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 Basic Classes Overview

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Johnathan [Saber]
Beer-Class Servant

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PostSubject: Basic Classes Overview   Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:29 pm

This is a basic overview of the Classes that the Servants are summoned into. You can add your own Class by sending a PM with info regarding it and the abilities it has to a Staff Member - if it fits, it will be added.


The Class of Heroes that use swords or sword-like weapons. They are generally the most balanced class, and as one of the three Knight-Classes, have higher magic defense than others. Often considered to have the strongest Noble Phantasms and be the best class, the downside to this is a high mana consumption.
Bonus: Saber Class starts out with Strength and Mana Capacity Rank D.


The second Knight Class, these heroes use spears and lances as their weapons to pierce the enemy. They are generally a rather fast class of fighters, and have a good magic defense. They have mana-efficient Noble Phantasms, and are great for single-target combat.
Bonus: Lancer Class starts out with Strength and Speed Rank D.


The third Knight Class, Archer does not only specialize in ranged combat, but they also are the only Servant able to fight efficiently without their Master nearby to grant them mana for a time. An Archer does not always fight with ranged weapons, but it is usually their prefered way of fighting.
Bonus: Starts with Magic Rank D, only Class able to use Independent Action. However, since that ability is arguably the strongest of them all, if you chose two abilities at creation, it will start at Rank F, only able to extend the time by a few hours, and if you chose to only use it, it'll start at E. Even taking it later will start it off at F.


This Class is the one able to chant spells that are closer to sorcery than anything a human Magus could ever hope to achieve. Their magical capabilities are high enough to hurt even the Saber Class most of the time, but they are also the most fragile class in battle. Their mana demand isn't even that high, since they take in mana from the outside world to cast spells. Still, it is nearly as high as Sabers cost.
Bonus: Caster starts with C Rank Magic and D Rank Capacity, but can never increase Strength above D rank. Also, Caster has more spellslots.


The Rider Class is able to use mystical beings and highly advanced vehicles and animals to give them an edge in combat. They often win their fights by using crazy manouvers no human could ever hope to pull off. The Mana cost for such a Servant is rather low, but their magic to summon their Noble Phantasm - which is, most of the time, something to ride into battle with - is rather high.
Bonus: Starts with Speed D and Mana Capacity D, and is the only Class able to raise Riding above C.


Only Heroes that have gone mad at some point during their life can become a Berserker. This class trades in sanity for incredible physical powers, but can only return to a somewhat normal behavior if their Master deactivates their Mad Enhancement for a time. The mana cost of Berserker is the highest of all classes, and a weak Magus would perish even summoning one.
Bonus: Starts with Strength C, and is the only Class able to use Mad Enhancement. Berserker can never learn magic.


The strangest of all classes, Assassins are not true heroic spirits by default. Those summoned in this class are unknown myths and heroes that have been forgotten - they have no Noble Phantasm at their disposal, but are able to draw upon the skill that made them a myth. Their mana cost is the lowest of all, and they can move without making a sound or being detected by other Servants. The Certain Something often drives even the body of a Servant to the maximum, meaning that it consumes mana in a smilliar way to a Noble Phantasm, and is recognized as one by other Servants and Overseers, meaning using it WILL reveal your identity normally!
Bonus: They have access to the 'Certain Something'. Also, Assassin is the only Class able to use Hidden Presence, and has to start with it at Rank E minimum. They don't have any stat bonus.


Another rather abnormal class, it only appeared regulary after the Grail went haywire. Only heroes and spirits that were driven by revenge at some point can become Avenger, and they are in general far weaker than the other classes - the only redeeming factor they have is the 'Certain Something', a trait that either has something to do with their Noble Phantasm or is generally usefull.
Bonus: Avenger lacks any stat boni, but he has a special trait that makes him able to fight on par with others. This can either be magic, a natural skill or just dumb luck.

Also known as Diviner, this new servant class began to appear after anyone could become a master.People such a prophets, fortune tellers, and people who have predicted future outcomes can become Seers. The Seer is the best fit class for beginner magi and ordinary humans, as Seers can pinpoint and help in unlocking the magic potential within humans, acting as a sort of instructor in regards to learning and mastering magic. This makes the arduous task of learning and mastering magic for huimans and inept magi easier. Seers lack any offrensive or defensive attacks, and rely on only buffer type spells to empower their master.
Bonus:Like Caster, Seer starts out with magic C and Capacity D, but is only limited to buffer type spells. The Seer also the only class to be given the ability to increase a master's magic and magic circuit stats during training, also known as Divination.

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Fresh Character

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PostSubject: Re: Basic Classes Overview   Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:50 pm

Added the Seer thanks to Natsuki Kins' approval.
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Basic Classes Overview
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