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 The Burial Agency

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PostSubject: The Burial Agency   Mon Aug 08, 2011 11:39 pm


The Burial Agency is a group of Executors gathered by the Church, known as the most professional inquisitors. They are not meant to be exorcists, but simply those who kill demons. The organization operates and scouts entirely on ability. Anyone can become a member if they have the power and the will to destroy heretics and whatever else the Church finds "inconvenient." Faith is a secondary condition, though they will baptize the members. It is made up of seven main members including the leader, and an eighth member is in reserve. A talented Church member is chosen as the back up, but they change all the time because they die so quickly. They each work alone under most circumstances, and they will not cooperate with foreign demon hunting organizations. The members gain powerful privileges and influence, and they'll even go against the wishes of the Church without orders to eliminate heretics. They'll go as far as to skewer a Bishop if he is possessed, leading to whispers calling it the most heretical section of the Church.

The original Roa, then a priest of the Church, created a burial doctrine, the base of the Burial Agency, back in the twelfth century. He created it along with the original Narbareck, the first technical leader of the Agency, called the Burial Classroom at the time. She knew of Roa's plans to become a vampire, but didn't stop him. The Agency does not like that Arcueid has sometimes taken requests from the Church to cooperate in eliminating Dead Apostles, and they would like to seal her, despite her not being on their list, should an opportunity show up. Merem, an Ancestor, cooperates with the Burial Agency because, as he is a collector of treasures from all ages all around the world, he wants to be near the treasures that the Church sealed away. El Nahat, another Ancestor, is also forcefully cooperating with the agency; he's being stored in a prison of mirrors and his stomach is used as a scripture. The "Alien Stomach World" operates as a summoning terminal for his main body and it is considered to be the most powerful resort of the Church against the Dead Apostles. It is carried and used by the first or second members of the Burial Agency.

  • 1.Narbareck
  • 2. ???, 2nd member.
  • 3. ???, 3rd member.
  • 4. Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz XXI, 4th member.
  • 5. Merem Solomon, 5th member.
  • 6. Mr. Dawn, 6th member.
  • 7. Ciel, 7th member.
  • 8. ???, 8th spare member.


  • Black Keys - All
  • Keys of Providence - All
  • Serafina -Tsubine
  • Fiametta - Tsubine

Known Scriptures
Scriptures are powerful Conceptual Weapons that have only been granted to a few select Executors.

  • Alien Stomach World -Narbareck
  • Seventh Holy Scripture - Ciel
  • Crucis del Fuoco - Tsubine
  • True Apocrypha - Riesbyfe (Not a member of the Burial Agency, but works alongside them from time to time)

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The Burial Agency
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