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Servant Template

Class: Saber
Alias: Tomiya/Misaiko/Kirika
True Identity: Tomiya's True identity, is the sun Goddess, Amaterasu, otherwise known as the one who shines in the heavens. birthed from Izanagi's left eye, as he went on to become the ruler of the higher celestial plain. She has more names then just Amaterasu however, one name is Amaterasu-omikami, and the other is amaterasu-no mikoto.

Appearance Age: Around 20 years old, in modern time.

Gender: Female

Appearance :

Amaterasu(WIP) Ibara_Takekawa

Amaterasu(WIP) 250px-Chr_05

Amaterasu(WIP) 7aa028ceb562ba84a5fad3bf34c313ea

Amaterasu(WIP) 996305298d3dbfe19bfd884c9c809260

Amaterasu(WIP) D6dbc0dcf1a0d8b25cc28a13bf2eff5d


Amaterasu, is a woman of calm and peaceful nature. It can be said, that she loves to be kind to anyone that returns kindness to her. However, that can make her quite naive in some respect. She's highly pacifistic when it comes to most situations. However, she has sort of a Multi-personality-disorder, probably as a effect from her time living as an actual goddess. She has two different eye colors, one is pure water blue, while her other sets of eyes, are red. It is because of this, that her eyes change color from time to time. Blue - It represents all of the kindness, and good hearted emotions of the girl. Red - When the eyes are red, her personality becomes more cold, and she will speak in a cynical manner, against almost anyone. It even goes as far as too enhance her blood lust, making it a more fitting form for her, when she is in battle as a servant. she does have control over the red eyes. One could consider them mystic eyes, but it would only be the ability of switching emotions, instead of controlling the emotions or hindering others, such as Rider or Arcueid. All in all, she can be seen wishing the best for her master, as she believes in love, compassion, and is a most caring individual. Most of her personality, from the time she lived as a goddess has passed on to how she is as an heroic spirit

The most defining trait of her personality, is to her brother's. She has no wish for the grail, having been a goddess and an actual deity, who has ruled over the heavens. There can be nothing else that she wants, she has many treasures that could be considered conceptual weapons and noble phantasm's. Which were all give to her by her brothers. Her one and only wish is to bring peace back to her time and bring her brothers back with her. Whatever the case, she has appeared in the time being summoned. To who is unknown at this time.

Power Levels:
Endurance: E
Speed: E
Mana Capacity:

Special Abilities: The natural abilities of the hero and his/her class. For example, Saber class has Magic Resistance normally, while Berserker uses Mad Enhancement. You can choose 1 ability at Rank D or 2 at Rank E. Assassin can only use Hidden Presence Rank EX at the start.

Spells: Nearly all Servants know at least a bit of magic. They are not bound to a certain type of magic like a Magus, but can only use a certain maximum of different spells. (1/2/4/7/13/20 – Caster has this amount times 1.5, rounded up.) The strength of your spells as a Servant is depending on Mana Capacity as well, but you need less Magic: you can always use Magic spells up to 1 Rank higher than your level in it (with the maximum being EX+), but you need to have at least Mana Capacity of 1 rank below the needed mana level – for a B rank spell, you need C rank magic and D rank capacity. Also, highest possible spells quickly tire out a Servant with a lack of Mana Capacity!
You can't save spell slots for higher levels of magic – if you have C rank, you need to have 4 (or 4x1.5) spells! You can, however, have spells not yet able to be casted with your current mana capacity.

Noble Phantasm:

(Raen Wrote this for me, Smooches to him I love you I love you )

Amaterasu has two noble phantasm's, but it is said at the time before she became a heroic spirit, that she could've had many many more, but treasured these two with the up most care.

Amaterasu(WIP) Bleach_Anime_Kyouraku_Shunsui_Twin_Sword_Set_1.1

Kusanagi, the Twin Fangs of the Dragon: These twin swords are always to be used together. The blade is as black as the endless void of space, making it difficult to see at night, and lucid to see at day. The cutting capeabilities of the Noble Phantasm alone is quite weak, being of the equivalent of a Broken Phantasm that would be traced by Archer, although it has a good defensive property. The true power of the weapon lies not in the blades themselves, but its ability to summon another Noble Phantasm, Radiant Air.

Radiant Air (The Scorching Wrath of the Wind King) Is in stark opposition compared to the other Noble Phantasm, taking the form of a thin, fervid ensasement of winds. The air is heated near to the point of becoming plasma, giving it its bright orange color. Although the blades themselves don't change color, it will appear as if the blades were glowing a bright orange. A low, monotone, hum that sounds similar to that of an elecric generator can be herad from up to a mile, although the distance from within a one mile radius is not siginificant to the colume of the hum, which always stays constant, whether next to the blades, or standing afar.

