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 Beaching and flirting.. (OPEN)

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Han Hee Young
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Han Hee Young

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PostSubject: Beaching and flirting.. (OPEN)   Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:30 am

A lone woman sat in the shade of the food bar, busily eating her takoyaki while taking a sip of a cosmopolitan cocktail. She looked like an interesting yet attractive character: a black bikini with a metal studded belt, black sandals, large bug eyed sunglasses, and a huge black hat that shaded her from the cruel glare of the sun. The attire complimented her short, petite stature and raven black hair. A man walked towards her and courted the woman. She did not seem to like his attention; either because he was being extremely touchy or because he wasn’t good looking. Either way, the woman tried to avert him away.
"Look, whatever you’re trying to sell, I ain’t buying it so it’s either you back off or I make you go away."
The man still wouldn’t go away so Hee Young did something she would rather not do: She took the toothpick she was eating the takoyaki with and jabbed his hand, where it held her shoulder. Next the woman elbowed the man square on the face and when he was on the ground, stomped her foot onto his croch. The man howled in pain and tried to pry her foot off his crotch but she only grinded her foot harder. Feeling he had learnt his lesson, the woman removed her foot and watched the man crawl away. She let out a sigh of relief and turned to the owner of the food stall.
"Mister, I want another batch of Takoyaki please!"
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Beaching and flirting.. (OPEN)
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