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PostSubject: Obsessions   Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:37 pm

What a wonderful, young night. The setting of the sun had not been over for longer than a few minutes at best, yet the lights of the city kept everything in broad light - at least in the places where humans usually wandered around. The sidewalks, small streets, even in this deepest area, they were dark and filled with filth - and quite a bit of that flith were living 'humans', depraved idiots who seemed incapable of real thought. Those were the kind of people the shadow that jumped around on fire-ladders of skyscrapers, the actual rooftops and through the darkness detested - But she wouldn't want to break her vow for them, seeing as their blood would probably taste like rats.
Talking about the red liquid, the jumping shadow was quite thristy. Sure, it felt great to be ALIVE again and out of the constant and unimagineable pain of being sealed without blood, but not drinking in too long still made her whole body scream in pain. She was lucky to be such an old vampire - she was able to deal with this pain quite well by now. Not that she liked having it, but she survived...

"Tche. My little ones are still feeding... This night is going to become boring like this..." Unlike other pairs of Master and Servant, Takuri was often out without the protection of her Servant - but she was a Dead Apostle, so it was not like she was an easy target for anyone dumb enough to come directly for her. And in danger, a call to Jeanne would be easy... But, would she even follow it? That woman was so troublesome. Well, the wolf-vampire wouldn't complain, she still liked her annoyingly cold Servant in some bizzare way.
Standing in the cold breeze atop of a building, Takuri looked down on the busy streets. Even at night, those streets never died out completely... The stench of humans, filth, alcohol, tabacco and...


Almost instantly, the beautiful brown of Takuris eyes was replaced by a mesmerizing red. That smell was not one she could mistake, not against the wind and in 100 miles distance - this was human blood, freshly spilled, too. Almost instantly, she felt how dry her throat was even more extreme than before. This was... not good.
Holding her head, the Dead Apostle Ancestor stumbled backwards. Well... Taking a look wouldn't hurt, right? She still had to wait for her little ones to catch some prey to fill her own blood supply up, but so far, no blood had been transmitted. So yes, a small look, and maybe a small drink... no, she couldn't do that!
Against her own better judgement, the Sturmwolf dashed off of the roof she had been standing on. If her nose was right - and it was ALWAYS right, being the one of a wolf and a vampire at the same time - she floated down into the dark area behind a parking lot. The smell was intense here... So intense that it almost made Takuri go berserk. That was just cruel... Blood red eyes pierced the darkness without any trouble, and to the culpirt of this smell. This place was pretty well hidden... Without jumping through the air like the wolf-vampire, the only entrance was through a maze of what seemed to be an abandonned building site. This was bad... had she stumbled right into the lair of someone here?

"You... Are you... Another one of us?"
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PostSubject: Re: Obsessions   Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:31 pm












That though lingered in the mind of the lone maiden in old apartment complex. Actually, she wasn't alone. Around her were bodies. Hundreds of them it seemed like stacked upon one another. An overweight man with a balding monk-like haircut stepped out of a bathroom. His cheap smile said it all, he was there for one thing and one thing only. The man's cheap business suit was tight around him like a doll's clothing around an inflated baloon. The gleam of his glasses hid his squinty and beady eyes.

Shinju turned around as the fog from the bathroom cleared from his glasses. She stood atop the mass of bodies and simply smiled.
"These men are just like you. They were all lonely, unhappy with their beautiful wives, et cetera et cetera. Then I came along and they made eye contact with me and...quite literally fell under my spell. You see, my job is simple...I find all of you pathetic worms to be repulsive. You should be thankful of your wives, jobs, children...but none of you are. You think 'I'm not like these other guys...' when you are all the same." Her language suddenly changed from a crisp and clean Japanese to what is known as "Engrish" then back to Japanese. "No difference. You and the thousands of men I have killed are the same. Why do I do this though? Is it because I have to? Well, not really. I can easily survive off of a different source than your rotten blood. Then what? Is it simply envy? Or maybe it's jealousy? No, neither of's pity. I pitied every one of these loathesome men. EVERY ONE OF THEM! But that doesn't matter. I just want you to know that you aren't my first...nor will you be my last. So...die, please?"

