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 Kengo Askara

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PostSubject: Kengo Askara   Kengo Askara EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 9:34 am

Dead Apostle

Name: Kengo Askara, he does not have much of a reputation as his sister does, and therefore does not require a nickname from the church, in fact one could liken him to a bodyguard, one who is not well known but hides within the shadows, ready to act at their master's will.
Age: 17
Gender: Male, though, on occasions he can be quite the convincing female in terms of appearance and personality.
Parent Vampire: Roa.
Contract Partner: N/A


Kengo before and after he became a vampire, has always been a caring young boy, especially for his sister, Kagami, or as of the current day, Roa. He was never one who was well versed in any form of magecraft, their father was too much of a controlling madman to ever allow either of them to pursue the world of Magi, to say nothing at any chance of forging friendships with people on the outside. Still, his care and loyalty has always been to protect and care for his sister. He, in every figure of the word, loves and cherishes her. He does not know when the attraction came along, and since he has gone down the road as a Dead apostle and a "blood sucker" in layman's terms, there is not a sliver of shame he feels at loving his sister in a way not many brothers should be loving their siblings. Beyond his care for Roa, Kengo is actually very reserved for a dead apostle, and will only pursue blood if his lust for it becomes too great. He has a very playful personality, and does not mind exchanging pleasantries with those around him, as long as he they pose no ill will towards him his sibling. He can be quite naive, and easily controlled. if one person is good at playing the act of good guy or good girl, and honestly puts on such a wonderful face and a guise that they intend to protect him and his sister, then he will undoubtedly believe it. Luckily, though, his sister usually keeps him within her own hide out, so that he doesn't easily go out to make many friends, at least ones she doesn't see herself trusting any time soon.

While he is not aware of this side, he possesses a sadistic side of him that enjoys to see the fear graven on people's faces, or their suffering. He absolutely enjoys to play with people's mind's, especially those of perverted males who intend to sate their needs only to be killed with a dagger to their chest, or other painful ways of death. This side only comes out when there's a strong need for blood lust, though. On any other occasion, even when he is playful and dresses up to resemble his own sister, it is only out of admiration for her beauty and his respect for her newly acquired power. Since her reputation is starting to grow, taking on a disguise as her also helps to confuse possible executioners and lead them astray. All in all, if one fully sums up this young vampire, he is both pure and evil. A rather strange mixture wouldn't you think?


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Statistics: The same rules as the ones for Magi apply, two stats can be raised at creation.
Hand to Hand Combat: E
Speed: E
Endurance: F (How much punishment you can take, and what feats you can accomplish with your body before tiring out, is determined by this.)
Magic Circuits: F (All Vampires have latent Magic Ability, this is what enables them to be vampires in the first place)
Mana Production: F
Special Abilities:

Skilled Swordsmanship: During Kengo's time being shielded away from the outside he often found other ways to fulfill the emptiness, and this talent is the result of that. As a child he would often find wooden swords around the house and would pretend to be like the samurai he saw from tokusatsu or japanese drama's. He has no proper teaching, but through constant training he has some semblance of a master's technique with the sword. In battle, he is capable of handling himself with the blade as well as bringing about victory once the opponent shows an opening.

Familliar: N/A

Magic Type: N/A


Kengo and his sister, Kagami, were born as identical twins to a normal mother and a exorcist from the church who decided to settle down and leave that path filled with bloodshed. There life was anything but, happy, though. The brother and sister were rarely ever allowed outside, most likely due to their father's paranoia. Since he had spent the better part of his entire life taking down heretics and vampires, he thought that they would somehow come after him or use his children or wife as bargaining chips. They never fought back with him, though they hated such a cruel fate. Their childhood was taken away from them. As time went on, Kengo grew closer to his sister and would always do his best to protect her whenever her father became angry, never once flinching as he took the beatings that his sister was about to become victim too. Even if he could not rely on his mother, he wanted to care for no one but his sister, Kagami. As time went on, something strange began to happen to his sister. Though he did not know it, his sister eventually became possessed by Roa, a dead apostle that plagued a certain assassin and true ancestor in the past. He didn't notice the change, hell, no one did quite really. The change did not happen right away, and the evil vengeful spirit did not awaken until Kagami's sixteenth birthday. Kengo wanted to buy her a present or at least sneak out to buy one, but then that heathen as her father ruined it all, chaining her up to a wall like some slave. He wanted to kill him, take his life and run away with his sister and mother. And yet, when he planned to do so, his sister had become something wholly different from what she was before. She had finally become the new Roa. Killing her father in a grotesque display. When her mother and Kengo entered, they saw the sight before them. His mother intended to kill her, but in a moment of worry and the love for his sister, he protected her taking the dagger to his stomach, screaming in pain as she walked away. After she hurried away from the bloody scene, Kengo felt life draining away from his body. In his last moments he embraced his sister, and the last thing he remembered was this memorable quote; "Do not worry, eternity awaits. " After that, the rest was history, a year later, Kengo became a loyal servant and a dead apostle to his sister and served her from there on.

Roleplay-Sample: Ya'll know how i do. =w=
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PostSubject: Re: Kengo Askara   Kengo Askara EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 5:45 pm

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Kengo Askara
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