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 Matou Kariya (Caster)

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Matou Kariya
Fresh Character

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PostSubject: Matou Kariya (Caster)   Matou Kariya (Caster) EmptyFri Nov 25, 2011 9:13 pm

(OoC: Credit goes to MajesticFlame for the idea of making MATOU a Heroic Spirit, though I came up with the story leading to it as well as his powers.
Alright enjoy!)

Servant Template

Class: Caster
Alias: Kariya. (He's not exactly famous, I don't mind that making him weaker even though according to Lancer's ability it isn't a big drop I think)
True Identity: Matou Kariya
Appearance Age: 20s-30s.
Gender: Male

Except with white hair.
For his normal clothes, he wears a simple pair of Jeans and a T-shirt.
For his Servant Clothes, he wears a hooded cape as well.

Personality: When he is around his master, Caster is casual, but doesn't really smile. He tends to simply listen and agree to or even seem disinterested at times, giving the sense that he'll do whatever the Master says as long as it doesn't bother him too much.

However, around enemies he puts on a face of determination and almost hatred. No matter who the enemy is, he seems to envision them as an enemy he once hated more than anyone. He puts his all into any fight, preffering to finish them quickly rather than drawing out a fight.

However once he's around children, he acts almost nostalgic, like they were the most important thing to him in his life.

Power Levels: The basics for every Servant are E in each level. However, special rules apply to each class. You can find those rules here. At creation, you can raise the Rank of one level, mark it with a color code.
Strength: E
Endurance: D
Speed: E
Magic: C
Mana Capacity: D

Class Abilities: Territory Creation: D. When Caster takes control of an area, it becomes infested with bugs and barrier magics of various kinds. Unwelcome guests will find themselves being attacked by bugs rather quickly, and they won't be able to easily escape the Bounded Field of territory once entering due to illusionary effects.

The effects are reduced to that of only Ants and flies hanging around the territory, and no illusions or barriers, due to downrank from B. The territory is, in this sense, only useful for noticing when an intruder is around.

Personal Abilities: Insect Manipulation: D. At this lower Rank, Kariya can only control the kinds of bugs any person could see if they looked for them, and complex strategies are difficult to convey.
Insect Manipulation allows Kariya complete manipulation of any creature fitting into the category of "Insect". THis manipulation is on levels that allow the user to use even convey complex stragies to the insects, allowing them to attack in special formations and from any direction.
However, the complete and total control of this level requires rank A.

Spells: (You don't mention how many spells you can have at what rank btw. But since you do mention that C has six for Caster, I'll go ahead and put some that I can think of here. Let me know what ranks these spells count as please)

Boundary Field: By focusing mana on an area, he can create a circle of aura that hides what is going on within from those without. There are two levels on which he can activate this, one of which is where he reduces the amount of mana used so that it only effects those without magic of any kind from seeing the supernatural within. The higher level allows him to hide from even decently trained Magi and lesser servants as long as he stays still, and it's as if the area he encompasses doesn't exist, but none who are effected notice the distortion unless they focus on the area. Those who are strong enough to ignore it are aware of it but will see through it easily.

Connection to Reality: When Caster notices he is under an illusion, he can cast this spell to break the illusion. The chances of success are based on the opponent's ability compared to his, where if his skill is less by only a little he will succeed.

Disconnect Reality: Caster can create an illusion in an opponent that causes them to think they are running and can't stop running, but in truth they are paralyzed until they break the illusion.

Shadowbrand: Places a marker on a target that looks like a darker area, like a shadow. Allows Kariya's bugs to follow that target anywhere.

(Other two spells are locked for now. I keep drawing blanks on spells that would actually fit into this character and this world and actually make sense without being too powerful)

Noble Phantasm:
•Name: Konchuu Garandou: Bug Void

•Type: Reality Marble

•Rank: A

•What it does: The world becomes like that of a dark forest, the sky hidden, and the ground covered by broken twigs. All around there is the constant sound of many different kinds of insects clicking. At the feet of enemies, a webbing of silk is formed by various insects that make silk. From the branches many different species of insect hang or crawl, and many others fly through the air. Kariya has complete control of all insects created by the Reality Marble, and has the ability to create any number more of them. They will automatically begin attacking in weak spurts before Kariya even gives the order, as they are eager to serve their master. However, once he gives the order they will attack however he tells them to, allowing even for strategic battle. The large number of different kinds of poisons result in the death of the target quickly, and if not then the sheer amount of flesh that would be lost from the number of bites could be deadly as well.
Note that he can of course access bugs somewhat without enacting the Reality Marble in full, such as when Rider summons a soldier or horse from his.
(Interesting side note: Since his ability to control the bugs is weakened at first, he may not even try to use the Reality Marble. Also since apparently memories are short he may not even be completely aware of the full version)

