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 Philoctetes the Archer

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PostSubject: Philoctetes the Archer   Philoctetes the Archer EmptySat Sep 03, 2011 10:19 pm

Servant Template

Class: Archer.
Alias: Leora Toxotis.
True Identity: Philoctetes.
Appearance Age: 27.
Gender: Female.


Battle appearance:


Normal Clothes and Appearance:


She wears whatever is around, usually a dress shirt, slacks, whichever feels comfiest. So she isn't exactly restrained to one sort of casual attire, but has many to wear, and is at a liberty to choose what she equips. She stands 5' 8" feet. Her entire battle clothing is her armor that would materialize, which is to say almost non-existent save for the light padding. She is meant to be swift, and flexible as an Archer. Not bulwark and steadfast as a Saber or a Lancer.

Personality: Patient, very patient, Philoctetes, or Leora, has learnt it the hard way. To make everything count, to wait for opportunities, that when it passes, she clutches unto it. At least that's what she likes to tell herself. Always wanting more glory, some sort of achievement on her part, as she lacks a lot in comparison to the other heroes of the Trojan wars.

Sour because of that one affair, that she often is secretive about it, not wishing for it to get out, and be public knowledge. At least not until she has some achievements that she can shove to other people's faces to remedy the lacking in the Iliad. Aside from the fact she spent ten years on an island alone, and aside from the fact it was only in the last day of the war she slew many Trojans.

Keeping a level head, all thanks to her patience as an archer in her times back in the Iliad, she learns to perceive. To see things for what they are, and when she can't, she merely bides her time before she can. It does not mean she is inactive or lethargic, but merely opportunistic in such times. In fact, grateful for the fact she was summoned into the current time period. A time to remedy her past lacking and to see what else has changed despite all these years that went by.

Socially, she is progressive, as in she just goes along with what comes along. Assertive, but not really on the formal side. She thinks she is entitled to an "old person's" rights to not having to be formal or polite, unless she wants to. When she feels like it that is. She is not a personification of one side but a myriad of many. Human. Subjective and various like a multi formed tentacle that grasps from one end to another, each with their own yet many functions.

But at a streaming constant of somewhat unamused at certain matters, an air she holds of being without thrill, and without arousal to mirth. Merely an expression she has to herself, often seen around her. But it is mostly because she hasn't been given anything to visibly smile over, she does feel, but she doesn't wish to show it, but it isn't necessarily wholesome binding.

She prefers to speak out her mind on important matters, and have a say in things. She likes to speak, discuss, and muse in the past time of her Greek people; philosophy. Capable of higher linguistic functions, as it is a sign of eloquence, yet like an arrow, she can choose to shoot that or switch to another quiver and allow herself free reins in however she wants to speak.

Unconsciously she also picked up a few things from Odysseus himself, she was tricked by him most, naturally hating him, and always thinking of how not to be tricked by his cunning ways, that to a point she has imitated some of his behavior. Like trickery and a penchant for doing things through loopholes.

Such is Philoctetes of the Iliad. A sour woman unpleased by the fact she was ditched and left behind not to reap the glory, learning patience, and many other great amount of things in her times back then. And still retaining some of her attitude. And the fact some of her has been mixed up in myth, as she isn't given credit where it is due. Being known for slaying Paris instead of being known to slay many Trojan heroes irks her so.

Power Levels:
Endurance: E
Speed: D
Magic: D
Mana Capacity: E

Special Abilities: Independent Action: E


Eyes of Paris, Reinforcement Magic, Rank D - There was a legendary battle between Philoctetes and Paris, that neither can fire at one another as both were true to their aim. Philoctetes was truer. Hers was the eyes of resolution, that linings and trajectories are hers to see. Arcs from projectiles, and incoming blades swung her way and which way it would be swung based on the directions. But this is only true for her eyes what it sees, for what does not lay in her vision, she may not see.