With that, a knife slammed into the man's arm. The knife had no apparent sour- Shinju was gone. No, from below him another gleam. Another knife stuck into his oversized gut. Shinju stood up. Her once pinstriped suit was now starting to be covered in blood. As the man stepped back in shock, Shinju stepped forward. With a devlish grin on her face, she thrust a knife into the throat of the man. With a single twist, she cut his neck in half. The man died slowly, yet quickly. She watched as the man's coratid artery spurted out blood at high speeds.

The maiden then watched the round body slink onto the floor. Her demonic red eyes pulsated at the thick smell of fresh blood. A wider smile crawled onto her face and she kneeled down to the neck of the man. Still spewing blood, she put her mouth over the coratid artery. She drank the blood like it were a juice. She drank every bit that spewed out of the wide neck. After a few minutes, there was no more blood in the man's body. She got up with a slightly dissatisfied look on her face.

Shinju then felt something...bloodlust. Grabbing six of her knives, she stood ontop of the mass of bodies. Her mouth, now in a slightly blank frown, had a trail of blood coming off the left side. A black figure appeared from the entrance. Her face and figure was well hidden, except for piercing red eyes. However, something else odd about the figure is what appeared to be animal-like ears...however, that could simply be a hair style.
"What do you mean by 'one of us?' My name is simply Shinju...but apparentally these people from a temple of some sort call me 'Ginmiboujin.' May I ask your name...she who also has the eyes of a blood-seeker?"
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PostSubject: Re: Obsessions   Tue Sep 06, 2011 12:00 am

The stones under her feet crackled slightly. This was... a strangely intriguing scene. How this woman had managed to hide this... Was far beyond the comprehension of the Ancestor standing in the entrance. Yes, the smell, the surroundings, this clearly was the lair of another one of her own kind - a Dead Apostle, one of the vampires spawned by the desire of the True Ancestors. And from the look of things, a very... pretty one, too. Takuri's own red eyes focused into the red glance of her own, and easily felt the sudden urge to step closer. Not a good sign normally... Were those the fabled eyes of 'Suggestion'? No, a simple Dead Apostle wouldn't have them.
"Shouldn't it be obvious what I mean?" Suddenly nearly 'floating' in, the weakened old vampire still had a strange 'grace' about her. Every single movement was dignified and had strength behind it only seen rarely in humans, and now being more in the light, even the stranger called Shinju would be able to see that the slightly twitching ears and swaying tail behind her were indeed the real thing. Her true strength was gone, but the powers of the wolves inside of her made Takuri at least a little bit majestic.
"Your breath alone tells me, even without your eyes or this place. I never would've guessed... A Dead Apostle this close to civilization, yet no undead minions. You're quite different from the others..." The gaze of the red wolf-like eyes did not leave the one emitted from her. This was... wrong, in a way, no other Dead Apostle should be able to fascinate her. Little did Takuri know that her at least still somewhat developed Magic Circuits were currently protecting her from being completely hypnotized. Her instincts were the reason she still kept her distance - besides the smell of the decay of corpses and bodies, the reek of blood caused salvia to collect in Takuris mouth. Bad, this was bad... She would lose control if she stopped talking for too long. Keep the mind collected, don't fall into animalistic bloodlust...
"You can call me Takuri, though those idiots of the church prefer to call me Sturmwolf. That's what happens if you burn down one of their churches by summoning a thunderstorm and crucify the priest." Nonchalantly speaking about her old exploits, Takuri gleefully remembered slicing that old pig up slowly... And she didn't even give him the honor of having his blood consumed by her. Ah, the good old days - before her fatal encounter with a saint.

Finally breaking eye-contact and looking down at the corpse, she raised an eyebrow.
"Knives? Why don't you use your claws? Oh well, whatever works. Still, don't you think this kind of... messy lair is a bad hiding place? Sooner or later, someone will get suspicions." While still keeping a safe distance, Takuris stance seemed relaxed, but one hand of hers was dangerously close to the whip attached to the little bit of clothing she even had. Expecting the best, but prepared for the worst, some Dead Apostles just didn't react well to others of their kind.
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PostSubject: Re: Obsessions   Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:04 am

Ahhh. This vixen was...enthralling to say the least. Not only did she have a bit of a wild animal in her, but she had those same red, bloodlust-filled eyes as Shinju. Shinju gracefully and playfully jumped off of the body pile. Her body was thin, yet is had some muscular traits that Shinju could easily see due to her revealing clothing. Her body was also quite...beautiful. Before Shinju got distracted with this lustful creature, she had a few questions to ask.

