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 Tsuchihime, Hanako

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PostSubject: Tsuchihime, Hanako   Tsuchihime, Hanako EmptyThu Aug 16, 2012 9:06 pm

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Tsuchihime, Hanako
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Hanako was a quiet individual who secretly was afraid of people. Often times, she keeps to herself and speak when spoken to (unless she chooses to keep quiet, thus the reply would be an audible sound.) Towards strangers, she gets awkward and would flee if there is a hint that she is in trouble. Given to her introversion, she will freeze up or quietly get phobic before leaving if caught in a group of people, even if they are her relatives. Even though she would forget and fall back to her fears and become helpless, she can be motivated when a friend or family member actually accompanies her or came to her rescue.

Given to her experience with people, she is balanced between adamant and sensitive. The adamant part was only a mask for her to hide a simple problem as she was definitely not the brightest person for a high school girl, but her stubborn nature can either make her look childish or tenacious. On the sensitive part, she is pretty much a child in herself as she gets upset when scolded or yelled at, but can get easily motivated when she knows someone cares about her or when comforted. Like a child, she can get helpless when things go bad while she does get courageous when she feels compelled to. While her light side shown that she still has some faith in humanity, eventually if the abuse keeps up, her dark side will cause her to forsake humanity and forget her friends all together, potentially following a path similar to those who are evil or intent on causing harm to others.
Affinity: Not Discovered.
Partner: Not Acquired.

Status: Not Acquired.

Appearance: Hanako stands at height of five-foot-three-inches with a light frame. While her skin was pale, flusters are usually from lightly pink to pinkish red for deep. Her hair is a long, casual hair that is wavy and dark brown while is usually tied into a ponytail if not loose. Her eyes are light blue. Cosmetically, she was plain, so no makeup or doodads to make her more beautiful, but she shown good care of her body, despite a constantly depressing look on her face similar to those who lost hope.

Casually, she wears a light blue, buttoned up, long-sleeved shirt tucked into a tan skirt that goes down to her calf with white socks and comfortable loafers. Professionally, she wears the same outfit other than a black pair of fake glasses to fool clients to think she is smart and focused when she is just focused. There are pockets in her clothing and each has a trinket for her to use. In her right pocket, she carries a pepper-spray which she can use only twice per thread for full effectiveness of blinding a target for three rounds if failed to defend themselves or four times per thread if she conserves them for half effectiveness (2 rounds.) In her breast pocket (the pocket where the pens go, not the cleavage, perverts;) she carries her wallet, where her basic identification and insurance cards are found for authorities or friends to take reference of when something happened to her.

Magic Crest Appearance: Not Acquired.

Close Combat: F
Speed: F
Endurance: E
Mana Production: E (D when sleeping.)
Magic Circuits: F

Magic Type: Not Discovered.

Crest Spells: Not Discovered.

Background: After her birth as the firstborn, the family was happy and her parents are proud as well. Her parents raised her to know that no matter what she did, they will always care about her. Everywhere she goes, Hanako's happiness seems to enlighten some people (and probably unsuspecting servants and masters.) As she gets older, she begin noticing that she will have to hold responsibilities from thereon, which Hanako taken seriously. The love ended when her parents began "conditioning" her by telling her what she can and cannot do or say on each spur of the moment.

She eventually muted herself because her parents seemed to not wish her to speak at all. She loves her family, but at the same time, she was a wounded sheep in any classroom at school. At first the teachers are concerned because the silence she has was bothering them, but they later grown annoyed and picked on her to make themselves feel better. She made friends, but throughout her school years, she was dragged into problems and was relentlessly interrogated for her friends' antics. She graduated from high school with average scores, but her friends abandoned her with high scores...her scores.

With defeat, Hanako became an introvert, believing that people will just use her again and abandon her. She left her family's house and rented an apartment (prison cell,) for her to hide from the public while relentlessly interrogated herself about her own problems. Hanako even keeps up a habit of order caterers for food and trinkets while taking monthly walks to feel a moment of freedom where people will not bother her so much. Eventually, she runs into a financial issue where she is bound to be evicted if she cannot come up with a hundred thousand yen. During her monthly walk to clear her head and find a job, she ran into a man who was working at a local law firm and received a job she cannot refuse because of her circumstances.

The lawyer made Hanako his intern and secretary with a simple exchange of service; as along she works for him without refute, he can keep her out of the crowd and her living expenses will be paid for in full. Though the lawyer was kind enough to give her a superb job, his work was shady as Hanako can see "interesting" characters coming into the firm for "unique" cases. While the lawyer brought her food, she eats at her desk while keeping files and calls up to date; he even made it easy for Hanako by telling her that whenever she receives a call, she lets the machine do it instead and she writes down the numbers that came up. Though lately, the lawyer began bringing small trinkets and more expensive meals. Hanako's story begins when she heard by telephone that her father started drinking after all these years that she known him to be a non-drinker.

RP Sample: Hanako was sitting behind the fine oak desk on her comfortable leather office chair in front of a rather recently outdated computer unit. The summer heat was hardly fond of for her as the air conditioner was breaking down for the third time in the last three weeks. Honestly, the company was extorting the firm for more money or the heat will be the thugs threatening to burn the firm down. Next to her was a small ring fan that does not have the blades. Though quieter, the fan often cause her eyes to well up with tears as her eyes fought to keep themselves hydrated. If anyone walks in now, they can think on sight that she was crying over something when her eyes are irritated. Luckily the fake bifocal over her light blue eyes does not have lenses or they would fog up with the humidity in the air. Even with the fan to her face, she was noticeably sweating as she can smell the wet cotton of her shirt gaining an invisible v-neck from her sweat. Clacking away on her computer quickly as she was updating a recent case about a Japanese rapper accused of rape at Fuyuki University in Nada-ku. Her employer, a lawyer solved the case with the rapper being found innocent, though she heard rumors that the rapist was wrongfully found innocent through backroom deals because the rapist was a political child. A political child by definition was an offspring of a political official like a governor or a senator; the President's Daughter is a title for a political child for example. The door open and shut as Hanako's employer comes in with a bag of lunch boxes and a small bag of a trinket.

"Hey Kiddo. Brought ya some lunch and a trinket." Announces the kind lawyer as he puts the small bag on Hanako's desk before placing a lunchbox on the desk. Hanako just smiles before saving the document and minimizing it. She then pulls the lunch box to herself and opens the box. An array of cuisines that are not cheap and even have expensive tuna-on-rice sushi. Drawing out her chopsticks, she splits it and fix her hands to hold them for eating the delectable meal. Just like so, she begins eating and savoring many of her favorites, including the expensive tuna-on-rice sushi. What soon gets her attention was the small bag of trinkets. With her left hand that is free, she reaches out into the small back and wriggles them out of the small bag after gently grabbing the trinket. It was a plastic feel as it comes out to be... "How you like it, Kiddo?" The lawyer speaks as Hanako discovers it to be a statuette replica of a hentai scene where the heroine gets raped by a tentacle monster. While blushing, Hanako contemplates how she can find a better job so she can punch her employer in the crotch and walk out with the lunch box. However, she has a nature where she cannot hurt anyone, she has not forsaken humanity just yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Tsuchihime, Hanako   Tsuchihime, Hanako EmptyThu Aug 16, 2012 10:04 pm

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Tsuchihime, Hanako
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