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 Ashes to Ashes, Blood to Dust

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PostSubject: Ashes to Ashes, Blood to Dust   Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:37 pm

Ah, the beautiful putrid smell of Fuyuki City... only humans managed to produce such a stench on the world around them, but the woman jumping from rooftop to rooftop did not even seem to care much, even though her nose was many times better than any humans would ever be. Wearing next to no clothing, one would think the fresh, young night would be cool on her body, but instead, she did not feel any of it - or at least not more than usual. Being 'dead', she never really felt any warmth to begin with. She had left her Servant back at her hideout - Jeanne didn't trust the vampiric being dashing through the night one bit, and she would be more trouble than help while scouting. Thus, she was alone... once more.
Her wolves were out on the hunt - all but the two that kept the apperance of her body. Hunting in the forest near the city, she would soon feel the beauty of being flooded by fresh blood would rip apart the constant pain circling her cursed body in the form of the old, used-up blood. Had she not been in this state for as long, nobody could've told what she would do when so many humans were so near... Only one grasp away, she would easily be able to snatch a single, unsuspecting lilim from the dark, small roads between the highly lit up ones were people still roamed through the young night. But nothing of the kind was on her agenda, as brown-yellow, beautiful eyes pierced the darkness without any problem. Standing on a rooftop, her clothing and whip slightly swaying in the wind - a certain, sudden stench and also wonderful smell entered her nose. One strong enough to make her eyes flash up and turn into a mesmerizing, dangerous red. This smell... It was one she would never be able to forget. Fresh, tasty human blood... there was nothing more delicious in the world for a Dead Apostle like her, but there was also nothing she detested and hated more. Still, curiosity killed cats, not wolves. Checking for the source would not be too bad, right? With those two thoughts, she darted through the air again, graceful and filled with strength, like a humanoid wolf.
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Ashes to Ashes, Blood to Dust
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