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 Ichijou Yamato(Magus)(WIP)

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PostSubject: Ichijou Yamato(Magus)(WIP)   Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:32 am

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Yamato Ichijou
Age: 25
Gender: Male


"My heart is as cold as the steel of my Katana."

When one looks upon the man known as Ichijou Yamoto, They see a man with asocial personality. He is very dejected and rarely pursue's talking to anyone nowadays. This mostly stems from the tragedy suffered in his life, when he lost whom would've been his first wife. The man while not outwardly cold, can be quite menacing towards most individuals to do to his eye's which some may describe as sunken pit's that makes him look old well beyond his age. This seem's to be the case, due to a thirst for vengeance that constantly roast's his soul. He will never quite be the same man as he was many year's ago, but this is one trait he has acquired through the year's that is far more saddening then any other. When most look upon him, they see a man with nothing to lose during battle. While Ichijou isn't overly or directly cold to stranger's, he is slightly self-conscious and paranoid. Feeling that should he befriend or love someone as he did his wife, that they too will die. In battle, ichijou's cold personality is one of the most fearsome factor's of the man. Not only does he speak little word's, but his fighting style is much like that of the Kojiro Assassin that appeared in the fifth holy grail war. Deceptive and evasive, with the thirst for blood. Since Ichijou has yet to find the hated man who killed his beloved, he tend's to state that any enemy whom he aims to kill, is "The Akane that will quench my blood thirst." Some times during his journey's, he believe's he will never find the man. So instead, he derives some sort of satisfaction from killing people that resemble him and enemies that one would acquire during war. Needless to say, his goal is to obtain the holy grail in order to bring his beloved back to life. For that goal, and that goal alone, is why he chose to take up a servant and go into this hectic war.


"I love having even one friend, after all, who likes to be a lonely guy like myself?"

Despite his outwardly and somewhat depressing cold persona, Ichijou is actually a very earnest, kind, and caring man. He was frequently known for complimenting women in the past as well as forming bonds of brotherhood with men. While he didn't have much of a superhero personality like Shirou, he knew what was wrong and right, and knew that going with what you believe is right, was the just path. In any case, he still believe's in wrong and right, and while it may take a while, his personality of kindness can still be brought out with very happy individuals. Despite his personality in battle which some may call brutal, Ichijou is actually quite gentle with people. If they make a mistake, he would simply tell them that they should be more careful next time, or simply pat their head calmly. Not many would believe this, but he is also quite fond of children. To him, children are one's that should never be harmed no matter what the goal is. in fact, despite how high his thirst for revenge is, he would never kill a child to bring his wife back.

Affinity: Every Magus has a certain affinity, either for an element or type of Magic. If you are simply a Master without Magic, delete this.
Partner: Only applies to Masters. You can edit this without re-approval after getting your Servant in roleplay.

Status: Not all Magi are part of the Assosication, or even part of a Clan. You can either be a Full Magus and have a Magic Crest, a free Magus with a weaker Magic Crest, a Magic User (without any Crest) and no binds... or even be a Descendant, meaning that no magic remains in your generation, but you are still a Master. Descendants can't use Physical Contact to 'recharge' Mana normally.


Magic Crest Appearance: Only applies to those magi that have one. How does the Magic Circuit on your body look like when it is active, and where is it placed?

Statistics: Important Note: A Servant of the same Rank in a Statistic is superior to a Magus with the same Statistic. At character creation, you can select up to two Statistics or the same one twice and increase them by one Rank. Highlight or color-code the currently applying Stat, don't delete the others! If you use a Status Altering Magic, give it another color and paste this exact color onto the reached Stat. If you manage to go over B Rank in those that are limited, add that new Rank in the Color you've chosen.
Close Combat: F/E/D/C/B (since Magi are always humans, they usually can't match a fully powered Servant and need to use spells for that.)
Speed: F/E/D/C/B (determines running, spellcasting, and fighting all the same. A very important statistic!)
Endurance: F/E/D/C/B (The condition you are in without using any magic.
Mana Production: F/E/D/C/B/A/EX (The ability of a Magus to use outside energy and their own energy to create Mana. Your mana production while sleeping is generally 1 Rank higher than your current one. Without a high Mana Production, summoning a Servanjt can be dangerous in itself, and spellcasting will be very hard to achieve.)
Magic Circuits: F/E/D/C/B/A/EX (This determines how many of your Magic Circuits you can use. The higher it is, the better the magic you can use without killing yourself.)

Magic Type: As a Magus, you gain quite a bit of free-roaming in this. However, be warned: we won't allow overpowered magic types. One Magic Type would be Tohsakas Gem Magic, Strengthening and Projection would be two other possible ones. You can either have one Magic at Rank D or two at Rank E at the start. Create some sample spells together with your magic type!
Remember, you could in theory use all spells in existance - but your bodys Magic Circuits limit what you can do. Magic over your limit can burn them out and severly cripple your body - you are NOT Shirou, and you DON'T have Avalon in your body. Be careful, healing magic can only do so much!

Crest Spells: Only applies to those that have one. Post ALL Crest Spells you want in here, even those not yet useable. You can add spells later, but need approval from Staff for that. To use a Crest Magic, you need Mana Production on the level of the spell, and your own Magic Circuits need to be one Rank above it. In theory, EX Rank Magic can be used from the Crest, but that can damage your Magic Circuits, like it is normal for those spells exceeding your abilities.

Background: The origin of your character. How did they learn Magic, if they even are Magi, in the case of Masters? Why are you in the Holy Grail War? Why are you who you are? This can either be summary-type or an actual short story showing key moments of their life, it's your decision. Write around 4 Paragraphs minimum - any less and it will most likely lack vital info.

RP Sample: Show us how you RP! Either for the character you are creating, or something from a different roleplay site, it is up to you as long as you've written it yourself.
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Ichijou Yamato(Magus)(WIP)
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