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PostSubject: Mayumi Shizuko {DONE}   Mayumi Shizuko {DONE} EmptySun Sep 04, 2011 12:09 am

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Shizuko, Mayumi (Quiet Child of the True Bow)
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Personality? What personality? The general appearance Mayumi takes on is one of bored disinterest. Her face will reflect no emotion at any given time, and her movements will never changed based on emotion. For example, if one got angry, one might clench their fist in rage. Mayumi would not. It's not that she doesn't FEEL any emotions. She just doesn't know how to express them. She had the ability to physically show any emotions that she is feeling nulled. Her magic nature sapped that from her. Instead, she actually verbalizes any emotions she feels. If she's angry, she'll say so. Happy? The same. She'll just never show it in her face or actions.

Under the surface, Mayumi is actually a very nice and caring girl. She never raises her hand against anyone who hasn't wronged her, and will refuse to fight those who don't deserve her wrath. Only if you have earned her spite, or if it is necessary, will she pick a fight, or accept one. She feels that all people, no matter what crimes they've committed, deserve at least one chance.

If her emotions could show, she would be smiling most of the time. She generally keeps an upbeat and happy attitude. Her outlook on life always leans towards the positive, and despite her bored appearance, she is easily amused and very upbeat. The only thing that can set her off and act as a "berserk button" would be threatening those she cares about, any servant of hers included. She won't stand for it.

Affinity: Archery
Partner: N/A (Yet, she'll have a summoning thread IC after creation at some point)

Status: Full Magus



Height: 5'0"
Weight: What's it to ya?

Magic Crest Appearance:


Location: On her left breast, positioned so her nipple is located in the center of the middle circle.

Close Combat: F
Speed: E
Mana Production: E
Magic Circuits: F

Magic Type: Enchanted Archery, Rank E
Mayumi's signature magic, the use of her magic ability to enhance her bow and arrow. This allows her to access a variety of shot-types.

Sample Spells:

Explosive Shot, Rank E:
Mayumi may fire an arrow that explodes in a fireball on contact. This may be used as a distraction or to do damage to an environment or a person.

Tri-Shot, Rank E:
Mayumi fires a single arrow that then splits into three, each one doubling in speed on their path towards the opponent.

Tri-Explosive Shot, Rank E:
Exactly the same as the tri-shot, except each arrow now explodes on contact.

Frozen Arrow, Rank D:
An arrow that, when it makes contact with any object, living or non, will coat said object in two layers of ice and frost, effectively freezing it/them.

Leech Arrow, Rank C:
An arrow of devious and sinister nature that will siphon mana out of whatever target it hits at a slow rate, transferring that mana into Mayumi's bow, which will then transfer that through her hand into her body.

The Servant Killer, Rank B:
Mayumi's most powerful arrow. When contact is made between said arrow and a servant, it will send signals through that servant's body, blocking off all mana that the servant's master is feeding it, and draining said mana into the arrow, effectively cutting off that servant's mana supply. Once the arrow hits, the shaft and tail will break off, leaving the head buried inside the servant. Unless the head is removed, there is no way to keep the servant's mana flowing.

Archer's Blessing, Rank EX:
A hugely draining spell, and the reason Mayumi can no longer physically express emotion. Archer's Blessing is an enhancement to the reflex, sight, and strength of Mayumi. Her fired arrows not only travel much faster and more accurately than any other human or magus archer's could, but they also gain a magical property that allows them to turn in the air, not losing speed or momentum as they swerve around obstacles on their way to the target. However, this does not mean her arrows always hit. They still can be intercepted, or blocked by another object.

Crest Spells: Mayumi's crest is actually locked to her. The spells that she can use with it are unknown and unreachable to her.


Mayumi was born into a fifteen-generation magus family in a small, rural japanese town. Her parents had hidden away there to keep heat off of their family, as with the Holy Grail wars going on, Magi were being hunted. Their children stolen to be bred for master status. Kikyo and Jintei did not want this fate upon their daughter, so they hid away with her. Their hut was a small one, but it was cozy, and there was enough room for both parents and the one-year-old Mayumi. Named after her grandmother. The young Mayumi, her magi heritage shown plainly through the crest on her breast, was raised mostly indoors, kept from the outside world to avoid any possible detection. Her schooling, then, was also done at home. The young Mayumi was never much of a social butterfly. But then again, she wasn't allowed to be.

When she reached the age of six, her parents began training her in how to control her mana, her magic circuits, and her magic. They began tutoring her in the ways of magic, and began to teach her their lineage's signature art. Enchanted Archery. Her parents taught her their techniques, and their specialties of arrow-type. However, it would be three years, on Mayuri's eighth birthday, before they taught her their favored technique. Her father sat her down and told her that there would be risks to teaching her this technique, and the mana it used up could have side effects. Mayumi was too excited to care, so they proceeded. Her father spent months training her, slowly teaching her the Archer's Blessing. When it was complete, Mayumi was euphoric. She tried it out on a target.. but far too soon. Her magic circuits weren't ready for the effort. It screwed up her nervous system, rendering all physical expression of emotion impossible. Stunned and traumatized by this, Mayumi ran from home, traveling alone for miles until she reached an abandoned church in Fuyuki.

It was here that she based her training. She spent the next eight years constantly training her magic and herself for one task. She wanted to enter the holy grail war. She wanted it for one reason, and one reason only. To wish for the power to use her magica without her physical emotion being disabled. On her sixteenth birthday, she set out to become a master, and in turn, find a servant...

RP Sample:


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Sexy priest approves.

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