The 6th Heaven's Feel has begun - what will be your place in an eternal war?
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PostSubject: Tsubine [ARE YOU READY GUYS?!]   Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:56 am

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz XXI / ''Sciabola" (セイバー; Seibaa; Saber. BA nickname)
Age: 30(?)
Gender: Male
Personality: Tsubine is quite arrogant. Despite being arrogant, he's also quite nice to most people around him. Tsubine may also have a slight drinking problem, not that he would admit it. While drinking heavily, Tsubine usually views the world as being against him and is quick to pick a fight. Though his rabble rousing nights are often on days he is on leave, those drunken fits are a sight to behold. Tsubine, also had a soft spot for the ladies and would go out of his way to attempt to put on the old "Aryan" charm. His main hobby is reading, mostly religious works. His favorite book is The Golden Bough.

However, his main personality trait is his nonchalant and joking attitude. He only takes his job seriously and even then he's not acting like he has a log up his arse. He won't joke around with his position in formal situations, though he will joke around with his position to other members of the Church. He has a liking to joke around with the members like him, specifically Ciel. He treats Ciel as a younger sister and occasionally (albeit jokingly) looks down on her (for lack of a better term), though he does respect her powers to the same level as his own.

In battle, he is still nonchalant and joking. He will rarely use main magic spells, normally relying on his weapons only. He is also a sneaky bastard in preparing for a battle. He will create traps and prepare for ambushing. Tsubine uses his Black Keys like a gunslinger uses bullets and creates them by forcing prana through loose threads and pages from the Bible like Ciel. His skill with his sabres is still his strong point other than using Donata. He normally will not dual-wield, it is when he does that he is at his second-strongest. He rarely will use Donata, but will use her powers without holding back if he needs her assistance. It is rare for him to use Donata if Ciel is along with him as Nanako is more than enough to deal with a normal target. If Donata and Nanako are both used...there will be bloodshed.

Affinity: Weaponry and Ambush
Partner: Muramasa

Status: Burial Agency Member Four; Full Magus with Family Crest;


In Burial Agency/Normal Attire:

In Formal Church Attire:

Random Pictures:

Magic Crest Appearance: Tsubine's family crest is a Cross of Sacrifice. It is positioned on his right arm. On the face of the cross is a bronze sword, blade down. The Cross represents the service to the Church and the sword represents the service to the Burial Agency in times of crisis.

Close Combat: B
Speed: C
Endurance: B
Mana Production: B
Magic Circuits: A (Much like the Aozaki bloodline, the Zarkonheinz Clan's members are known for its low circuit count. However, they have some of the highest quality ones known to Magi)
Magic Type:
  • Mystic Eyes of Illusion: By making eye contact with a person, Tsubine can make it appear as though he is not a massive 190.5 cm-tall Aryan giant. Instead, he appears as a 162.56 cm-tall businessman with brown hair and glasses. Only those with weak magical circuits are affected.

  • Name: Cremation Sacrament (火葬式典 - Kasou shikiten)
    Type: Fire
    Range: Target
    Rank: N/A
    Description: A spell sigil engraved in the Black Keys that makes them burn once they pierce the target. Since it is originated from the "heretical" Thaumaturgy, not many Executors can use this.

  • Name: Dokhma Sacrament (風葬式典 - Fuusou shikiten)
    Type: Water/Air
    Range: Target
    Rank: N/A
    Description: A spell sigil engraved in the Black Keys that makes them dehydrate the target once hit by the blades. Another spell that few Executors can use due its connections to Magecraft.

  • Name: Interment Sacrament (土葬式典 - Dosou shikiten)
    Type: Earth
    Range: Target
    Rank: N/A
    Description: A spell sigil engraved in the Black Keys that cause petrification of the target once hit by the blades. Another spell that few Executors can use due its connections to Magecraft.

  • Name: Jhator Sacrament (鳥葬式典 - Chousou shikiten)
    Type: Summoning
    Range: Target
    Rank: N/A
    Description: A spell sigil engraved in the Black Keys that call forth crows to devour the target that was pierced by the blades. Another spell that few Executors can use due its connections to Magecraft.

Crest Spells:

  • Name: Nerv Bindung
    Type: Transfer
    Range: 10 meters maximum
    Rank: C
    Description: A simple spying or surveilliance-type magic, a microscopic thread much like the Etherlite will attach itself to a surface of the user's choice. The other side is attached to a sensory organ of the user's choice. This will allow for someone to see on the other side of or farther down the same surface. The main application to this is looking and/or hearing through walls. It is quite useful for ambushes.

  • Name: Selbstentzündung
    Type: Sacrifice/Fire/????
    Range: User+Target+3 meters
    Rank: B+
    Description: Selbstentzündung is one of a kind spell made for the Zarkonheinz clan by exiled and excommunicated members of the Church. The spell is a self-sacrifice spell in case a Dead Apostle or True Ancestor gets "too close." It's mainly a safeguard to prevent a Zarkonheinz family member from becoming a Dead Apostle or a member of the Dead. In case that he is bitten, a massive explosion will engulf a 3-meter radius around Tsubine and the one who bit him. There will then be an implosion of sorts. The best way to describe it is a "spacial collapse." Every atom and particle in that 2-meter sphere or spheres will collapse unto itself. However, activation is more or less a 50/50 shot. It will either work correctly or burn Tsubine's body from the inside out. Either way, it will end up with Tsubine's body being destroyed.


