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 Natsuki Kirsche(WIP)

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PostSubject: Natsuki Kirsche(WIP)   Natsuki Kirsche(WIP) EmptyThu Sep 08, 2011 4:35 pm

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Natsuki kirsche
Age: W-What kind of question is that, I-It's none of y-your business alright!?(She's 16 <3 dun mind the tsundere. )
Gender: Female

This is the centerpiece of Natsuki's personality, a loud-mouthed, acid-tongued, Tsundere. She is frequently seen rebuking offer's from males on a daily basis, mostly due to having no time to date males, and that most of them tend to annoy her more then they do wooing her. There are a few male's that seem to appease her need, but due to a few needless comment's she tend's to drive them away. She much like a certain woman, loves to be right, not just one time, but all of the time, giving off an air of stubborn and adamant vibes. She will constantly do her best to prove that she's right and that anyone else is wrong. She appears to be outwardly cold, and somewhat of a truant to others. Despite her down coming's, the tsundere part of her personality, tends to shine with people she has a crush on or befriend's during a very important day or time. She will sometimes, without the person knowing, go to elaborate lengths in order to speak with them privately in order to confess to them. This confer's to both friend's and that special someone. Despite what some may think, Natsuki is actually a very sweet girl once you peal off the layers of ice clasped around her heart. She's also very defensive of her friend's and her loved one's, and will do her best to protect them, sometimes, even at the cost of her own life. In a way, when you side with Natsuki, you side with a friend who will be by your side for a lifetime, and a lover who will do her best to keep you from harm. D-Don't get any idea's or anything though! I-it's not like she loves you or likes you or anything!....Anyway's onto the next part of her personality.

Anyone who know's Natsuki directly will tell you, that she adores going out into battle with guns blazing and head's twirling. She's not afraid of fighting opponent's stronger then her, nor does she even have a sense of fear when she becomes entranced by the battle either. Now, that isn't to say, that if an opponent of Kotomine's Standing, or even a high level servant, wouldn't scare her. She's not an idiot. If there are damn near impossible opponent's, she will do one of two thing's. One, figure out a proper strategy in order to bring about victory. Or, run away. She wouldn't feel bad about running away either, especially due to the fact, that unlike a certain man, she adores living life, and believe's that she has a lot of it to live. Natsuki rarely engage's in any battle that is impossible for her to come out alive from. She doesn't mind a few wound's or even a scar from battle, but once she know's she's outnumbered or overpowered, she will devise any means of escape. She doesn't believe in cowardice - But she isn't a fool either. There is a right time and a right place for Pride.

While some would not expect this, Natsuki is actually quite the sweet girl under her cold and acid-like exterior. While she isn't overtly nice or romantic, she is very caring about those around her, lover, or friend. She seem's to be very shy and submissive once one get's past her heavily layered heart of ice. She still keep's her tsundere trait's, but will usually tone down the insult's, especially when their down. Against most expectation's, she would instead look to inspire them through a motivational speech. Despite what some may think, Natsuki is not as tough as she makes herself out to be. If anyone close to her insulted her or even went out of line, she wouldn't break down in tear's, but sign's of hurt and humiliation would be shown on her face. Needless to say, she would run away and keep herself away from that person for weeks, or even months. This may stem from the fact that Natsuki lost her parent's. A girl cannot easily recover from an experience like this, and Natsuki is no exception. She rarely aims to make friend's with anyone in fear of losing them, through her own foolishness, or death. She doesn't exactly hate people, but instead fear's what might happen. The fact that she's a magus doesn't help her case either. She know's that the path of a magus is filled with blood and bone, and can be quite dangerous. In order to become a true magus, one must like a true magus. Yet, Natsuki aim's to be different from other's. Which is why she will rarely look at her servant as a tool, as other arrogant high level magi tend to do. As long as they can produce result's, Natsuki will not complain or insult them in any manner. In fact, as time goes on, she will come to like them depending on their personality. Though the idea of falling in love with one, sound's as foreign to her as a far off country.

