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 Ishita Saito, Onmyouji

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PostSubject: Ishita Saito, Onmyouji   Ishita Saito, Onmyouji EmptySun Dec 04, 2011 12:50 pm

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Ishita Saito
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: If one word could explain his personality, it'd be blunt. Yes. Blunt, and very straightforward to the point people could hate him. He won't lie to you about what he think of you, but he does provide some advice to help people improve whatever. Definitely he does sometimes hold back when he absolutely needs to. One can easily tell that he got his personality majorly from his grandfather's care. It has been shown that he's someone who will respect what people tend to believe in and respect their beliefs as it was also in one of the style's teachings. In combat, his whole point of view is concentrated at the task at hand and never jokes around at all.

He rarely shows any mercy as a result of all the teachings of war and the sword his master hammered inside his brain. No matter what happens in combat, he always stays resolute. Though there are very few times when he could be shaken. Very few. One of his pet peeves are thugs and gangsters. He believes a good many of them get people involved with their own petty business of territory and respect. In fact, he looks down on them and believes they're all worth trash.

Saito has been shown to be a huge fan of Nana Mizuki and has a poster picture of her plastered on his room which he proudly displays it. He's also a partial otaku (I'm sure you guys know what that is) which he desperately does his best to hide that fact as he doesn't want people to make fun of his leanings. Though, he's more scared of his master finding out, who tends to be even more annoying than most people he ever knew. Saito is known to be a fanatic for curry and cream cheese. Especially curry bread. He attempts to add curry and cream cheese into all of his meals.

When meeting up with new people, he is rather... impartial. Sure, he'll show some manners and so forth... But, to gain his entire respect, you have to prove that you're strong in his eyes. In normal days, he would just either meditate, train, or study. Each divided evenly on that day with sleep, meals, and school time added together.

But at times he has shown to be slightly irritable in the cold. As a resident of California for approximately seven years, the cold is almost a natural enemy towards him. As a result you may see him with a cold more easily than some people, making him even more irritable. But he almost never gets a fever or a flu. Saito makes sure not to do so by taking proper precautions as such than most people. His experience with the Swine Flu taught him this.

As he is an onmyouji, Saito maintains a healthy balance in his perception of reality. He will try to justify his views. And at times, when a fact that he can't counter against comes up, the onmyouji modifies his reality within a rational degree. Saito tries to follow every aspect of his job, even in his daily life where he maintains a balance.

Affinity: Lightning and Wind
Partner: N/A atm.

Status: Onmyouji clan recently almost fully annihilated as a result of a hyakki yako attack in Kyoto when he was a baby. The clan utilize both Western and Eastern magic, but more emphasis on Eastern though. No connection to the Mage Association.

Appearance: Ishita Saito, Onmyouji AnimeWomanwithBlackHair-1-2

An Asian male around five feet and nine inches tall. Making him appear around the standard height for teenagers. But in young adult ages, probably shorter than some. His hair is almost a bowl cut-like hair style that is long up to the back of his neck. His eyes don't look ferocious. Rather, it's just calm. He looks rather young for his age and many could say his face is like those baby face types.

On the other hand, he tends to wear a black hoodie and black jeans. Making him totally black. It's more of a tactical thing because in the dark, it makes his movements look more faster and longer in range. On top of that, he also wears a pair of black sneakers and black hand wraps to complete his dark attire.

Martial arts training strengthened his lower body area for more speed and increase in attacking power. Thus, his legs are slightly developed for speed and to generate power to make up for his lack of muscle in the upper body area. But despite that he has less muscle there, his forearms are also slightly developed as a result of swinging suburitos, bokutos, and iaito (blunt katanas) for practicing his style. The rough calluses on his hands and feet are a result of swinging the sword and rough erratic footwork for thirteen long years of his training.

His eyes turn from black to green as a result of possessing a pair of Pure Eyes that could see the number of prana and circuits on a person.

Magic Crest Appearance: Ishita Saito, Onmyouji Gamaran-1438312
A big thick circle with four dots in a diamond formation. It's located on the cardiac area. The Omiya Crest.


Close Combat: Saito is a practitioner of both kendo and a kenjutsu style, Tenshin Muto Ryu. Tenshin Muto is a kenjutsu style utilizing kenpo and kenjutsu aspects either together and separately. The kenpo aspect utilizes knife hand strikes to the neck or the eyes in close up combat with the sword. Also kicks to push the enemy away to increase the range. So it's obvious to say that he prefers the sword. But because his style also utilizes acupuncture for training, Saito could make use of that knowledge to deal more pain in both offensive and defensive sense.

