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 Jace Lee (WIP)

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PostSubject: Jace Lee (WIP)   Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:56 pm

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Jace Lee
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Personality: Jace likes long walks on the beach- *shot* jkjk.

Jace is a serious butler. He takes his work seriously, yet hates every person that he works for. In fact, if his magus family wasn't so poor, he wouldn't be doing this sort of work. However he is the kind of person who puts his all into the work he does, even if he hates it. Therefore one could call him an ultimate among butlers.

He also takes his opponents seriously, never underestimating even the most silly of opponents. Therefore, he always gives his all and takes them down quickly, preffering not to draw out battles. His general outlook on life can be noticed here.

His wish from the Holy Grail, should he obtain it and it actually GRANT him a wish like he's heard, is for complete control of all worldly things.

Affinity: Wind and Space. That is to say, he can use wind to manipulate a form of spacial magic that costs a massive amount of magic. This is the magic his family has been mastering for over ten generations. Even he doesn't have the level of control over it that the family intends.
Partner: N/A as of yet

Status: Full Magus, Magic Crest in Full, and no clan.


Magic Crest Appearance:

Statistics: Important Note: A Servant of the same Rank in a Statistic is superior to a Magus with the same Statistic. At character creation, you can select up to two Statistics or the same one twice and increase them by one Rank. Highlight or color-code the currently applying Stat, don't delete the others! If you use a Status Altering Magic, give it another color and paste this exact color onto the reached Stat. If you manage to go over B Rank in those that are limited, add that new Rank in the Color you've chosen.
Close Combat: F
Speed: F
Endurance: F
Mana Production: D
Magic Circuits: F

Magic Type:Wind: Rank D

Wind Tunnel: By creating a Vaccum of wind a target can be left with no oxygen.

Tornado Burst: By manipulating temperatures and wind directions, can make a small tornado capable of picking up smaller objects, such as people as the larger possible object.

Bladed Wind: By focusing prana into a small sharp burst, can manipulate the wind into a curved arc shape.

(Uhm would you consider Space to be OP? Because, in my character's defense, it isn't like he could properly EVER use a level of control over space that could be considered OP IMO)

Crest Spells: Only applies to those that have one. Post ALL Crest Spells you want in here, even those not yet useable. You can add spells later, but need approval from Staff for that. To use a Crest Magic, you need Mana Production on the level of the spell, and your own Magic Circuits need to be one Rank above it. In theory, EX Rank Magic can be used from the Crest, but that can damage your Magic Circuits, like it is normal for those spells exceeding your abilities.

Background: The origin of your character. How did they learn Magic, if they even are Magi, in the case of Masters? Why are you in the Holy Grail War? Why are you who you are? This can either be summary-type or an actual short story showing key moments of their life, it's your decision. Write around 4 Paragraphs minimum - any less and it will most likely lack vital info.

RP Sample: Show us how you RP! Either for the character you are creating, or something from a different roleplay site, it is up to you as long as you've written it yourself.
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Jace Lee (WIP)
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