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 Han Hee Young (COMPLETE)

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Han Hee Young
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Han Hee Young

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PostSubject: Han Hee Young (COMPLETE)   Han Hee Young (COMPLETE) EmptyThu Oct 06, 2011 5:54 am

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Han Hee Young
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: Hee Young is rarely lazy; she works hard and demands that people do the same. She also has a strong sense of justice and fair play, though this doesn't always relate in some situations. She does not usually express anger but when she does, it's usually a storm.
She is extremely positive and decisive in most of her thoughts and actions, but it can be emotional sometimes. She has great foresight and intuition, and can be generally seen at her best when acting on first impressions. The fear is usually well controlled and usually looks calm, collected, and in charge of the situation. Good natured and loving, Hee Young enjoys talking to people, yet can also be a very attentive listener. Overall, Hee Young values peace at all costs, and is very fair minded.
Hee Young has a good critical faculty and are able to stand back and look impartially at matters which call for an impartial judgment to be made on them. But she does not tolerate argument from anyone who challenges her opinions, for once she has reached a conclusion, its truth seems to her self-evident; and among her faults is an impatience of criticism and a greed for approval. But Hee Young’s character is on the whole balanced, diplomatic and even tempered.
Hee Young’s cast of mind is artistic rather than intellectual, though she is usually too moderate and well balanced to be avant garde in any artistic endeavour. She has good perception and observation and her critical ability, with which she is able to view her own efforts as well as those of others, gives their work integrity.
Sometimes, Hee Young cannot be reliable, in either what she should do or maintaining any particular viewpoint. Sometimes she is accused of being two faced. Beneath the calm exterior, she can be very self centred and insist on getting things her way. Hee Young’s character may show frivolity, flirtatiousness and shallowness. It can be changeable and indecisive, impatient of routine, colourlessly conventional and timid, easygoing to the point of inertia, seldom angry when circumstances demand a show of annoyance at least; and yet she can shock everyone around her with sudden storms of rage.

Affinity: Shadow and Demon

Status: Full Magus with family crest. Is known to ruling clan. Is not part of Magi Association.

Battle/exorcism costume:
Hee young has dark brown hair, occasionally appearing black, which falls below her waist and can be styled various times and ways. It really depends on her mood or situation. Most of the time however, Hee Young’s hair is moved to one side, covering her crest on her neck. Her eye colour is officially crimson brown though they can change from brown or black depending on the lighting. She sometimes wears very light make up but finds it bothersome. She sticks to plain lip glass and foundation. Hee Young’s style of clothing also varies but they follow a same pattern: they have some sort of gothic element to it and have very limited colour. She does have a change clothing for battle but Hee Young thinkis that it is just a waste of time to do so. Her battle outfit is a variation of hanbok that korean noblemen wore during the 1600's. Her undergarments consist of her torso "badnaged", which is inscribed with a protective incantation. Also includes a red petticoat. The main garment is in two parts; the black outerjacket and skirt. The outerjacket has the bell instrument attached. Fingerless gloves and hat with a red tassel complete the look. Shoewear consists of tattered white socks with brown leather strap on sandals with heels. Her hair is tucked into her hat when she wears this outfit.
Her style can change time to time; it can vary from something tomboyish to the latest designer brands. Again, it depends on her moods or situation. Her body figure is slender yet petite, standing at 163cm. Hee Young is 167cm with heels. Hee Young’s mannerisms are always cheerful and positive, constantly smiling. When in a bad mood, she becomes quite and gives off that “dangerous” aura. Her voice is mildly high pitched; some people call it cute and others call it annoying, much to Hee Young’s annoyance.

Command Seal:
Magic Crest Appearance: The crest is placed on the right side of her neck.

Close Combat: F
Speed: F
Endurance: F
Mana Production: E
Magic Circuits: E

Magic Type: Familiar Summoning and Cursing, Rank E
Sample Spells:
Demon or Ghost Summoning; Rank E: This allows Hee Young to summon a minor and weak demon or ghost in order to do her bidding such as attacking or haunting. Unlike servant summoning, this does not need a catalyst; instead Hee Young shakes a bell like instrument, attracting the demon or ghost. Hee Young can summon more powerful Demons or Ghosts but they are much more harder to control.[/i]
RANGE: Area (2 metre radius)TYPE: Support/Demon

Spiritual Attachment; Rank D: This can be seen as a sub spell for Demon or Ghost summoning. Hee Young commands the Demon or Ghost to attach itself to a certain person or place by aiming the bell instrument towards it. This attracts misfortune and bad luck of some form, like an accident, to that person or place. This can be easily countered with an exorcism and cannot affect more powerful magus. This is easier used on humans.
RANGE: Touch. TYPE: Curse/Demon

Hymn of the Dead; Rank E:: This is a projectile type curse; a type of Gandr and Fin shot. Again, by using the bell instrument, Hee Young fires black, shadowlike projectile shots that has roughly the same destructive power as a gun shot. A single hit is not enough to kill anyone but is still capable of knocking someone out.
RANGE: Area (15 metre radius)TYPE: Curse/Shadow

Crest Spells:
Ssitgim-gut, Rank E: This rite is used to cleanse the spirit of a deceased person. It is believed that when someone dies, their body cannot enter the world of the dead because of the impurity of their spirit. The Ssitgim washes away the impurity and allows the spirit and body to move onto the world of the dead.

