The 6th Heaven's Feel has begun - what will be your place in an eternal war?
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PostSubject: Solas Ta Anala   Solas Ta Anala EmptySat Sep 03, 2011 9:47 pm

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Solas Ta Anala; Ibuki Hikari; Scathach
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Personality: Personality-wise, Solas is the kindest, sweetest soul you could ever meet. She's willing to help anybody she sees in need, even if they're the most irritating, or the most angry looking people she could find. She just wants to help... That said, she can get quite pushy about it as well, and generally makes bad choices. She has a "Ah, Fuck it" attitude, which can get her into trouble sometimes, especially when those rash decisions lead to someone else's pains.

Then... there's what happens when things don't go her way. She can be.. very scary. She's the sort of scary that can randomly snap at you if you piss her off. She's not afraid to simply bite your head off if you annoy her, but if she injures you, she'll probably apologize. She's kind like that.

The next thing you need to know about Solas is that she's a narcoleptic. No, not a necrophiliac. or a nymphomaniac. Narcoleptic. There's a huge difference. One that you don't want to try and understand. Anyway, she randomly falls asleep. That's usually alright, but it doesn't help that she has to try and deal with her duties at the same time. She's generally pretty open about it, though.

Yes, openness. That's another one of Solas' traits, and one of her weaker ones. She'll tell anybody anything. Even if they're gonna use it to kill her. She's not completely trusting, but she's not going to mistrust someone that easily. Her trust is pretty easy to gain, as long as you prove yourself. It's also easy to lose, so be wary. Be very wary...

Other than that, it's pretty easy to have Solas as a friend. She has all the qualities you'd expect of her - she's loyal, friendly, and happy to be around others. She's also not afraid to mix with those of lower ranks than her. Oh, and one more thing.

She's a flamin' lesbian. So guys, don't try.
Affinity: Soul
Partner: Philoctetes (Archer)

Status: Full Magus; known to ruling clan. Not part of Magi Association.

Appearance: Solas Ta Anala 78433

Command Seal:

Magic Crest Appearance:

This crest is placed on her right arm, warped and spreading up the length of her forearm.

Close Combat: F
Speed: E
Endurance: F
Mana Production: F
Magic Circuits: E

Magic Type:

Drawing Soul - Rank E: The first half of her family's 'soul' magic, this allows her to take any object of her choice, and draw the innate 'soul' that exists within it, the reason that the creator had for making it. If it is a sword, then what it was made for, why it exists, the blood lust, the power behind it. This can be the same for any object, no matter the size or shape of said object. This ability is rather weak on it's own, as it cannot REMOVE the soul from an object, only tap into the power available within it and modify it to Solas' needs.

Attribute Embed - Rank E: The other half of her family's 'soul' magic. This magic allows her to take the tapped soul, and modify it. What is meant by 'modify' is that Solas is able to take the innate attributes placed into the object by the creator and modify them to her will. If she were to take a sword, she could modify the soul so that it was willed into being made sharper, or being made stronger. She can only modify one attribute of the weapon/object. This includes imbuing the objects with elemental attributes, or changing the material. As long as it was within the ideas of the 'weapon' held, then it is possible. However, as stated before, only ONE attribute can be modified, and then Solas has to stop tapping into the soul and re-tap again.

There are no sample spells, as this entire magic base is exceptionally broad.

Crest Spells:

This is the Servant that is trapped within Solas' Magic Crest.

Gae Bolg; Seven-Headed Spear of Mortal Pain (Rank B; Anti-Personnel FALSE Noble Phantasm): Due to the influence of Scathach in her body, Solas is able to summon and use a weakened form of Scathach's Noble Phantasm, Gae Bolg, for her own use. Unlike Cu Chulainn's version, which manipulates cause and effect so that it will always strike true to the heart of the target, Scathach's original and less refined form simply strikes in seven different places at once, giving the effect of the spear having seven heads. This form of the Noble Phantasm is comparable in terms of Servant-Master strength, so it would have had the same Name Rank as if it was a True Noble Phantasm, but it is ranked down to fit the Master's own strength.

Spiritual Meiosis (Rank A): Using this ability, Solas is able to take the Spirit of Scathach that resides inside her Magic Crest, and temporarily attach it to her own soul, thereby causing it to influence her own strength. Because a weakened Servant is still rather high compared to a normal Magus, this gives her something of an Advantage, and increases all of her physical statistics to A-Rank, as well as giving her a constant-use spear to hold. This will last for five posts, as any longer and the Spirits may no longer be able to split apart from each other. In this form, Solas' appearance changes to fit Scathach's, however they are both very similar in appearance. One use per thread.

Summoning of the Holy Spirit (Rank C): When she uses this ability, Solas is able to summon a temporary shadow of Scathach to her side, who is able to fight in close combat with her as a "guardian" of some kind. Because of this being a result of Solas using her own magic, it is a very weakened form, at the same level as an average human fighter, however the hand-to-hand and spear skill of this shadow is still very great. Because of the exceptional Mana drain that holding a spirit out requires, Solas must have A ranked Mana production in order to be able to survive using this much Mana. Lasts five posts, one use per thread. Scathach cannot move more than a meter away from Solas, or she will risk simply fading away and losing her soul back to the Crest.

