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 Yumizuka 'Sacchin' Satsuki

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Yumizuka Satsuki
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PostSubject: Yumizuka 'Sacchin' Satsuki   Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:10 am

Dead Apostle

Name: Yumizuka 'Sacchin' Satsuki - she has no name given by the church yet.
Age: around 27
Gender: Yandere... I mean, female!
Parent Vampire: Unnamed Dead Apostle
Contract Partner: N/A

Personality: Yukizuka was once a sweet, innocent and quiet girl, one that could not speak up for herself and always stayed in the shadows of others. Now, as a Dead Apostle, she has changed drastically. One might call her completely insane, and that wouldn't be too far off. She is actually quite indifferent to being a vampire in itself - it does not really concern her. However, she is frightened of pain and the cold, both of which assault her constantly in her current state, making her mind extremely unstable. She resents killing people, but at the same time revels in drinking blood - often drinking more than her body can even take in, causing her to violently throw up blood. She usually doesn't create Familiars, only if they help her getting closer to 'him'.
Her obession with 'him' is all that keeps her from becoming a complete monster longing only for blood. She loves 'him' - everything about him. As one who constantly watched every single move he ever made, she knew his true nature before anyone else, even including himself. She wants to be with him, no matter the cost or way. Her love can become quite destructive the moment someone gets into the way of it. However, in this regard, she is still a 'little girl' at times, and would most likely be unable to openly confess to him. Oddly enough, once her bloodlust kicks in, she is quite more open about herself - and would devour not only his blood if she could.
She does suffer from a severe case of shizophrenia thanks to those conditions. Scared, removed from reality, fits of rage - you name it, and she probably shows that syndrome of it. But deep down, she only longs for one thing. The love of the one she always admired.
Her only desire is Tohno Shiki.



Statistics: The same rules as the ones for Magi apply, two stats can be raised at creation.
Hand to Hand Combat: E
Speed: E
Endurance: F
Magic Circuits: F
Mana Production: F

Special Abilities: Mystic Eyes of Charm - Those without proper talent and training in either Magecraft or Exorcism will find the look into Yumizukas eyes very intriguing, as long as they have interest in females. She seems more attractive to them, and disturbing elements - like blood and gore - are blurred out. It's not a perfect illusion, but whoever is trapped in them will feel the need to be with her in more ways than one, and ignore everything else.

Familliar: None. She does have the ability to create The Dead, though.

Magic Type: N/A

History: After the events of Tsukihime, multiple Dead Apostles kept showing up around Tohno, thanks to his eyes 'attracting' the strange ones. However, this not only put him into danger, but also his resident stalker - Yumizuka, who still had a major crush on him and knew that SOMETHING had been wrong with him lately. However, her habit of stalking and not openly being around Tohno was her downfall - as one crafty Dead Apostle kidnapped her and a few other classmates to lure Tohno into a trap.
While Tohno followed the terms set by the vampire, said bloodsucker had sensed something in Yumizuka. Breaking his promise without a second thought, he grabbed the girl, and bit her neck. Hot, red blood flowed out of her body. The life escaped from her, as a high-pitched, last scream escaped her throat.
"" Slowly falling towards the ground, the last thing her brown eyes should ever see was Tohno running towards her and the vampire with his knife in hand.

After Yumizuka woke up, everything was cold. Her chest was hurting from breathing alone. The night was cold, so incredibly cold... and she was thirsty. Blood. She needed blood. Fresh, warm, wet blood, running down her burning hot throat. Right now. No time to waste.
And from that night onward... Tohno Shiki gained a vampiric stalker, that is now after him for years by this point.

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PostSubject: Re: Yumizuka 'Sacchin' Satsuki   Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:15 am

Approved! =3
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Yumizuka 'Sacchin' Satsuki
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