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 Daigoro Ito

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PostSubject: Daigoro Ito   Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:55 pm

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Ito Daigoro
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality:When one first meets Daigoro, they are met with a severely disquieting calm. Unlike a lot of calmness, where one may find solace within it's confines, if you are unknown to Daigoro, and you do not know him, then the calmness that he holds can be rather scary, to a point. The man will be standing there, quiet and calm, staring carefully into a space in front of him, or around you, and you begin to wonder: 'what is he thinking?' Sadly, even Dai rarely knows exactly what's on his mind. Even if he's appearing to have his mind completely under control, Dai is usually thinking about several different factors of his life at once; and trying to bring them all together in his mind. However, this calmness of his is his way of staying strong for those around him, and he wouldn't get rid of it for the world. Even under this calmness, he will always have a smile on his face; be it kind, calm, or confident, and his eyes will always have that glitter of benevolence to them: could this man ever hurt a fly?

Unfortunately, not all calmness is forever, and once proper emotion hits him, Dai is lost to the winds. He wears his emotions COMPLETELY on his sleeves, and finds it difficult to hide them from others, or at least others that know him well enough (Faceless mooks are easy to hide things from). A simple twitch of the face, and the shocking realization of something, and Daigoro's original calmness is now gone, replaced by the sudden influx of emotion that he's now feeling. It takes him a minute or two to readjust, making sure that he isn't feeling something out of place, or something that would hurt those around him. However, once he is in an understanding of his emotion, he will resume his original, calm, demeanour.

He seems to trust easily, and lose trust in others with difficulty. It is probably because of his own universal wants, but because of this Dai can seem to be a bit foolish and naive at times, breaking his own moral code for trusts in others that few would normally trust. Not only that, but the very factor of war holds no interest to him; he only fights in order to protect and unify, very "selfless" reasons, yet tinged with a selfishness that he is yet to, and does not wish to, explore. In fact, Daigoro Ito, in his own mind, has no enemies. Even if someone has killed those he cares about, they are not his "enemy", simply a "target", for he feels that if he were to give the person the satisfaction of having affected him before they die, then he has lost to them in the psychology of wartime.

Ah, yes. His stance on killing. It's unknown, really. Daigoro seems to be a person who takes whatever means possible in order to reach the ends that he's looking for. If one were to look at his alignment, they would call him 'Chaotic Good', in the sense that although he has the best intentions at heart, his methods generally leave something to be desired in the world of military protocol. He is rarely a practitioner of cruel, or needlessly selfish methods, just more likely to break the rules for a cause that he believes is just. Sadly, his own views on justice are heavily skewed, so he tends to take on the views of others, and prefers to assist others in reaching their goals instead of going for his own. He certainly makes a better follower than a leader.

He takes a very personal stance on issues within society like rape. The defiling of another human being's privacy for the sake of one's own enjoyment sickens him to the point of annoyance, and he will tend to take matters like this into his own hands, despite any warnings that he may receive. Unfortunately, he is a very selfish man; not in terms of taking for himself, but giving everything from himself. He only wants to help others, as the feeling of making someone else happy is what makes him happy, therefore his selflessness is his selfishness. He is learning to work on this, however, and trying to do more for himself, however the only time he chose to be selfish, he ended up hurting more than helping... one shall come to see what Dai makes of this.

Dai is not a religious man. He shuns religion for the purposes of understanding himself more. However, he takes a lot of rituals that can seem religious in nature, and therefore seem to contradict his very reasoning. However, he chooses to use these to understand himself; shunning the devotion of religion and just accepting the methodology and function that religion holds. Daigoro also refuses to speak ill of anybody behind his back, and rarely chooses to hate somebody. Although he is not superstitious, he has found that those who he has come to hate end up dying for some reason, and he cannot stand this fact.

Affinity: Endless Possibilities
Partner: None, as of yet

Status: Full Magus; Magic Crest. Clan Status; Unknown, possibly rogue.


Magic Crest Appearance:

The crest is placed into the small of Daigoro's back, and covers most of the area of his flesh.

Close Combat: F
Speed: F
Endurance: F
Mana Production: F
Magic Circuits: D

Magic Type:

Possibility, Rank D: Possibility. Because this is the manipulation of these circuits, understanding the possibilities come under this, and it is this magic that Daigoro was taught, out of all the magic that he could possibly have been taught. With this, he is able to manipulate the probability, possibility and causality of all events that occur around him, as well as understand all of it. However, this is, as stated before, simply the magic that he has been taught.

Magic Circuit Level: (This is not a magic, I'm just designating it here.) Daigoro Ito is a rare type of Magus. Instead of having a certain affinity to a specific branch of magic, Daigoro has every possible Magic Circuit, thousands upon thousands of them, be they known or unknown by humanity. However, he does not have the skill, Prana or the knowledge to use more than what he has been taught, and they are also actually mentally locked away from him as well. This is where Impossibility Marble comes in.