For example, he could use it to subdue an enemy in a form of a finger lock using it or even knock someone out with it by using a knife hand strike at a pressure point which stops blood flow to the brain.

Like said above, his utilizes a sword style called Tenshin Muto Ryu (Heaven's Truth No Sword Style?) The style itself trains the practitioner to be efficient in their movements by training specific important muscles over superficial ones through the usage of acupuncture needles. With the sword, some sort of barehanded kempo attacks can be used in junction with his sword techniques. Thirteen years of experience.


Speed: Agility and speed-wise he could easily be a good member for the track team. His whole body was made for the purpose of speed, itself. However, that purpose is for his attack speed. But as he trained with a tank of an old swordsman... He had to learn to be agile and fast to keep up with him. Because he utilizes the I-Ching system (64 Hexagrams) tattooed on his arms, many of the low ranking spells become single action only when he utilizes hand seals. While higher ranking spells are reduced in incantation length.


Endurance:He's actually a speedster type of a person. So it's very obvious he won't stand up to harsh damage as most people. But for running speed he can run for long distances like around a kilometer without being too winded. However, since he's made for speed, his endurance towards hits are somewhat lacking. He makes it up by utilizing ki reinforcement.


Mana Production: A lot of spells he utilizes from rank F to A. I.E. Chain Seals, its rank is F to A. Each rank have a degree of effect. He also utilize ki for combat, but that's wholly based on the environment. F

Magic Circuits: His body possesses around 10 circuits with each storing up around 23 units. His magic crest has ten circuits each storing seven units. His mystic code, Rosary has 20 beads in total with 5 units each. Total is around 400 units. I guess... F?

Magic Type: Onmyoudo. Basically a curriculum of kekkaijutsu (barrier techniques), fuinjutsu (sealing techniques), exorcisms, and shikigami utilization. However, this clan also uses other spells. Utilizes ki reinforcement. However, it's not like what you think it is. When using ki, you're using the Od. So basically for every reinforcement, you're losing your life span. But the amount you utilize is based off the air quality of the environment.

Ranks for Ki:
F: 1 minute of your life is dissolved.
E: 30 minutes of your life is dissolved.
D: 1 hour of your life is dissolved.
C: 24 hours of your life is dissolved.
B: 1 week of your life is dissolved.
A: 1 month of your life is dissolved.
EX: 5 years of your life is dissolved.

-: Drop the rank dissolve amount 1 hour.
--: Drop the rank dissolve amount 2 hours.
---: Drop the rank dissolve amount 3 hours.

+: Remove 1 hour from your life.
++: Remove 12 hours from your life.
+++: Remove one day from your life.

  • Name: Increase Speed (Ki Reinforcement)
    Type: Ether (Ki)
    Range: Self
    Rank: A to E, depending on the air quality of the environment.
    Description: Basically increases speed through ki, not prana. Making this not a spell, rather... A ki technique. However, unlike most other reinforcement it reinforces more important muscles thus no prana is needed.

    E: 15 MPH (Bike speed)
    D: 30 MPH
    C: 45MPH
    B: 60 MPH
    A: 75 MPH (Car on freeway)

  • Name: Iron Body
    Type: Ether (Ki)
    Range: Self
    Rank: A to E, depending on the air quality of the environment.
    Description: Basically hardening your body against damage. Pointless against hakkei.

    E: Able to withstand wooden blows
    A: Able to withstand slashes from swords, arrows, and mid level spells. But leaves really nasty bruises. But it leaves cleaner wounds for bullets.

  • Name: Electric Shockwave
    Type: AOE lightning spell
    Range: 10 yard radius
    Rank: E to A
    Description: Basically condense prana in one hand and strike it at the ground, causing electricity to crackle in a circle 20 yard radius.
    Incantation: Roar! Destroy! Flow within the land! Destroy all that is in your path!

    E: Enough to make enemies flinch. Around 100 volts.
    A: Could definitely harm badly, but low chance of killing. Around 2k volts.

  • Name: Lightning Sword
    Type: Lightning spell
    Range: Self
    Rank: E to C
    Description: Generate prana in one only one part of the body (like a hand) and create a blade of lightning. Can't be thrown. Can be used as a parry weapon most of the time.
    Incantation: Pierce through the sky! Cut through the authority! Destroy order! Make them obey you!

