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 The Bound

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PostSubject: The Bound   Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:35 pm

The Bound

Those that are bound to one another by legend and myth are no longer completely seperate beings. They are connected to one another from the deepest part of their souls and can not be separated by different existences. The Bound are a special kind of Servant. There is not one, but two (and in extremely rare circumstances three) Servants summoned. Each one has half the potential of the pair.

The true power of the Bound is in their bond with the other half. Each one has a separate Noble Phantasm, which is roughly half the power of the third Noble Phantasm. The third is one that can only be activated when there is less than three-meters distance between the two. It is one of the strongest types of Noble Phantasms, slightly under that of a Saber's. Normally, however, the two are too far apart to activate the strong attack.

They are no longer alone and shall never be alone as both can communicate between one another via a telepathic link. The link is also a very accurate GPS for the other link. It can determine the altitude and a quite specific location. The link is not able to be broken by normal or magical means. There is one way to destroy the link, however. If one of the Bounds is killed, the other one will be killed as well. Thus, when one of the Bound is killed, the link will be reestablished once the coordinated death of the other Bound is completed.

Bounds can do something that few other classes can do. They are capable at fighting at close to their normal strength without their master in the immediate area. Imagine three circles. One has the master in the center and the other two have the Bounds in them. Around the master is another, smaller circle which allows full-strength fighting. Once outside that inner circle, the Bounds are at about 2/3 of their normal strength.
Once they exit the master's circle, they fight around 1/2 of their normal strength. The good part is as long as the Bounds' circles are overlapping, their telepathic link is still very strong. However, once their circles are no longer connected, only the basic emotions and a general location of the other is able to be determined. At this point, they are fighting at or below 1/3 of their normal strength.

Starting stats:
(When together, the ranking is increased by two third-ranks {E would equal D- and D+ would equal C, etc.)
Endurance: D (When together, it is raised to C-)
Magic: D (Only affects one. It does not increase)
Mana Capacity: E+ (When together, it is raised to D)

Starting Abilities:

Separated Action: This is the ability to work within the "circles" of the Master and Bounds. ALL start off with Level E unless otherwise specified.
  • E: Inner radius is 15 meters. All radiuses are 150 meters
  • D: Inner radius is 20 meters. All radiuses are 200 meters
  • C: Inner radius is 25 meters. All radiuses are 400 meters
  • B: Inner radius is 30 meters. All radiuses are 600 meters
  • A: Inner radius is 35 meters. All radiuses are 800 meters
  • EX: Inner radius is 40 meters. All radiuses are 1000 meters


  • Cain and Abel
  • Romulus and Remus
  • The Brothers Grimm
  • Wright Brothers
  • Kano Sisters
  • Michael and Raphael

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The Bound
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