Dodang-gut, Rank F: This rite aims to wish for the well being and prosperity of a village, person or hamlet. Normally, this is held durng the New years, or Autumn or in Spring. This is mostly and almost exclusively, performed by female Mudang or shamans.

Hamgyeong-do Manmukgut, Rank E: This particular rite is performed three days after a persons death. This is used for the sole purpose of opening a passageway to the world of the dead and allow entry for the deceased person.

Gyeonggi-do Dodanggut, Rank F: This rite is performed in order to prevent evil spirits from tormenting a person or a community. This is traditionally performed every second month of the lunar calendar but can be performed anytime.

Hee Young’s family came from a long line of Seseummu Shimbang, or Korean Shamans whose status are passed down through the family bloodlines. The right to conduct ceremonies or exorcisms are hereditary as well. The Han family served the royal family since ancient times, when magecraft was as powerful as the gods. The Han family had predicted auspicious dates as well as exorcising spiritually ill royals and has been done so for generations. Serving under the royal family made the Han family wealthy, with prestige and status. However their service to the royal family ended when the Japanese occupation of Korea took place in the late 1800’s, following the assassination of Empress Myeongseong in 1895. However, despite this setback, the Han family still managed to enjoy wealth and power by serving Japanese Politians, including Ito Hirobumi, and members of the Japanese Imperial family.
Hee Young was the only child and heir to her family’s powerful lineage and was reared as the successor to her family’s magecraft and was instructed by both her parents, who were both powerful Magus on their own right. She had a lot of freedom as a child as her parents also understood that she was young and impressionable. They thought that training Hee Young magecraft too hard would affect her mind and body. She grew up to be a cheerful girl with a lot of mage potential, they knew their decision was right. Even with this immense freedom, Hee Young still felt the pressure of being a Han family magus, the fact she was going to succeed as head someday and that she was going to participate the Holy Grail war.
At first, her parents were hesitant of letting their daughter participate the war but Hee Young insisted she took part. Her reason for participating was different: she wanted to meet new people (even if she was going to possibly kill them), go overseas and test out her magecraft in real combat conditions. But her real reason was to prove that her parents did not have to worry about her and that she is strong enough to hold herself together. Prior to leaving Korea, Hee Young's parent's hired a Japanese priestess from a sister family to give their daughter further training. This gave Hee Young a variety of abilites to use at her disposal.

RP Sample:
It was sunny that day. Maybe abit too sunny as the somewhat heavy ceremonial dress she wore made her sweat. Or maybe she sweats because of nervousness? The girl did not know which. Hee Young was performing a Mudang-e Naerim Gut or the Shaman initiation ceremony. The dance steps were easy enough; the dress wasn’t so bad despite having way too many clashing colours and was heavy: it was the fact she was going to dance on top of swords scared her. As far as she heard, no one cut their feet during the ritual. Well, the sucessful ones that is. Failed riutals had a alot of cut feet. Some so bad that the person could not walk afterwards. The idea of cutting her feet and failing made Hee Young even more scared and paranoid.
“Everyone goes through this Hee Young, just be strong.” Her mother whispered to her ear gently but sternly before she nudged Hee Young to the straw mat.
Hee Young heard the music start and that was her cue.
One two three...One two three…
She counted in her mind slowly as she danced on the straw mat, in pace with the upbeat music. As Hee Young danced, she swore she could have seen “others” but brushed it off. But it wasn't so farfetched since Magus can see what ordinary people normally don’t see.
Maybe they came to see too? Or are they attacted to the music that can be heard beyond the living world?
Hee Young danced towards two bamboo poles; in between them were the dreaded swords. They had been tested out for sharpness and they were proved to have been sharpened to perfection. The thought of failing the ritual with cut feet rose on into Hee Young's mind, making her body burst with cold sweat.. Her grandfather and father came to help her up the platform as she held onto the poles. Both men held her shaking limbs firmly, their eyes giving the young woman encouraging looks. Hee Young took a few deep inhales and looked at the sky.
I’ll become a shaman after this. This is the moment everyone has been waiting and training me for. I cannot back down now.
Hee Young took one final breath and started to dance...

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Han Hee Young (COMPLETE) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Han Hee Young (COMPLETE)   Han Hee Young (COMPLETE) EmptyTue Nov 01, 2011 6:54 pm


Quote :
Close Combat: F
Speed: E
Endurance: F
Mana Production: D
Magic Circuits: E

You can only have TWO rank-ups at stats, unless otherwise noted (and I haven't heard of any more rank-ups.)

Quote :
The Han family had participated in the Holy Grail war for generations; they had loses, had victories but most likely, it become tradition to take part.

This is only the Seventh Heaven's Feel/Holy Grail War. They couldn't've participated in the Fourth and Fifth because every participant is known.

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Sexy Priest-class Servant

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Han Hee Young (COMPLETE) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Han Hee Young (COMPLETE)   Han Hee Young (COMPLETE) EmptySun Nov 13, 2011 3:56 pm

I see no problems with this, so I'll approve you now~

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PostSubject: Re: Han Hee Young (COMPLETE)   Han Hee Young (COMPLETE) Empty

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Han Hee Young (COMPLETE)
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