    E: A hit can cause one to flinch. Just enough to cause them to be shocked. 100 volts
    D: Can stab like a dagger, but can't slash as much as a normal sword. 500 volts.
    C: Sharp enough to slash through like a normal sword. 1k volts

  • Name: Pure Eyes: Prana And Circuit Detection
    Type: Pure Eyes/Mystic Eyes
    Range: Self?
    Rank: F
    Description: Basically you can see the number of prana and circuits in one's body. Eyes turn emerald green.

  • Name: Lightning Needles
    Type: Lightning Spell
    Range: Throwing distance. Not really sure... Help?
    Rank: E to B
    Description: Create condensed needles of lightning of varying volts. Always have five for each rank. Each of them long enough to pierce through deep enough for most critical spots. They only form in his hand. Can be used to be thrown or stabbed as a small impromptu dagger. All ranks have the same volts that can cause shocking pain to the enemy. Voltage is around 50 volts.
    Incantation: Plick. Pluck. Plick. Goes the needle. Sew through death and destruction. Rewrite time.

    E: Enough to cause stabbing pain which makes people flinch.
    C: Can pierce skin.
    B: Can pierce through most thick armor.

  • Name: Spell Tag Purification
    Type: Holy spell/Exorcism
    Range: Throwing distance to Touch
    Rank: F
    Description: Basically infusing a purification spell in spell tags. Can purify/eliminate or restrain evil spirits and most youkai. Most high level youkai or even evil spirits may be only be restrained for at most two minutes. Can restrain a vampire to the point it freezes them for a minute. Must be pasted on targets. Can even be thrown at them. Can be used with Evil Purification to exorcise possession of target.

  • Name: Evil Purification
    Type: Holy spell/Exorcism
    Range: 3 meters
    Rank: E and D
    Description: If an evil spirit possesses anyone, then this is the spell to drive them out. This works on low, to mid-level spirit creatures possessing a target individual; however, it cannot be used on powerful entities, demons or creatures that have no spirit.

    E: Can purify canon fodder evil spirits
    D: Can purify mid-level evil spirits. Ex.: Wraiths.

  • Name: Sakura Barrier
    Type: Barrier Spell
    Range: In front
    Rank: D
    Description: Basically form a sort of shield barrier in the shape of a pink sakura petal in front of the user. Can fully defend against a vampire's attack for two times in succession. However, it can only be summoned in front of the user.
    Incantation: From the petals of the earth, pink tears fall in the air. They stain the green earth with pinkish hue. To herald the fall of man.

  • Name: Five Star Barrier
    Type: Boundary Field
    Range: Five meter radius
    Rank: D
    Description: Repels spirit entities without doing harm, where they cannot enter the sealed area... but for vampires it just holds them in place for a minute or two with an electrical interference. Spell can be turned on by a clockwise pattern. Counter-clockwise, turns it off.
    Incantation: *Requires to draw a star and a number of hand-signs totaling five while chanting* This ground shall be now made sacred. Woe to those who dare defile the innocent! Woe to those who desire to defile the peace! Scatter! You may not enter!

  • Name: Shikigami, Low Level Summon
    Type: Familiar
    Range: Self, I guess?
    Rank: F
    Description: Basically summon shikigamis based on number of spell tags. They can be anything, but users are limited to two types of animals to summon. Saito is limited to a wolf (for tracking) and a crow (for spying) for animals. They're usually used for reconnaissance and tracking. But when it comes to housekeeping it summons miniature paper dolls that can span from the size of your hand and about four feet in height. All these familiars are generally useless for direct combat. But the paper familiar is completely useless for all forms of combat as they can be easily ripped to shreds or burnt to pieces. All of the shikigamis that are summoned follow their master's orders. All can't communicate with the master or any people really.
    Incantation: Summon!

  • Name: Box-In
    Type: Barrier Spell
    Range: 3 meters to self
    Rank: A to E
    Description: Forms a rectangular/square barrier around a target. Shape of barrier is either rectangular or square depending on the user's choice. Can be used to surround intangible stuff like flames as well. The barrier itself can be used as a stepping stone up to the sky. So basically it can surround air, and then hold it there.

    An onmyouji can walk up to higher altitudes thanks to it by forming small platforms out of it. Because mana is manipulating the air to create the barrier, the walls are made of dense intensely vibrating oxygen molecules that keeps a lot of things out. Because of the vibrations, it makes it difficult for any normal human, mixed bloods, magi, or vampire to get out without getting harmed or using some sort of protection if they try to force their way through. Servants, Dead Apostles, and Spirits can move through them quite easily as the vibrations wouldn't harm them.

