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Full Frontal
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Full Frontal

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PostSubject: Full Frontal   Full Frontal EmptySun Sep 11, 2011 3:11 pm

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Full Frontal, Commander, The Red Comet
Age: 36 (Supposedly)
Gender: Male
Full Frontal’s personality is a mix of passion, charisma, pride, vengefulness, and charm. Perhaps his most dominant characteristic is his charisma which makes him a genuine leader; Full Frontal’s skill as a soldier combined with his charisma cause many people to respect and willingly follow his command, while instilling fear in his opponents. The other defining trait of Full Frontal’s personality is his tendency to hold deep grudges, seen most evident by his attitude towards the Magi Association. Full Frontal’s desire for revenge is something that defines him for most of the series; in fact his entire objective was killing every single last member of the Association in retaliation for killing his father.

After being exposed to what the third-world countries, he realized it was not only the Governments, but a great deal of humanity that was corrupted, and as a result became disgusted with humanity and sought out to change their ways. This culminated in him hijacking nuclear missiles, in the hopes of causing a nuclear winter, making the Earth uninhabitable, thus forcing humans to rally together. Though appearing evil at first, Full Frontal still cares for and still wants best for humanity by following his father’s plan, only now he is more focused on the outcome rather than worrying about the process, including disregarding human lives. He calls himself a "vessel for the true will of the people" and will only follow what he sees as the will of the people, which is a protectorate government.
Affinity: Gunsmithing
Partner: Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes

Status: Ex-Magi Association Full-Crest Holder; Current leader of the "Sleeves"

Full Frontal 8e06ea4d

Magic Crest Appearance: Full Frontal's crest is split in half. This is to say the power is split into two of them, one on each wrist.

Close Combat: F
Speed: F
Endurance: E
Mana Production: E
Magic Circuits: F

Magic Type:
Gunsmithing, Rank D: By focusing his prana into the bullets he makes (completely by hand) he can make the bullets have an effect on Servants and Phantasmal Races. The restriction is the size. At rank E, he is capable of only infusing bullets up to .338 Winchester Magnum (compared to the 30-06 [Kiritsugu's ammo of choice] they are nearly identical, except that the .338 has a bullet diameter of .339 in (8.6 mm) and the 30-06 has one of .308 in (7.8 mm) and the pressure of the .338 is 5,000 psi higher than the 30-06) and smaller. He can, if he takes long enough, infuse shotgun shells with his prana, as well as bazooka rounds [he infuses it into the explosive, bit by bit so it takes weeks to make one shell].




Crest Spells:
The Hunt, Rank E: The Hunt is a rare type of tracking magecraft. It infuses a bit of prana into a target via contact with the users prana (the prana has to touch them, but the user doesn't have to physically touch the target) and allows them to be tracked. At rank F. the tracking lasts for 7 minutes. At rank E, the tracking lasts for seven hours only. At rank D, it can last for up to seven weeks. At rank C, seven months. At rank B, it can last for up to 21 months. At rank A, it can last for up to 49 months. At EX, it can last up to 700 years. If the target's heart stops beating, then the tracking is off.

Triple Speed, Rank D: Triple Speed is something that Full Frontal's family was known for. It essentially multiplies the user's top speed by three (20 km/h becomes 60 km/h). However, it tires the muscles out three times as fast. It is three times as likely to end up with pulled and/or strained muscles. Triple Speed is also three times more likely to help you identify this character. At rank EX, it cubes the top speed (20 km/h becomes 8000 km/h (4970 mph) [I'll add the drawbacks once he gets close to getting this level].

"My son, grow up to be a cruel angel!"
Those words were the last words spoken by Full Frontal's father. His father meant that to be a blessing to avenge his death if he chose to follow in his father's footsteps as a magus. Full Frontal was seven at the time. When he was born, Full Frontal was not his name. His name has been forgotten and stricken from records as his family became nothing more than blasphemers in the eyes of the Magi Association.

Full Frontal's father had been researching immortality by ways of non-vampirism...or so the Association claimed. Full Frontal's father's actual research was about the Holy Grail Wars and the secret behind it. The Association did not want this information getting out, so they began a mini-war against his father. Of course, even with his B-ranked Triple Speed, there was no way he could get out of dying. Therefore, when the Association burned the mansion Full Frontal knew so well, his father completed the training of his son by burning the crest onto his back.

It was all a downwards spiral after that. Full Frontal travelled the world with money left to him by his father and watched terrorist attacks, coup d'etats, and anarchy develop across the entire world. The entire world was plunged into chaos...and no one could do anything. No, they chose not to do anything. The fear of "upsetting a people" grew in their minds and so no action was taken. Full Frontal then bought an 18-century officer's uniform and decorated the cuffs of the uniform with his family' crest.

Full Frontal then, single-handedly, carried out multiple "awakening" attacks on targets of little value. He ralied support with speeches and his sheer bravery in his frontal assaults, earning him the name Full Frontal. His most interesting attack was to be carried out on an Airbus jet, but was destroyed by another force before he could take down the jumbo jet. His next attack was far more successful. He began a full-out assault on the complex of El Shaddai. El Shaddai was a radical cult that was planning on attacking Moscow, Berlin, London, Beijin, Tokyo, and Washington D.C. at the same time. The cult was rapidly and effectively destroyed.

Full Frontal's raids gained him massive amounts of wealth. He spent most of it on armor and weapons for his troops, but kept a good portion for himself. With that money, he bought a prototype sniper rifle who had no stock but was dual-automatic, a pure silver .44 Automag pistol with an ivory handle, and a mask made of carbon nanotubes with incredibly durable eyes. This mask was carbon nanotubes and titanium alloy mixed to make a lightweight and durable substance. The eyes were glass with a diamond coating on the outside. The glass also had the option of a built-in HUD, but Full Frontal turned the option down.
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Full Frontal
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