All in all, Natsuki seems to possess both positive and negative trait's. Luckily, the positive shine's through with flying color's. It take's only commitment and kindness to get through to her. She is neither cold nor heartless, and care's a lot about those around her. Though she may not show it all the time, she is always worried about the well being of other's. She is close friend's wit ha schoolmate known as Mika. And is very fond of her school teacher, Kagetora. In any case, it will be fun to see how and what her path leads her too. Are you ready for the journey?

Affinity: Ice
Partner: Johnathan Walker

Status: Full Magus, with a magic crest, though she is one in training, meaning she's learning a lot of thing's her family never got to teach her.


Natsuki During school

Natsuki Kirsche(WIP) Natsuki

Natsuki Kirsche(WIP) 02


Magic Crest Appearance:

Natsuki Kirsche(WIP)

Her Magic crest is located on her back.

Close Combat: F
Speed: F
Endurance: F
Mana Production: E
Magic Circuits: E

Magic Type: Ice Magic(Rank D)

Crest Spells:

Cold Shot, Rank D - A ball of ice-cold energy is fired at the enemy. Originally a curse, this version of the spell will not only inflict slight frostburns and blunt damage like being hit with a baseball bat, but also cause the enemy to feel cold all throughout their body and shiver for 2 posts. Up to 3 can be fired in one post.

Frozen Knucke, Rank D - Coats the users hands in sharp icicle knuckles that don't affect the user. They cause sharp pain and can rip apart human flesh quite easily upon a well-placed punch.

Cold Touch, Rank E - The users hand becomes incredibly cold and can cause frostburns and numbness in whoever is touched by it. Can also be used to cool down objects or freeze water.

Ice Knife, Rank D - Creates a short dagger out of sharp, crystalized ice. The weapon is not really durable and moreso useful for rituals and the like - getting it jammed into your ribs still hurts, though.

Cone of Cold, Rank C - The user shoots forth a gust of cold wind from the fingers, for as long as the user continues to supply it with prana. This cold stream of air can shock-freeze things trapped inside, and has the radius of a shotgun blast - it gets weaker but spreads more the farther it travels.

Icicle Cannon, Rank B - The user fires forth five sharp, long icicles like spears to pierce the target and cause slowdowns thanks to the cold.

Frozen Bomb, Rank A - A spell that lets the user throw a ball of ice-cold prana, which explodes like a grenade and freezes whatever is in the radius under a layer of ice.

Cold Bolt, Rank B - Fires a single bolt of ice-cold energy with minor homing capabilites, it explodes and generates a layer of ice on whatever is it.

Frozen Ray, Rank A+ - From the users hand, a ray of ice-cild energy is shot forth. The Ray stays active for as long as it is supplied with prana, and whatever is hit gets frozen underneath a thick layer of ice. The cold ray itself has a temperature that nears the absolute zero point.


Natsuki was originally born within Tokyo Japan. Her father and mother were both accomplished Magi, her father was the successor of a clan known as the Krieger. The Krieger's were clan of high level magi who specialized in magic dealing with water and wind, a combination which led to the creation of ice magic. When one learned both of these element's, they became true successors. Those who only knew of either water or wind, were still allowed to make their name, but would never become a successor and would have to find glory elsewhere. Natsuki's father's aim was to give birth to a fine magus, one who would learn all of his skill and become a great successor. This obsession drove him to prepare many methods of training, when the time would be ideal. However, when his wife gave birth to the wonderful and vibrant child, the father's resolve to push the child weakened. He was experiencing what some would deem as a father's love. Instead of looking at the child as some successor to keep his name and clan alive, he loved her and cared for her as his daughter. His wife was overjoyed. She was filled with brimming happiness, due mostly to the father becoming a better man because of Natsuki's birth. He became much more nicer and less arrogant then he was before. Maybe this is what would later lead to his death.

