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 Canons, Canons, and More Canons!

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PostSubject: Canons, Canons, and More Canons!   Thu Aug 25, 2011 4:47 pm

Because the Nasuverse has soooooo many characters, I will not be making a complete list of canons. Instead, here are canons we won't allow, we might allow, and those who are taken!

Will Not Accept ANY Application:
Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg
Aozaki Aoko
Lizleihi Justica von Einzbern
TATARI/Night of Walachia
Dust of Osiris
Type Mercury
Type Venus
Type Moon
Type Mars
Type Jupiter
Type Saturn
Type Uranus
Type Neptune
Type Pluto
Saber (Arturia)
Matou Zouken (deceased)

Special Permission ONLY

Berserker (Heracles/Hercules)
Berserker (Lancelot)
Lancer (Cúchulainn)
Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne)
Archer (EMIYA)
Avenger (Angra Mainyu)
Caster (Medea)
Rider (Medusa)
Rider (Alexander the Great)
Assassin (Hassan-i Sabbah)
Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou)
Saver (Archetype-Saber/King Arthur (legend))
Matou Sakura
Matou Shinji
Arcueid Brunestud
Ryougi Shiki

Taken/Reserved Canons

Archer (EMIYA)
Emiya Shirou
Michael Roa Valdamjong
Arcueid Brunestud
Ryougi Shiki
Tohno Shiki
Tohsaka Rin
Berserker (Lancelot)
Caster (Gilles de Rais)
Saver (Archetype-Saber/King Arthur (legend))
Matou Sakura
Matou Shinji

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Canons, Canons, and More Canons!
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