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 Jack the Ripper (Assassin, Ready)

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PostSubject: Jack the Ripper (Assassin, Ready)   Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:16 am

Servant Template

Class: Assassin
Alias: Jack
True Identity: Jack the Ripper
Appearance Age: 18
Gender: Female


Personality: A quiet, thoughtful young girl, Jack is filled with contradictions of her own, possessing properties of both the day and the night within her personality. She is, as one would wish to call her, pure of heart and mind, however she can also be seen as cruel in her ways of acting. Although her manner of speech and methods in talking to others is innocent enough, she is very quick of thought, and capable of dismembering problems in a manner of seconds. Jack is rational, however emotionally weak and disquieted. When berated with the ill will of others, she will respond cruelly, however someone's good will shall always calm her mind and heart. Although this girl wears revealing clothing, she is shy, soft-spoken and frightened of most others, rarely leaving her Master's house during the day.

Though it is safe to say that she is a murderer, she rarely murders people. Not in the sense that she doesn't do it, it's just that her murders are usually well-picked. A misty night, a woman alone in the streets. In fact, she would rather kill prostitutes, more than anything else. This is something that's been brought up from her life as Jack the Ripper, and she chooses to kill those who she thinks have strayed from the "righteous" path, at least in the basest sense of things.

Power Levels:
Strength: E
Endurance: E
Speed: E
Magic: D
Mana Capacity: E

Class Abilities: Precise Concealment, Rank E - Suitable for watching from a certain distance; powerful Magi will still notice a presence.

Personal Abilities: Mental Pollution, Rank E - There are slim chances that mental interference-type Magecraft will be blocked.

Murderer of the Misty Night, Rank E - Concerning the special trait of a murderer instead of an assassin, her as the assailant will always obtain the initiative over the opponent as the victim. However, unconditionally obtaining the initiative happens only at night.

Spells: Darkness Mist Capital, Rank D/C/B/A A Bounded Field-type magic, the Darkness Mist Capital sends out a large field of mist that shrouds all that come within. A form of "clearing out people", if someone who is not a magus forcibly remains inside the bounded-field, he will die after a few turns. At C-Rank, a magus won't die at once, but he will continuously receive damage, though still preserving their life until the end. At B-Rank, a Heroic Spirit will not take damage, but AGI will suffer a Rank-Down. At A-Rank, Heroic Spirits will take some damage from the spell, and most weak-willed Magi will die quite quickly. The user of the magic can select who to give and who not to give these effect among those inside the mist. Since the sense of direction is lost because of the mist, it becomes necessary employ either some sort of Magecraft or the Skill Instinct with a higher rank than the mist itself to escape. A small portion of magical energy is taken from those who die from this, increasing with each rank-up.

That Certain Something: Information Erasure: At the moment the battle ends, information such as her abilities, true name and appearance traits vanish from the memories and records of the opponent and witnesses. The effectiveness does not change even if the battle was in broad daylight or in regards the surveillance of machines such as cameras. To oppose this, one must be lead to her identity by logic and analysis from the evidence left at the scene. This makes escaping the watchful eyes of others easier, as well as keeping her presence completely hidden from everything in this world.

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PostSubject: Re: Jack the Ripper (Assassin, Ready)   Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:48 am

I see no approved~

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Jack the Ripper (Assassin, Ready)
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