History: When Matou Kariya proposed to Zouken that he would enter the Holy Grail War, Zouken laughed and called him a fool. But he had convinced Zouken that he wanted nothing but the honor of his family to continue, and that is why he came back to the family for training to win the grail.

Over the year he had to train, he spent it learning as much as possible about the magics related to insects and worms. Over time his conviction to save Sakura, who was being tortured day after day, and his irrational hatred for her biological father, and his hatred towards Zouken for what he was doing to her, all came together to create Kariya's Revenge: Konchuu Garandou.

When Kariya discovered this, Zouken became somewhat uneasy, but didn't see the boy as a threat regardless because of his plan to have him summon Berserker, which would kill him off by absorbing too much mana.

Well, as it was this was almost the case. During the events of the war, Berserker's fight with Saber led to Kariya nearly dying. At the last second, it occurred to him that if he died he wouldn't be able to save Sakura, and cut off Berserker at the last second, resulting in a similar end for Fate/Zero.

However, when he made it back to the house Zouken met him in the underground as he tried to pick up Sakura, his arms failing him. Zouken sent him flying against a wall and laughed at his inability to be able to even die properly, and thus Kariya snapped. The world recognized that if Zouken was not taken down at some point, then the world would be in trouble. Therefore instead of waiting, they made a deal with Kariya at that moment in time.

Suddenly Kariya was much more powerful, and obtained a few magics he didn't have before, as well as his mana returning to him and then some. He successfully removed Zouken from existence and saved Sakura as his personal reward. He proceeded to take care of her and Rin.

Later in his life, he would become known for saving the world from a catastrophe involving Sakura and Angra Mainyu, thus causing a level of fame that he would be known the world over as a hero that managed to save Sakura and the World all at once, before going into hiding to live out his old years.

Roleplay Sample: (Copy/pasted from which is partially my website, but mostly my friend MajesticFlame's. Using a F/SN one due to relevance. If it is not long enough feel free to ask for more)

Rider bowed to his master, and said, "I shall return shortly," Before vanishing from his spot, his movements not caught by normal eyes. The most a normal person might see is a blur. A little wind was whipped up around where he had stood.

He dashed along rooftops, looking around, noting the setting sun. He sensed a powerful presence nearby, and stopped on one roof.

He thought for a moment. "One mile... that way," he pointed at the setting sun as it vanished along the horizon. He grinned, "How fitting. I do hope our enemy has seen this last of their setting suns," He hurried back to his Master.

(Also this is kinda old, my writing style has improved though my Role Playing style hasn't changed any)

Last edited by Matou Kariya on Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:32 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Fixing it up)
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Fresh Character

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PostSubject: Re: Matou Kariya (Caster)   Matou Kariya (Caster) EmptyFri Nov 25, 2011 9:40 pm

The idea in itself is a good one - Archer is from an AU in a sense, so I see no problem with there being an AU version of Kariya that became a modern hero.

Territory Creation has to start at D, though. All Abilities need to be upgraded (every 150 points, you can upgrade one or learn a new one on E), it's thanks to the 'haywire grail' that is summoning way too many Servants. Think of it as your Servant-character taking in latent prana of the world and growing accostumed to it, basicially what the grail is usually doing for them. (although they still gain all required knowledge from the grail).

Well then, get cracking and finish the character! Reply to this post once you're done so that I can get to checking it.

Btw: This here is the Admin 'Archer' on the sidebar. It's one of my many accounts.
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Sexy Priest-class Servant

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PostSubject: Re: Matou Kariya (Caster)   Matou Kariya (Caster) EmptySat Nov 26, 2011 1:36 am

I see no problems. Though the staff fills out the Noble Phantasm rank, I agree with the ranking of A for that~

Approved and welcome to Fate/Endless!

Matou Kariya (Caster) Pbucket
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PostSubject: Re: Matou Kariya (Caster)   Matou Kariya (Caster) Empty

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Matou Kariya (Caster)
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