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 Shakespeare, The Playwright WiP

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PostSubject: Shakespeare, The Playwright WiP   Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:10 pm

Servant Template

Class: Caster
Alias: Berserker
True Identity: William Shakespeare, the Playwright
Appearance Age: 32
Gender: Male



Personality: He is a legendary playwright of England -- gentlemanly and soft-spoken. Placing the importance of the Story above all else, he will lie and cheat and by any means conduct himself that he might witness the unfolding of a grand tale, beautiful beyond compare. Consequently, he tends to distance himself from mentality of the "participant," taking instead the perspective of an abstract, "Authorial" third person. His regard for others differs by individual, dependent on their qualification as a special existence, or "protagonist" -- he interacts with "normal humans" only in a shallow, dismissive manner; and expresses an extreme interest in "protagonists." In slight narcissism, he frequently drops such self-authored quotes as, "Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill." He's taken a liking to certain terminology from modern fiction, such as "Death-Flagging."

Power Levels:
Strength: E
Endurance: E
Speed: E
Magic: C
Mana Capacity: C

Special Abilities: Item Construction; Rank E: Allows for the creation of magical talismans that can ward off single action spells, or anything around that level of power.

Territory Creation; Rank E: Allows for the creation of a small workshop. Must be placed as close to a Ley Line as possible, or it will not allow for proper advantage to the Servant.

Personal Abilities: Enchant, Rank E: The appendage of improved attributes and functionality to others their precious articles. Typically used to reinforce the battle capabilities of the Servant's Master, such that the Servant may act as an impartial observer and carefully document the Master's psychological state.

Self-Preservation, Rank E: Though he possesses no combat capabilities, so long as he preserves his Master's safety to the lowest possible degree, he maintains the skill to escape from nearly all harm -- meaning that he never engages any opponents himself. The Servant favors a "high risk, high return" tactic, where "returns" is related to the fruits of his observation.

Spells: N/A

Noble Phantasm: The Globe: Seat of the King - Shakespeare's theatrical company advocated by King James I. A Noble Phantasm that allows the Servant to accurately assume the aspect of an individual well-known to a given target. Used for purposes of social engineering. With this, he plays a "part", and if his "part" is unbelievable to the target, then the image of appearance, personality, all of that will shatter before the target him/herself. It is also useful for hiding alongside one's Master without having their true face shown. Everyone sees the illusion of appearance, but only the target can break it.

First Folio: When the Curtain Rises, the Applause Shall Be As Ten Thousand Thunders - A tome that may alter or falsify the outcome of a phenomenon occurring within sight. Though this Noble Phantasm is functionally useless in the face of an enemy that outclasses the Servant in every attribute, with skillful deployment, it has a chance of inflicting death upon otherwise impossible to defeat opponents. Activated with the incantation "NON SANZ DROICT" ("Not Without Right" -- the motto on Shakespeare's coat of arms).

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Shakespeare, The Playwright WiP
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