Upon the activation of Radiant Air, the atmpsphere 3 meters close to the user will heat up drastically in tempurature, giving off the sensation of being baked inside of an oven to anyone other than the user of the blades. The lightest contact with the blade will end up igniting the limb that touched it. Radiant Air drastically increased the cutting power of Kusanagi, the searing heat adding extra damage to the cuts by exposing the victim to extreme amounts of head. A large gash from the blades should be enough to cause the entire body to combust in flames. Contact with metals will cause even the densest metal to glow a bright red upon contact.

Radiant Air can end up being "stretched" when the user unleashes a fast and/or strong swing, creating a trail of thin, glowing orange light that is just as hot as the coating (this applies to ALL fast and strong slashes, except for the ones mentioned later) These trails are as tall as the blades are, and remins for a couple of seconds before slowly dimming out, rather than dispersing. Contact with the trail will result in the victim being exposed to fervid tempuratures. The razor thin edges of the trail is capable of sundering objects and people with ease, as if going through the blade of Kusanagi. These trails make a wonderful defense in the fact that the user can create barriers by swinging the blades to fend off against approaching enemies, or weak attacks. There is one big danger for using this, however, and it is that the user can also fall victim to the trails as well, and must be careful with the trails that are made, both by accident and on purpose. A mere push from defending against an attack, or moving into a trail in an attempt to dodge the attack, can result in the user getting burned and or/severed by the trails.

Radiant air also has offensive capeabilities. If desired by the user, a single swing from Kusanagi can unleash a glowing, searing vane of wind that rushes towards the enmy at great speed, the vane taking shape of the arc of the swing. The vanes are capable of both slicing through the opposition, as if it wee by the blades themselves, and creating nasty burns onto the enemy. The vanes can easily be stopped by an air type offensive attack or shield. Up to two vanes can be created in one post, one vane per blade. After use, the coating of the blade(s) will decrease in tempurature and sliving power, and will not return to normal until three posts later.

The signature technique of Kusanagi is the Searing Cross, which is done by holding the blades in the shape of a holy cross, then swinging them at their corresponding direction, completely using the coatings of Radiant Air both blades to create a powerful, razor thin, luminous orange cross that moves faster than the wind vanes. It's slicing power is the most superior, and to get hit by it would reduce the adversary to black ashes. Once this technique is used, the encasement of Radiant Air will not reform on the blades until after 7 posts.

Amaterasu(WIP) Sword_of_the_Meek_640

Totsuka-no-tsurugi,the Blade of Feathers :
This large, triangle shaped broadsword is very heavy to hold, ironically speaking. The Noble Phantasm is not given the name from its great weight, but from its powerful defense ability.

Guild of Feathers: By touching the ground with the tip of the blade, a tall cylinder of bright white light is emitted, surrounding the user. Immediately, the tall cylindar of light would transform into a dense array of crescent shaped, constantly rotating, white feathers. The quantity of the feathers are so great, that only tiny openings that expose the inside are revealed, with feathers upon other feathers, The sides of the feathers are facing the user at all times, encircling the user while rising upwards. The defensive capeabilities of a single feather is quite low, bue since there is a great multitude of feathers in constant production, as long as the blade is held in place, even strong attacks can be defended. For one to get through the shield, a powerful AND fast attack is needed to plow through the shield. Great amounts of mana is used by the second for this type of defense, and cannot prevent one from creating a border from within the cylinder, making it most useful against short, strong attacks, or continuous attacks (such as Gates of Babylon)

Another use for the Guild of Feathers is that the user slams the edge of the broadsword onto the ground, causing a luminous, white dome to form aroung that user. The dome will only last for a punctilio before exploding into a foray of crescent feathers scattered in various directions. The edges of the feathers are as sharp as daggers, making it a useful offensive attack against multiple enemies, or as a push back maneuver. This does not cost as much mana as the former use, but still a significant amount.

History: for historical figures, either use a link to wikipedia, or give us a basic rundown. The latter allows you to change around some details and parts of the legend, even the gender of the heroic spirit. For a custom created spirit, you need to give more detail – explain why they are a hero or counter-guardian!

Roleplay Sample: Just a small bit of how you roleplay. It doesn't have to be the character you are making the application for, but it is advised. The minimum is 2 Paragraphs, and it can be taken from another site, as long as you've written it.
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