Sample Spells:

Probability Assist; Rank E: By touching any person and focusing his Mana into them, Daigoro can infuse their body with his magic. This gives them the chance to perceive a single probability in the same manner as Understanding. This spell, unfortunately, cannot be used too many times on a single target; most minds are unable to perceive the number of variables that Daigoro takes in at once.
RANGE: Touch; TYPE: Support/Probability

Probability Change; Rank D/C/B/A/EX: By creating a small barrier field of his Mana, Daigoro can manipulate the probability of specific events occuring; to the point of changing the outcome if only slightly. At this level (Rank D), he's able to change the point of contact on his body and possibly avoid a fatal blow being landed on his body. As he goes up through the levels his place of impact range changes. When the spell use reaches Rank EX, it gives him the ability to either change the target of an attack, or even reflect said attack back at it's user; however this is only possible if the means exist. So if there is zero probability of something occuring, then there is zero probability to it being manipulated into occuring, and the like. This is also backwards-compatible with attacking.
RANGE: Area (2 meters radius); TYPE: Support/Defense/Probability

Understanding, Rank E: This magic, although holding a rank of E, isn't a proper form of magic, but a branch from Basic Probability. This magic affects Daigoro's mind, reforming it's capabilities and allowing him to understand possibility and chance. Unfortunately, without the use of either of his major Crest Spells, he can only use his Magic Circuits to process a single attack or event, considering every single outcome. He cannot see them, but the possibilities are continuously updating themselves over and over again. This isn't precognition, as abilities that manipulate cause and effect can fool his sense, and there is always the likelihood that another variable can be added to the mix and throw off the outcome. This can also be focussed onto his own attacks. His eyes will always glow with a faint red tint while this is active; however this is not a Mystic Eye.
RANGE: Self; TYPE: Support/Probability

Crest Spells:

Impossibility Marble (Marble Phantasm, FAKE); Rank A: The first of Daigoro's two clan spells, the Impossibility Marble was a false Marble Phantasm, designed in order to mimic the form of the True Ancestors. As it is not a naturally created Phantasm, it does not receive a true designation as such; and holds several weaknesses that a true Marble Phantasm wouldn't hold.

The name of the Phantasm defines it's abilities, based around the concept of "nothing is impossible". When he uses this Phantasm, Daigoro is able to percieve probabilities that are both extremely close to, and exactly zero, and manipulate the fabric of reality in a certain area; this area is where the target of the probability manipulation may be. Basically, he can do what his Probability Change couldn't, and remove the idea of impossibility and perform acts that may be determined as "impossible".

Although this is the simple explanation for this Spell, there is a more varied and difficult explanation as to why Impossibility Marble works. Because of Daigoro's unique nature, he has the means to perform each and every spell in existence, though he doesn't have the talent, nor the knowledge to. Instead, he has Impossibility Marble, a Marble Phantasm specifically designed to unlock certain circuits within his body and allow him to use magic that he normally wouldn't know. This can range from using such magic as Emiya Shirou's Trace in order to use Noble Phantasms, to more high-level thaumatergy. As well as that, the opening of these circuits will always provide him with the necessary Prana to perform the Magecraft that's chosen for him.

Realm of Chance (Reality Marble, TRUE); Rank A:

Nothing happens, nothing changes.
The world dies and is reborn, time marches on without order.
I have seen the ideals of others; words defining madmen.
But nothing is impossible, everything has a chance.
I know this to be true, nothing can sway me.
Words are false, time is true, the world judges everything.
Let me change the outcome; enter my 'Realm of Chance'.

This chant is used to activate Daigoro's Innate Bounded Field, or Reality Marble. The 'Realm of Chance' is created within an area around him and when activated, the ground beneath everybody's feet suddenly looks like it's made out of a computer's circuit board. This crackles with green electricity, before several "server towers" grow out of the ground around Daigoro and the rest of those trapped within. These towers define Daigoro's processing mind, creating and understanding the truth of probability within.

Basically, while in here, Daigoro sees the probabilities of EVERYTHING that may or may not occur. Even if it's nearly impossible, it will still appear for him. As these constantly update themselves, he can use this to coordinate the movements of everyone within his bounded field; with perfect knowledge and understanding of what may happen around him and others. He can only keep this field up for four posts.

Background: The Ito Clan. This was a clan of Magi that, although once belonging to the Magic Association, had decided to secede themselves from the watchful eyes of the Magi in order to perfect their own. In fact, they weren't really true Magi, they were mathematicians. Ever since they were created, they were a part of the Atlas section of the Magic Association; their prime job and duty being to assist in predicting the end of the world. However, the Ito didn't like this, and saw something distrustful in this, instead choosing to redouble their efforts on something else: They wanted to predict EVERYTHING. Working with ideas of probability, they began to develop their own magic that began to understand the world around them, integrating a thousand mathematical equations into the Crest that they were building.

This... was all well and good. The Magi Association didn't dislike this study, and instead attempted to try and fund it further, seeing if the Ito family could understand more about probability and assist Atlas in any way they could. But they crossed a line. They developed a forbidden magic, a Reality Marble. While it was first being developed in secret, the very fact that they were creating such a powerful magecraft meant that it needed testing. The first time, the VERY FIRST TIME that they tested this, they were caught. And they were prepared to be killed, however the first one to use this in a Crest managed to escape; this man was Daigoro's grandfather, Ito Maiko. Maiko ran to Fuyuki city, and set up a Workshop without the knowledge of the ruling Magus Clan, directly under the main bridge between the Shinto and Miyama, underwater and buried deep in the ground.

Here, Maiko studied the Marble Phantasms of the Immortal True Ancestors, attempting to understand if it was mathematically possible to replicate it. It took... fifty years of work, and the passing of his knowledge and crest unto his son, and Daigoro's father, Ito Jeitu. Jeitu worked hard over his life, trying to balance both the creation of their Marble Phantasm, and train his son with the Magic Crest. Eventually, he succeeded, implanting the completed magic into Daigoro's Crest and beginning his proper training as a Magus.

By the time he was eighteen, his father had died and given him the full control of the workshop, letting him work on his own magic and training himself. He worked on this magic, until he found out about something else. The Holy Grail War. In order to try and join in, he attempted to find something that belonged to a legendary hero and use it to summon a Servant. He decided that, just because his family had been disgraced, that he was going to bring honor back to them through his actions. Because that was the right thing to do for them...

RP Sample: ...Do I have to? DX

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Fixed it up with the new Affinity and such. =3
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Daigoro Ito
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