As the year's passed by, Natsuki grew into a wonderful young girl. She was already showing sign's of promise at a young age, and while her father's method's of training were strict and tenuous, she passed through each task with flying color's. She loved her father and mother equally, enjoying every passing moment with them. Even if training was the last thing any young girl would want from their parent's, Natsuki viewed this as only sign's of love. Plus, it wasn't as though they didn't aim or aspire to be great parent's as well. They took her out on vacation's when she passed test's in school. In fact, they spoiled her beyond belief. But everything was merely trivial to her, as long as she had her parent's, she would never a see a dull or listless day in her life. However, that soon changed. Natsuki did not know of what went on when she slept. But her father and mother grew apart as year's passed, and they constantly fought with each other on a daily basis.

One reason was that Natsuki had loved her daughter so much, that she didn't want her to take up the life of a magus, which was always a tightrope with death. Her father had felt a similar fear, but adamantly refused giving up on his daughter's life as a magus. Her mother was greatly angered by this, she too was a magus, so why didn't her opinion matter? She would accept his refusal, if she were a simple housewife like that of Tokiomi's wife, Aoi. But she was far too prideful to be rejected. His constant refusal to listen to her drove her too madness in the end. The once beautiful and courageous woman, who came to love him, had now began to become a pain in the neck for him and his plan's. That man would never expect the betrayal, that would follow only two year's later.

Around the time that news of the fourth war was beginning, the one that included Kiritsugu, Kirei, and Tokiomi, Natsuki's father caught wind of the war and had originally intended to summon a archer class servant before Tokiomi could, yet when he was preparing the ritual, he felt a mighty impact hit his back. It was sharp, and not only did he feel impact but the pain of being impaled by something sharp. He looked down and his eye's seen nothing but a long Katana's sharp blade through his stomach. When it was pulled out, blood spurted out from the wound, as he turned around to see the culprit. It

His beloved wife?

His eye's could not believe it, they could not believe that this once sultry and soft-spoken woman, was the one holding a blood stained sword in her hand's with a psychotic smile. He tried to fool himself into thinking that this was nothing more then a mere illusion, and had done so until his last sliver's of life went away. Natsuki's mother having felt that he would lead Natsuki into a life that would kill her, killed him in anger and frustration. By the time he died, she had known, just how much she had taken away from herself. While the man was originally arrogant, she had fallen in love with him, even more because of his love for Natsuki. Yet, he had taken that wonderful father away from his daughter. She too brought the blade to her neck and brought a cellphone calling her sister, she requested that she take Natsuki in from now on and tell her that they died during the madness of the fourth holy grail war, her sister tried to stop her once she knew just what was going on, but she Natsuki's mother had hung up on her sister and brought the cold blade to her neck. "...Natsuki...May you live a prosperous life, even if you do pursue the math of a magus, do not the only wish i have in my heart now...." With her eye's filled with tear's, she put the blade to the nape of her neck and slit her throat. Her life just like her husband's ended on one cold night. Never again would Natsuki experience the love of her mother and father, and would be scarred from this ordeal. Upon hearing new's of their death, she went into a depression. She rarely went out, and her grades seemed to decline during school.

Yet, when she started to spend more time with her aunt, she started to realize that she had to be strong and become the magus that her mother and father would've wanted. From that day on, after hearing well needed advice from her aunt, Natsuki got back on track in her life and made her way through middle school.

Her next ten year's were spent within Fuyuki. She had originally thought of enrolling in a more prestigious high school, but figured that living within this rural area would let her avoid any unneeded attention. After all, a magus had to be safe anywhere he or she went. During this time, she met Mika and Kagetora. She originally couldn't stand hanging around Mika and insulted her, but after a while, her happy personality started to rub off on the young girl. Natsuki's aim was not too make friend's at all due to her trauma, but somehow, she had warmed up to the two. With a new life in front of her, she has high hopes of making it to the top. Currently, she plan's on summoning a servant to participate in the most recent holy grail war. Little does she know, she won't quite expect what she'll get when it's complete.

RP Sample: Show us how you RP! Either for the character you are creating, or something from a different roleplay site, it is up to you as long as you've written it yourself.
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Natsuki Kirsche(WIP)
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