Noble Phantasm:

Bow of Heracles - A powerful composite bow granted to Philoctetes by a gratefully deified Heracles for lighting a pyre that none others dared approach. Appearing with the quiver filled with arrows worn when beckoned by the name Heracles. It forms at her hand, and with Heracles's strength given to Philoctetes, her shot is true and arrows powerful, as Heracles would have it. The arrows are hers and hers alone, and by Heracles's decree, it will re-materialize back into the quiver as she wills it. Teeth of sharpness present on both tips of the nock. Perhaps a remembrance by the previous owner of the Nemean lion's tooth? Twelve arrows lay in the quiver for twelve labors Heracles performed.

Wrath of Nessus, Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm - Heracles has suffered much from the burning sting of Nessus, a Centaur that has gotten his revenge through sheer deception. Hate being the air it breathes, and poison the words that drip from its mouth. Appropriately, Philoctetes can out of whim, form an arrow glossy, Heracles's favor granted upon her, grateful for her assistance in exhuming him in the pyre. Firing the arrow, when it impacts, it explodes and razes what it hits in a good three yards circle, exhuming and burning off 1/3rd mana of the enemy, a fitting way for Heracles to repay as the mana leeches back into her.

Trojan Treachery, Offensive Noble Phantasm - The Trojans were tricked when the Greeks were conquering Troy. They were unaware, they had no idea that the gift horse was in fact a trap. From that deception bore Greek soldiers that exposed the gates of Troy, and finally let the war end on the Greek's side. Putting an end to all the bloodshed, all under clever Odysseus's plot. Philoctetes begrudgingly was a part of Odysseus's ploy. This deception masks an arrow when shot which takes her form. Whomever gazes upon the arrow shot, will see Philoctetes instead, charging or leaping, depending on how high the arrow is or low. Befitting such treachery Odysseus had made.

History: Tale of Philoctetes

The bestowal of being more masculine and braver than any man from Heracles himself had made Philoctetes, a woman, to be rewritten as a man in lore in honor of her bravery. When none dared approach Heracles's pyre to light it, Philoctetes was the one to approach and lit it up whereas no others had. Exhuming the poisoned scion and finally putting him at peace as he rose to become deified. She was given a bow of Heracles that only she could pull the string and shoot. The bow was mighty as the spirit she had.

From there, she was pressured by her father, under her new role as a surrogate male instead of a woman, to pursue for the hand of Helen. Dutifully accepting, and arrogantly thinking the favor of Heracles would grant her the hand automatically, was when the first treachery came from Odysseus she experienced first hand. Embittering her as she swore to protect the groom of Helen, which turned out not to be her but Menelaus.

She failed her father, but it wasn't so bad. She will get an opportunity later on in the future to fix that certain problem. Maybe put Odysseus into his own place where he belongs.

But then came her opportunity to maybe get Helen in the end. Maybe, just maybe. It was the Trojan war that a young Paris took with him Helen of Sparta to Troy. Vanishing her despite the reception he received. Another archer she wanted to test her skills against. So she wore her war armor that obscured her and set out to take upon the war in the guise of a man.

Wearing armor and helmet obscuring her form, she marched. She boarded a ship, ready to slay a great many Trojans with her bow... yet once again, Odysseus for some malicious intent, stranded her. Tricked her again.

She was left on the island of Chryse. Tricked into thinking there were Trojans. Tricked naively by Odysseus again. That accursed man whom she now began to loathe as she realized there were no Trojans. Odysseus tricked her. The island was deserted, ruins and ghost towns litter, with not a settler in sight. She spent her days exploring, gathering and surviving.

It were days spent in bitter grudge and oaths of vengeance on the Ithacan King. Her battle wear withered, yet her bow hadn't. Rust gathered on all but what Heracles bestowed upon her. Proof she was still favored.

But in those years, she had trespassed upon a shrine of the nymph, Chryse. A seductress that wanted Philoctetes all to herself, but she hadn't given in. She refused, and for that impudence, Philoctetes suffered a horrible wound on her feet. She avenged herself of this by slaying Chryse, which marked Philoctetes as the only one in the island. Living there for ten years, alone, angry, and bitter. Days were spent in agony of the wound. Those days spent training for ten long years, consoled that she was still favored by Heracles, she hadn't succumbed to despair. Only a glimmer of hope.