    Ketsu can be done on static (not moving) objects without using Jouso or Hoi since the two are meant to increase the accuracy of Ketsu. But by using both and then ketsu highly increases the accuracy of successfully using ketsu.

    F: Small boxes that with an area big enough for two feet to land on. So the user can jump up to higher heights like a 2-D scroller game, say... Mario.
    E: Can surround a normal human size.
    D: Surround a size of a normal car.
    C: Surround a huge cargo truck.
    B: Can surround a house.
    A: Can surround a whole track field.

    Incantation: Ketsu!

  • Name: Shrink
    Type: Barrier Reducing Spell
    Range: 3 meters to self
    Rank: F
    Description: Used with Ketsu, which forms a barrier around the target. Metsu makes the barrier decrease in area to crush the target into nothingness. By utilizing the oxygen molecules already used in the barrier (ketsu), it uses the speed of vibration to grind most normal targets (humans, vampires, mixed bloods, and magi) into pieces as the total area of the barrier decreases. Think of it like a vicious meat grinder on all four sides. Totally useless on spirits, Servants, and Dead Apostles Ancestors as they'll survive it without any injuries.
    Incantation: Metsu!

  • Name: Release
    Type: Barrier Undo Spell
    Range: 3 meters to self
    Rank: F
    Description: Undoes many of the onmyouji's own spells like barriers and such.
    Incantation: Kai!

  • Name: I Ching Tattoos
    Type: Runes/Incantation Reducer
    Rank: F
    Description: Saito draws a number of hexagrams on his arm so that he sometimes doesn't need to use incantations for his spells. Think of them like the European runes. However, all of them require hand seals instead. But those who still need incantations, the lengths are reduced thanks to the tattoos. However, hand seals are still mandatory. The mana cost will still be the same. Hexagrams are there to be the base for the tattoo. When doing hand seals, both hands are needed for the full effect of the spell. But if only one hand is used for a spell to form the seals, there will be a - modifier for the spell used, but the speed will be faster.

    The tattoos are drawn on each arm in the following trigram/hexagram order.

    64 (Incompletion for the starter), 32 (Perseverance to keep it from being affected by outside forces), 30 (Attachment to have a sort of resonance with Saito so he can use the tattoos in place of incantations), 34 (Great Invigorating to keep the resonance rate steady and also the two trigrams used in the hexagram are symbols of thunder and heaven. Thunder for lightning spells and heaven for etheric-based spells such as Onmyoudojutsu), 7 (Bringing together, Teamwork to keep the flow of mana and the tattoos in better resonance in the other end), 40 (Deliverance to help project the spell), 63 (Completion, to finish it all off)

    Numbers in order: 64, 32, 30, 34, 7, 40 63

    Generic spells.
    F: No incantation needed. No hand seals.
    E: No incantation needed. Two hand seals.
    D: Two line incantation needed. Four hand seals. Mid level shikigami summoning in replacement of the incantation requirement, "Come forth, TITLE, NAME!"
    C: Four line incantation needed. Seven hand seals.
    B: Seven line incantation needed. Ten hand seals.
    A: Ten line incantation needed. Fifteen hand seals.

    Spells With Some Exceptions
    Box-In, Shrink, Release, Spell Tag Purification, and low level shikigami summoning only need one hand seal in one hand for the full effect as they're simple spells themselves.

    Chain seals and Stimulate nerve follow the ranks for generic spells, but the two last lines for each respective spells in all the ranks are only required as the incantation is still the same without the tattoos for each rank. Soul Force, Soul Force Bomb, and Electric Shockwave needs no incantation as it is pretty much like a mana burst with incantations to help control its course. With the tattoo in its place, incantations are not needed.

    Evil Purification is somewhat a complex spell meant for deeper exorcisms, so the tattoos wouldn't do much for it. Lightning Sword and Lightning Needles needs no incantation, but two hand seals are required for each, both spells are just condensed electrical prana that take form. The tattoos replace the incantations that help form their shapes.

Crest Spells:

  • Name: Soul Force
    Type: Lightning Spell
    Range: Touch
    Rank: D and C
    Description: Basically a melee magic technique where you just need to touch the enemy. Can be in a punch or a palm strike. You just need to touch. Runs a condensed electric shock that attacks the enemy internally. Can run through any thick armor of all sorts and ignores it. Damage depends on rank.

