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 The Wright Sisters

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The Wright Sisters
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PostSubject: The Wright Sisters   Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:25 am

Servant Template

Class: The Bonded
Alias: Jennifer and Louise
True Identity: Olivia Wright and Wilma Wright.... because in the Nasuverse, these were their names.
Appearance Age: 21 and 15
Gender: Both female.

Personality: The older sister (left), Jennifer, is serious and always in control. She often will have to smack her younger sister in the head from her silliness, and will usually correct someone if they are wrong about something.

The younger sister (Right), Louise, will always joke around and take things in a funny light. Even during combat she'll often joke around. This may however be a result of the original sisters never getting into any serious fights during their lives. However, she is quite intelligent even if she rarely shows it.

Power Levels: The basics for every Servant are E in each level. However, special rules apply to each class. You can find those rules here. At creation, you can raise the Rank of one level, mark it with a color code.
Strength: E
Endurance: D
Speed: E
Magic: C
Mana Capacity: E+

Class Abilities: Riding: D

Seperated Action: E

Personal Abilities: Engineering: D
With their ability to create and use technology, they surpass that of average untrained people and especially servants.
When they reach full capacity, creation of whole new technologies upon inspiration becomes possible. However they are currently not fully aware of all the mechanical knowledge that they had when alive.

Spells: N/A

Noble Phantasm:

Name: Mankind's Wings: Wright Flyer
(Usable by both, simultaneously even)

Rank: B

Type: Anti-Army/Anti-Fortress

Description: Pulls into reality a small single-person air-plane, the original Wright Flyer created and perfected by the Wright Sisters. However since their designs continued to exist and be used even to modern days and beyond, they can change the plane into any other craft that uses their design. (Yes this includes Fighter Jets such as F14s and bombers and etc.)

Used by the elder sister.

Name: Wright's Road Runner: Wright Rider

Rank: D

Type: Transportation

Description: Pulls into reality a small bike with a motor on it, a personal creation of the younger sister, who had a moment of brilliance and created an engine that was supposed to be for the plane models, but in the end was placed on a bike. The reason for this is because the advancement of such an engine was far beyond that of the modern abilities of the time, and so she kept it hidden so that it would not outshine the plane itself.

As a Noble Phantasm, it has surpassed that of any modern motorcycle due to it's age as a creation that has become spiritual and a part of the younger sister's existence.

Used by the younger sister.

Name: Test Tube for Flying Machines: Wind Tunnel

Rank: C+

Type: Anti-Unit

Description: When the two are together, their intelligence is above and beyond that of other inventors. They together perfected and made a Wind Tunnel far superior for testing Airplanes. The amount of pressure within the Tunnel is enough to blow away a small house, though few ever considered weaponizing it. They do so for their Noble Phantasm.

Used in conjunction.

History: These two women performed an amazing task, in the way of creating the first heavier-than-air flying machine. Thanks to their ingenious works, people still to this day in every such machine that flies their systems are still used. They were praised for being such intelligent girls, using the Wind Tunnel device that they perfected, adding a bit of fame to their story. With these innovations and inventions, they became famous the world over, and their designs are used to this day.

Roleplay Sample: Do I need another one? I'll happily oblige if I do, but I don't feel like finding something at the moment. XD

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PostSubject: Re: The Wright Sisters   Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:07 pm

I see no problems here, approved. ^^

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The Wright Sisters
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