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 Mika Asagami(COMPLETE)

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PostSubject: Mika Asagami(COMPLETE)   Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:57 am

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Mika Asagami
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Mika appears to be a very sweet and honest girl, willing to help out anyone in dismay. While she may be slightly naive, her brother has taught her many things about the world that she must not allow herself to fall victim. She is usually very soft-spoken and very lenient when it comes to matters that concern her family. She will rarely scold the people that she hangs around, even if they happen to cause turmoil, Mika will rarely hate that person for more then a day. It is for this good nature, that many people are drawn to her. She will be the first to help someone study for an upcoming test and will also do her best to make people happy when they're down.

Even when Mika seems to be angry, one can't help but feel that she's somewhat like that mother that gives their a child a soft scolding, then forgives them the very next moment. Even when pouting or frowning, there's still a hint of innocence and happiness that can be discerned when people catch a glimpse of her facial expressions. To be quite precise, Mika is not only honest and kind, but childish and benevolent. She is also known to be quite the hopeless romantic, evidenced by her failed attempts at acquiring a boyfriend during her time in high school. But despite this, this girl tends to try her hardest at anything she does and while she may be naive, she is quite smart and prodigal in the clutch.

Should be fun to see where her path in this war takes her, don't you think?

Affinity: Unknown
Partner: Garcher - Heroic Spirit Emiya
Status: Magic user without a crest - her family had passed it down to her brother instead, allowing her to live the life of high school student.

Magic Crest Appearance: None.

Close Combat: F
Endurance: F
Mana Production: E
Magic Circuits: F
Magic Type: Unknown

Crest Spells: None

Mika was born within Fuyuki city, hailing from a deep almost reclusive part of the town. Her family was not a high level family from the Magic association nor were they on the levels of the three families of beginning but they were quite talented in their field of expertise. They specialized in a magic aptly known as "Benevolent dark arts" or "Affinity healing" for a better term. What this allowed them to do is specialize in a form of strengthening that not only enhanced the physical capabilities but healed them and in some cases returned them to normal when their bodies went haywire, though salvaging magic circuits for the target(Magus) was not within the realm of possibility. Magi who came from this family were known to have hidden or "Locked up" Mana. Some would have to train almost years to obtain their skills, but when they succeeded they became quite the force to be reckoned with. They continued to make a small name for themselves but never to a point where the magic association would catch wind of them. There were a dangerous group. Thus, avoiding them was more beneficial for the clan. Unlike most Magi families, they were actually much like that of a family to each other and usually went around as humans most, if not all of the time. During this time, two people met, the parents of Mika and her brother, Shinbo. Sayako Asagami and Ryder steinfeld. One was a man hailing from america, a human of sorts without any knowledge of the world of magecraft. While the mother was a soft-spoken, sweet. and above all, caring woman. Her husband was a earnest young man who aspired to be something great despite his upbringing's. Over time as they got to know each other, they started to fall in love with one another and after 7 years of dating, they decided to get married.

Once the two got eloped, they decided to make love and from their love making - came the birth of a daughter and son. While Sayaka enjoyed the life of a human being she still wanted to pass on her skills to one of her successors. In the end, Shingo was chosen to take up the reins after Sayaka retired from the life of a magi. While Mika was allowed to life the life of a normal girl. Little did her mother know, that Mika had hidden talents that surpassed even her brother. Mika's childhood went along normally - more so then other family with magi did. There wasn't a single danger that occurred and despite the causalities that followed during the fourth holy grail war, Mika and her family were able to avoid dangers like that. While Mika lived her life of normality, Shinbo trained with a madman's zeal. He was a great bigger brother and treated Mika with as much respect as he did his mother. He simply wished to achieve greatness in his family. Mika as her child-like self, cheered him on everyday. So that when he ever got down, she would be there to pick him back up. As the years went by, Mika did quite well in elementary and middle schools and never really got into much trouble. Every now and then, she'd maybe get too curious and delve into things she shouldn't have but besides that, everything else went well for the young girl.

Soon, when she reached the age of 16, her mother decided to enroll her within Fuyuki High. During this time, Mika met Natsuki. Originally, the two could not get along quite well together. Natsuki had a cold personality while Mika had a sweet and caring persona. They were mismatch, but surprisingly through some good will they became great friends. Mika had also had the pleasure of meeting a teacher. a tall stalwart man that simply went by the name of Kagetora. Mika continued to enjoy her life of simplicity. But no one would be able to possibly conjecture the turn of events her life would take....and how she would be fighting in the holy grail war....

RP Sample: None.
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PostSubject: Re: Mika Asagami(COMPLETE)   Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:06 am

Approved. D<
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Mika Asagami(COMPLETE)
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