news report of his parents' murder. During this time, Tomoe notices a strange man in a red hat and coat following Shiki. Tomoe warns her of this fact, which she idly dismisses. When they get into an argument over this, Tomoe claims he loves her, and as he lacks any worth, he'd be willing to die for her. Shiki refuses the offer, and asks him to consider where he feels his real home is. Tomoe feels then that he cannot hide any longer with Shiki, and leaves.

Not long after, Tomoe is shocked to see his mother still alive. Confused, he returns to Shiki. To confirm Tomoe's murder, Shiki accompanies him in returning to his residence at Ogawa apartment: an ominous, circular complex colored red, which was completed recently.

When they enter the elevator, Shiki notices they are ascending in a spiral. Reaching the 4th floor, Shiki insists on not ringing the doorbell, and simply entering Tomoe's home. Inside, they are met with Tomoe's abusive family, even another Tomoe, and watch the family's final moments as Tomoe's mother succumbs to murder-suicide. Shiki explains that these are simply imitation puppets that are revived in the morning and are forced to relive their final day alive repeatedly. Because Tomoe did not ring the doorbell, they continued to act as if they had no visitor.

Shiki then brings Tomoe to the opposite side of the apartment, his “real home”. She explains that when elevator began operating, due to the construction of the complex, none of the residents realized the rotating elevator made them exit 180 degrees, into another set of flats. When they enter Tomoe's original residence, they find the rotted corpses of the parents. This side of the apartment is used to store corpses. However, this intrusion also causes the undead puppets of the other deceased apartment residents to attack them when they exit. Shiki easily cuts them down, but afterwards she is confronted by Souren Araya. It is revealed in a short flashback that sometime during the second movie, Shiki had previously fought Souren.

Souren explains that he controls the apartment, as part of an experiment that uses the building to simulate a “miniature world that concludes in a day”. After driving all the occupants to kill one another, he has been making them repeat their deaths over the past half year, hoping for a deviation in their deaths. He also reveals that he was the one who manipulated Kirie and Fujino to attack Shiki, as antithesis to her, in hopes he can force her to recognize her own “Origin”. As they are meeting early, Souren decides to capture her now.

Shiki's mystic eyes are unable to perceive lines on Souren's body, due to his great age (his Origin being “Stillness”) and mystical artifacts he grafted onto his left arm in preparation. She attacks, regardless, even able to cut through his defenses, but in the end, she is defeated by Souren, and absorbed into the building. Tomoe, the lone witness of all this, grabs Shiki's knife and escapes back to her home. Later after being released, Shiki finds Tomoe and takes back her knife.

Afterwards, Shiki is sent to Azaka's school, the Reien Academy during winter break in order to help investigate a series of reports of fairies stealing the student's memories, and a suspicious suicide. The two immediately clash as Azaka is in love with her brother (Mikiya) and considers Shiki a love rival. While walking around the school, Shiki notices a fairy, and chases after it. Azaka who cannot see the fairies, is left alone and is attacked by an unknown person and has her memory stolen, only waking up in the evening with no memory of what has occurred. They discover the magus using the fairies is trying to erase everyone's memories of the event, but the school has a written record of the investigation. Azaka goes alone to check out the suicide site in the old building, as Shiki does not want to wake up this early. While there, Ouji finds her and requests that Azaka pray with her in the chapel, after praying, she reveal she is the one using the fairies to erase everyone's memories, and tries to erase Azaka's memory, and that she killed Hideo Hayama (the teacher who went missing) and used his body to create the fairies (as you need a corpse of some kind to create a familiar). Azaka is knocked unconscious from behind by one of the fairies, but she retains her memory and is found by Satsuki Kurogiri, the teacher replacing Hideo Hayama.

Shiki arrives and tells Azaka that the students of Kaori's class have all disappeared. Azaka says she is going to check out the suicide site, but Kurogiri strangely tells her that there is nothing there...and when reaching there, she finds that a large section of the building has mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Unable to find a trace of Ouji, Azaka falls asleep, and is woken up some time later by the dog left by her room mate. Shiki tells her that she has a message from Mikiya, who informs her of Kurogiri's real identity, that of a magus known as "God's Word" and a counter measure to his ability, as well as the cause of Hideo Hayama's death. Taking Shiki's walkman and earphones, Azaka runs past Kurogiri without being affected by his ability, and heads to the suicide site to discover all the students there in a trance, with lighted matches and open canisters of fuel, Ougi intending for them to commit suicide in the same manner as Kaori. Azaka and Ougi face off in the chapel, while Shiki faces off with Kurogiri. Azaka tries to convince Ougi to stop, revealing that Hayama died from a heart attack due to his drug abuse, and that the information she gained from the fairies was just a rumour circulated by the students and Kurogiri had stolen her memory first to make her come to the wrong conclusion. Ougi refuses to stop, and tries to kill her with the fairies, but eventually they rebel against her and Azaka destroys them and the source of the magic. Kurogiri reveals that Araya Souren requested he return to Japan in order to restore Shiki's memory, and Shiki tries to kill him, but Kurogiri simply says "You'll lose sight of me" and Shiki becomes unable to see him. Shiki has since been searching for him, much like how Arcueid Brunestud hunted down Roa.
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