    D: Can knock out an unsuspecting enemy. 500 volts.
    C: Deals a internal damage which makes enemy feel like they're being hit by a sledgehammer. However, usually doesn't kill those with Stamina C and above. May cause a lot of damage to C and B. For A, no damage. 1k volt
    Incantation: Smite thy enemy. Destroy what lies within!

  • Name: Soul Force Bomb
    Type: Lightning Spell/ Temporary Anti Magus Spell
    Range: Touch
    Rank: F
    Description: Same idea of Soul Force, but in a form of a time bomb. You send an electric wave of harmful prana through the enemy's circuits. Depending how many circuits, the more numerous it is, the more time it takes. And depending how many prana there are in each circuit, the more prana = less damage. Varies with amount of prana in the enemy. In general, starts out with 50 volts. Can be weakened enough to the point that enemy will feel a headache or no effect at all. Again due to circuits and prana. This spell cannot effect those without circuits. Ex: Alchemists and Humans. However, for all magi, it shuts down their circuits for around a minute. Making them Non-magic for that one minute.
    Incantation: Bide your time. Be born through the womb. Gnash. Crush. Destroy. Be free!

  • Name: Chain Seals
    Type: Sealing Spell
    Range: 3 meters
    Rank: A to E
    Description: Clank! Clank! Clank! Tie down the naughty one! Show him his place! Let him learn his lesson!
    Description: Basically a number of chains eject out from the ground and tie around the enemy. Usually used to tie down yokai, spirits, and the like. It's used for physical and spiritual bodies. Can be used to tie down even humans. The chains itself are almost as hard as osmium.
    Incantation: Clank! Clank! Clank! Tie down the naughty one! Show him his place! Let him learn his lesson!

  • Name: Stimulate Nerve
    Type: Physical Reinforcement to Nerves
    Range: Self
    Rank: E to A
    Description: Stimulates the nerves for increased reflexes. So in other words, Saito could react to speeding bullets faster than anyone else.

    E: No consequence, just aches around the body. Adds onto agility, enough to become a school champion of a dodgeball game.
    A: Whole body is under immense pain from heavy usage. Adds onto agility enough to attempt to react to like crossbow bolts.

    Incantation: Quick! Quick! Quick! Little cat! Be quick! Chase after your prey so that you won't starve for today...

  • Name:Sekkai
    Type: Anti-Boundary Field
    Range: Close Range, Self?
    Rank: A
    Description: Spell used to undo other boundary fields.
    Incantation: *Fifteen hand seals.* Divide open the waters of the east! Make way for the North Star! You of the West! Move! Let the Star of the South tread on your weary soul! Lay down the invasion! Open the gate! Let the Mikado enter with pride!

Background: Saito was born to the Ishita family. A modern magi family from four hundred years ago with an origin in Kyoto. They were a group of onmyodos with a considerable skill with swordsmanship. Many of the styles they learn fall under Tenshin Muto Ryu, Taisha Ryu, Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, or several branches of Itto Ryu (Every style I listed except for the first I real in real life). Eventually, one of them learned much about Western magic and applied much to it to what the family already has in their onmyoudo and ki arts. (Learned Western magic when the Westerners came to the country in history)

They were much secluded from politics, of course, because the founder did not want to get involved with such and wanted more freedom to do as their family could to do their job. The founder was a normal person with great potential. He came across an exorcism and his potential for the onmyoudo job was made manifest.

His parents died as a result of an unexpected large scale hyakki yako at night. Almost all the members died protecting the city at Kyoto. This even included his parents as mentioned before. His grandfather became head of the family again as his son (Saito's father) was the only son. He trained Saito at the age of four in Tenshin Muto Ryu and in kendo so that he has a feel for real combat (Didn't teach him much in onmyoudo, yet. Because it's important to have a base in melee combat). Also in the onmyoudo, ki, and magic arts. He showed the ability to have Pure Eyes around the age of five.

Because of the earlier attack, the family had much collateral damage. So in that case, Saito and his grandfather headed to America to teach kendo when he was just ten years old. Of course he continued training as he struggled to learn English. Thankfully enough, his kind Mexican neighbors were able to teach him the language with conjunction, Spanish.

However, in the neighborhood, there were a huge number of gangs spread out. Of course, there will be a number of gang wars... With bullets flying out and shit... But because of that, Saito took the liberty to use what he learned to subdue the ones around his area...