Ripping of the Devoid Soul (Rank EX): This is the most powerful magic that exists within the Magic Crest of Solas' family, allowing members to be able to remove the innate 'soul' from any object of their choice, and force it into the Magic Crest to be able to be replicated later on, in a fashion similar to that of Projection; however because the innate 'soul' is also summoned, the object can be held for much longer than a normally Projected object, up to five posts before being returned to it's soul and taken into the Crest once again. There are only a few items within the Crest, and they are: Scathach, a Spear and a Locket. The Locket is unknown as to it's origin. In order to use Ripping of the Devoid Soul, Solas needs to be physically touching the object with flesh, and use her flow of Prana in between them in order to draw out and remove the 'soul' from the object. This technique cannot be used on humans, unless dead. One use per thread, however this magic will most likely damage her Circuits beyond the point of no return.

Replication of the Devoid Soul (Rank F): This is the most basic Magic that Solas can use from her Crest, and allows her to use something similar to Projection and summon the soul of an object from her Crest, forming her Prana around it and using the soul as an anchor, holding it together for longer. The object is physically powerful, although it will always be seen as hollow or dead to anyone who looks closely. One post use, five cooldown. Replicated objects last for five posts.

Background: To detail this story, we cannot begin with the start of Solas' life. No, we have no way of truly understanding the strange and mysterious circumstances of Solas Ta Anala, unless we look towards the past. Because, as strange as it sounds, this story in fact begins during the Second Heaven's Feel, because one of the Masters in this war was none other than the Grandfather of Solas Ta Anala, Ibuki Galera. This was a young, powerful and yet hard-headed Master, who held the Servant Lancer. His Servant, Lancer, was none other than Scathach, the woman who trained Cu Chulainn himself, and raised him to be the power that he was. She was also the one who gave him Gae Bolg, therefore possessing something similar to the original. This was a harsh and powerful Servant, who longed to be seen as a woman over a martial artist, as she had always done with her sister. And here was Galera, who saw this. This man approached his Servant, and they made love out of pure and heartfelt love as opposed to necessity. This bond lasted the night, and by morning they were ready for whatever lay before them, together.

Sadly, what lay before them was a bloody and destructive battle. A small skirmish between Lancer and Saber turned into a battle that also brought in Archer... and Berserker. Saber cut down Archer before Galera. Trying to get away, the Servant of the Sword turned to him, ready to rend him asunder, but he was saved by Berserker, who had rushed through headfirst, trying to kill anything that he could in his way. Saber was knocked away, and when Galera stood up, he saw what had happened previously. The Mad Servant had destroyed his beloved, her broken and destroyed corpse on the ground. The man rushed to the side of the woman he had loved, and planted a sobbing kiss onto her lips as she started to fade. He made his choice then and there, and used the last magic within his own Magic Crest, the one that he had been told to never use. See, the magic of the Ibuki Clan was rather... interesting on it's own. For it could use the souls of objects to it's advantage. Yet, the final magic that they held was the most interesting. For it could draw in Souls to be stored in it's Magic Crest, to summon a form of the object into the world again. So that's what he did. He took the core of the Heroic Spirit Lancer, and drew it into himself as he knelt there sobbing over his lover's fading form.

But this is where things get different. Because of the level of Magic that he'd used, and the power that comes from a Heroic Spirit, he destroyed his own internal Magic Circuits, leaving him unable to perform Magic above D Rank. This meant that he was unable to fully materialize his former love, and instead left Japan in search of something to define him. He came across the country of Ireland, to put it quite simply. Searching throughout this land, he found a woman. This woman pictured striking resemblance to the Servant that he'd fallen in love with, and as such, he found himself slowly but surely falling in love with this mysterious Magus, Garnet Ta Anala. They married, made love, had a child, and per tradition, gave him two names. Cruach Ta Anala, and Ibuki Hagane. The man was trained with the Magic Circuit, yet not told the secret of it's contents. No matter what, Galera couldn't bring himself to reveal his love to anyone other than himself, unless they were to be a girl training with the Crest. Which came along just nicely when Hagane had his daughter, Solas, or Hikari. As Cruach taught her how to use the Crest, Galera took her in and gave her private lessons, telling her of his Servant, and how she should try her hardest in life, and of the Grail War. When he explained the Grail War... Solas was, to be quite frank, entranced with the idea. On the day of her eighteenth birthday, when her Crest was finally completely hers, Galera had died and Cruach was unable to stop her, she just left.

She left, and decided to continue her training on her own, moving to Fuyuki City, with hopes that she'd be able to join the Grail War on her own. She received the permission of the Magic Association to form a Workshop, without joining their ranks. And so she began to study, and study hard, in order to find her Servant.
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I say approved.
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