"So, miss...Takuri~ I have a couple of questions for you before I answer your questions..."

Shinju spun around and closed the bathroom door. Her graceful body was proof why the men wanted her. However, that wasn't the only reason they followed this black widow. She had something known as the Mystic Eyes of Charm. She didn't know what it was called, but she knew her eyes were different than most people's. Her red eyes were not always red, for when she is in public, those eyes of death are a beautiful crystalline blue. She sat in a simple red chair that had clawing marks on the arms and obvious repairing on the back. She crossed her legs, which revealed her "too short" skirt and the black lace that lay underneath.

"First...what is a Dead Apostle? I have never heard of such a thing and to be called one strikes my interests. Second...This 'Church' wouldn't happen to be the temple I spoke of that gives everyone ridiculous or overly symbolic names, would it? And what is a 'priest?' I have heard the term over my centuries of being here...but I have no idea what they are."

Shinju started to twirl one of her knives around, slightly in a bored manner. In actuality, it was nothing more than a simple nervous habit of hers. She then noticed the tail slightly swaying behind Takuri. Like a child opening a present on Christmas or meeting a superhero...her eyes light up. An almost idiotic-looking smile jumped on her face.

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PostSubject: Re: Obsessions   Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:34 am

It seemed like someone forgot to tell Shinju just WHAT she was. Geez... Those Dead Apostles nowadays were just irresponsible! How could you not tell a new vampire what she was? Things like this really made the wolf-vampire mad. It was bad enough to suffer the constant, creeping poison in the own veins knowing just what was going on! But as an Ancestor of their people - and the only Ancestor that was not a mad monster - it was Takuris job to tell the young one just what she was, and what she could do with her power and her blood, but... Something unexpected happened.

At the sudden outburst of pure, sheer cuteness together with those intriguing red eyes, Takuri was catching herself having the thought of bringing this young vampire back home to her sister and Jeanne... But no, she would never again bring something close to Misaiko that she could destroy. Her sister... She would never fully forgive her for what she had done...! But for now, she should probably focus not on the 'nice' view she had under the skirt of the other vampire, or on the sheer 'moe' emitting.

"H-hey, calm down. I... I can't just let you touch my tail, alright?" Just like a little kid... God, this girl was both dangerous and adorable. Takuris playful smile hid a slightly nervous facade behind it, her body had about double the nervous cells in the wolf-parts than in the entire rest - touching her tail was like zapping her with a taser of 'nice feelings'. "M-Maybe after I explain more things to you, okay?" The ears also twitching a bit, the red-eyed wolfgirl smirked again.

"I'll explain to you how I got the tail, the ears and the fur, alright? You see, vampires - bloodsuckers that can't survive in daylight - like us two degenerate over time. Our bodies need more and more blood, and it needs to be stronger, too. Human blood is rather weak, so some of us take animals into their bodies and assimilate them. That is what I did, though not everyone takes over the actual traits. Alpha, come on out!" Raising her left arm, in a strange spectacle that could both invoke disgust and fascination, her body turned into a strange mass, before a big wolf practically 'stepped' out of her body, and looked at Shinju with red, intelligent eyes. The ears on her head and the fur at the arms instantly began to fade out more and more, and the Ancestor cringed a bit at the experience. She loved her more animalistic appearance.
"This is one of my wolves, Alpha. His companion gives me the legs and the tail. Hm... If you want to, I can teach you how to make familliars yourself. In fact... There's a lot an Ancestor like me can teach you~" With a playful smirk, Takuris right hand was carassing the neck of her big wolf that just looked at Shinju, slightly panting. A majestic, fearsome, demonic, but also kind of adorable beast - if one had a fetish for things with a lot of fur and big red eyes.
"If you want to touch my tail, or anything else, you'll have to agree to become my student first~" Yep, she did like those eyes and that dangerous yet not flat personality. Shinju would make a good Dead Apostle...
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PostSubject: Re: Obsessions   

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