It was during his stay in the United States that he and his grandfather ran a dojo and clinic at the same place, making them a very rare addition to the community. It was during those times, Saito had a good time teaching people of all ethnicity in kendo. However, they never taught Tenshin Muto Ryu as a part of their rule. In fact, they never even mentioned it at all to the students. As Saito taught and practiced in the dojo, he signed up for a few kendo tournaments and won first place in the district. However, he was only third in the nationals.

It continued on until he reached seventeen when he had to come back... When his grandfather's friend needed help in maintaining his acupuncture clinic. With that said, the magus headed back to help and ended up in Misaki. It turns out he was able to live at a rather nice and simple apartment with low cost with his grandfather's friend. And also he gets to get paid for his work in the clinic. On top of that, he enrolled at a high school over at Misaki.

Another thing to know is his mystic code, Yawarakai-te. A katana that possesses a holy essence. It was originally made by a sword-smith who was friends with the founder. Apparently, the founder needed something to help him with his work... And so, his friend made it for him as he was a practitioner of his own form of magic. Which brings us the creation of Yawarakai-te. It is usually passed down to future heads of the family. Basically an useful heirloom. The sword itself is a symbol of the head's authority as well as symbolizing rightful justice.


  • Name: Yawarakai-te (Tender Hands)
    Type: Mystic Code
    Description: A mystic code katana which has been passed down from family to famliy. It has an exorcism ability which causes searing damage to fiends and yokai of the like. Can also effect vampires. The blade lights up green in the presence of such creatures and also made to purify them. Last of all it can increase the effectiveness of Saito's exorcism spells by +.
    Ability: Mana Burst Rank: C and D of holy energy to purify creature.
    Appearance: Has around the length of a normal sized katana. Perhaps around four feet tall with a normal width. The saya and the tsuka have the normal traditional black color. The tsuba has a circular shape, but divided into four petals.

  • Name:Crystal Ball
    Type: Mystic Code
    Description: A normal crystal ball about the size of a palm.
    Ability: as the ability to reveal true identities and destroy illusions up to rank C and even can be used in scrying a small part of the area. However, Saito can't use scrying at his level at the moment. So, he can only use it for revealing true identities.

  • Name: Rosary
    Type: Mystic Code
    Description: A wooden rosary with several tiny inscribtions on them
    Ability: Gives a + modifier to all onmyouji-related spells. Also used to store mana into them. There are around twenty beads in total. Each holding about five mana in each.

RP Sample:

They weren't fast per se... Perhaps close between slow and moderate? In any case, they were driven by their own primal instincts and were charging at him with no account on their own "lives". The first ghoul was someone who looked like in his mid thirties. With a pair of glasses dangling from his right ear and against his neck and the collar of his suit. Possibly an ordinary salary-man out of nowhere.

Taking advantage of the long range he already possessed, Saito sliced off his/its fingers with thirteen years of practiced precision. With nothing to grab on, the onmyouji quickly sliced down the katana through its now moot brain. The teenager felt the katana cut through the now soft skull through the soft degenerated muscles and spinal cord. He kicked the first one away from him. That one should be dead now. His mystic code was a sort of holy blade in the eyes of an onmyouji. So, it should kill that thing since he obviously sliced through the skull.

As the Dead fell to the snow, its other brethren came after him without fear. Two of them were moving next to each other with arms raised and their disgusting and gaping mouths wide open with lines of saliva decorated the insides of the orifice. The one on the left looked like your average office lady by observing her once-neat form of dress. The right was your average joe with noticeable clothing: a red sweater and blue cap on his head. They were already close enough to grab him, but Saito already ducked down to slice them off from the legs. Before the now leg-less Dead/ghouls could fall off, the onmyouji sliced through their skulls at their temples, revealing a half of a brain each.

The katana was for sure drenched with blood as the walls for painted with red. The last one was just like the last three. Same drill. Arms in front and mouth open. This time, Saito slashed through the torso, ejecting the Dead/ghoul from his hips and legs into the air. It landed soundly and tried to drag itself back to its legs or probably back at Saito. But it met a cold metallic stab through the brain and gave up in peace.

The onmyouji took out the mystic code and started to clean it with a cloth he had with him. The blade was now not glowing anymore. As soon as he was done, he sheathed it back and placed the dirtied cloth inside his pocket. As he was about to exit the alley way, he saw Touko standing there.

"Uh... Nothing to see here..." he weakly told her despite... the bloodbath.
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Looks good~ Approved.

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