A tale went on that the bow can win the war. The bow Philoctetes possessed. Only then had the Greeks sailed back, after a long decade, to get her from the island. Odysseus under treachery, tried to get Neoptolemus to take the bow from Philoctetes. Neoptolemus was honest, and decided to go against it. His conscience gave in, and he promised Philoctetes to return her back to Greece. Learning of this, Odysseus fled, leaving Philoctetes free to her own designs.

She was to set sail back to her home until Heracles appeared before her. He told her to go to Troy, and she will win glory. Her feet can be healed there, and she will be the one to slay Paris. Finally, at an opportunity to do something, after all those long years, finally, she set sail to Troy. Asclepius's sons healed her of her wound festering on her foot, and she was finally as fleet as the arrow she shoots.

Grudgingly, she accepted Odysseus's plans to go into the Trojan horse, under the treacherous blanket of night, she left the wooden horse and slew a many great Trojans. Finally ending Paris's life after a furious battle of bow and arrow, that she proved ultimate. Only regretful she could not have been there earlier, to win more glory. Only regretful she had to win glory by Odysseus's treachery that twice betrayed her and tricked her. It was a bittersweet victory for her.

She gave thanks to Heracles, no longer desiring to pursue Helen. She was soiled to her at this point, she sailed home. Sailed home to learn that, finally, retribution has been paid. Odysseus cannot sail to his home, which made her happy with joy. A pay back to a man so foul to her.

Her epiphany was that karma was always something that goes around, and comes around. She won glory not by war but by crushing rebels, and from a land foreign, she founded towns in Sicily, aiding the Sicilians until she finally drew her final breath. She gave in to old age, and passed away a peaceful sleep. Burnt at the pyre with her bow as decreed by Heracles, for her aid to him.

Legendary for slaying Paris, the causer of war, and outlasting her arch enemy, Odysseus, whom had died of old age a decrepit weakling before she had succumbed to age itself. But somehow, that wasn't that satisfying. It wasn't her arrow that was known to have ended the war in history, but Odysseus's cunning Trojan horse that made it possible.

A pitiful ending she wishes to remedy. Maybe go back and rewrite the way things were in the past. Maybe, just maybe, so that she could be the one to end the war, to suggest the Trojan horse, to not be tricked by Odysseus in those times. A wish she held at heart dearly, to remedy and better it so she can be the ultimate victor.

Roleplay Sample: Noble Odysseus, she lamented at that title. Looking down at the grave of the cunning bastard, fists clutched, teeth gritting, eyes twitching. She wanted to desecrate the grave so badly, so badly. But she couldn't. It was sacrilege to do so. She would beget Athena's wrath and lose Heracles's favor. It was a conundrum she was in, one she loathed. She was defeated. He died earlier, and HE took all the credit for ending Troy. She was nothing but a foot soldier in the anecdotes of history.

"We will meet again, o' Odysseus of Ithaca, you can count on it. And I will outsmart you next time." She proclaimed, and swore unto herself.

Turning her back with an extra stride, she kicked the dirt underneath her sandals, and walked long. Nodding to Odysseus's son that stood aside, curious of her intent on visiting her arch nemesis.

"Satisfied, Philoctetes?" Telemachus asked, "He suffered enough."

"No, far from it. Deceitful Odysseus made a mockery out of me, tricked me, and stranded me when I was his comrade at arms!"

"...But you have ultimately won the war, you were the one that ended it, surely there is more glory to that, right?"

She bit the bottom of her lips, turning about to face the spawn of her enemy, tightened expressions of anger was about. "I was scantly mentioned, his wooden horse of lies and deception was of more importance. I only had a small passage dedicated to me... you have done enough Telemachus. Despite being his spawn, you are much better than your father ever was."

"Philoctetes... calm your rage. In the end, people die if they are killed. Odysseus... my father, was no different." Those were the last words imparted from him.

Stepping unto the ledge of her flagship, she waves to the son of Odysseus, setting sail back to Sicily where she came across Aeneas. But that is a tale for another time.
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I say approved. Silim will be the one to assign your Noble Phantasms their rankings.

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