  • Name: BLACK KEYS
    Range: N/A
    Description: Black Keys are charms used by agents of the Church to repel demons. They took the form of blades and other weapon, usually in the form of long rapier-like swords or tridents/spears (although they are generally thrown as a dagger or used to stab opponents). They are considered to be symbolic, although their weak attack power, which is still enough to pierce concrete walls, and the amount of skill required to properly wield them causes them not to be used as often. Tsubine's are unusually ornate and different than the standard Black Keys used by Ciel as they have a smaller hilt guard and a round pommel with a Maltese cross inlay.
    Abilities: They excel at interfering with and damaging spiritual phenomena rather than damaging them physically. The effect on beings like Servants is truly dependent on the user but they are very effective against the creatures that are being hunted down by the Church, like the Dead Apostles. If they hit the shadow of a target, the target will be unable to move their body, leaving them to the mercy of the black key's wielder. It could also be used to track down and seal or injure a target until its wielder tells it to stop doing so, or unless it is destroyed or neutralized by an outside force. Expert Executors are capable of materializing the blades by passing prana through an object, such as pages of a bible, allowing them to carry and conceal hundreds of hilts at a time. This practice falls category of sacraments rather than thaumaturgy.

  • Name: Donata/Donatella
    Type: Conceptual Weapon
    Description: Donata takes the form of a teenage female with fox-like ears. She has a fox-like tail to match her ears. She has yellow or blue eyes, depending on her mood. She wears a graphite gray hoodie and a short black skirts. On her feet, she wears a pair of small boots with black thigh-highs. Grade-A Zettai Ryouiki.
    Abilities: Donata has an ability to create small fireballs as well as create a large axe that she wields for self defense. Other than that, Donata has a "weapon form" much like her counterpart, Seven. The weapon takes the form of a massive cross that is taller and wider than Tsubine. The entire cross weighs in at 150 kG, almost three times heavier than Seven's weapon form. It is known as the "Punisher" by those who fear it. The cross is actually three weapons. The trigger system is a cylinder holding four triggers and release buttons that is in the intersection of the legs of the cross. Tsubine holds the weapon one-handed by just the trigger system. The first is in the longest leg of the cross. It is an extremely powerful .60 cal machine gun with somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 shells. The left arm of the cross is the ammo box. The other arm of the cross is filled with about 8 pistols, all of them identical. They appear to all be .45 caliber pistols, each with ivory on the side of the handles. The final weapon of Donata's weapon form is located in the shortest end of the cross. It is a weapon similar to the Seventh Holy Scripture. It is barrel-reloaded and is the rarest to be seen.

  • Name: Fiametta
    Type: Sabre
    Range: 39 inches.
    Description: See image. The hilt guard has a pair of Maltese crosses on each side.
    Abilities: It has been "enchanted" to stay forever sharp. The blade can be destroyed, but it will never dull.

  • Name: Serafina
    Type: Sabre
    Range: 37.9 inches
    Description: See image. The scabbard has a Maltese cross in the center.
    Abilities: It has been "enchanted" to stay forever sharp. The blade can be destroyed, but it will never dull.

  • Name: Cross of Zandel
    Range: N/A
    Description: An elegant cross that the Zarkonheinz family passes down from generation to generation. It is currently used as a necklace and worn by Tsubine von Zarkonheinz XXI.
    Abilities: It simply is an amplifier that strengthens any magic related to the Black Keys.

Tsubine, or Johan, was born in Germany to a family that is regarded as the European Aozaki family. However, that's not a good thing per se`. They were regarded as that as they didn't have many magical circuits. However, to make up for this, they had some of the better circuits known. Tsubine was regarded as having the most number of circuits since the 13th head. In fact, he has the third-highest number in the history of the clan.

Tsubine was trained by the 20th head, Andrei Zanifir von Zarkonheinz. This, of course, caused many people within the clan to be...well, disapproved of the choice for the 21st Head. Of course, there was nothing they could do as Tsubine was the rightful heir. It was oddly Tsubine's sister that was the favorite choice instead of the older male child. This caused many problems within the family. In fact, it caused a few assassinations within the family. This included many of the higher ups. Tsubine's sister, mother, uncles & aunt that lived within 50 kilometers of Tsubine, and his cousin that lived in Switzerland were all killed by assassins. This caused the main portion of the Zarkonheinz clan to destabilize and the noble clan dispersed. However, this was not before the Zarkonheinz clan's crest was passed down to Tsubine.

After graining his family's crest, Tsubine was adopted by the Church and became Bastian's disciple when he was caught in a large scale 'thief subjugation' across the empire. All of his friends died and he didn't believe in God because of that; nevertheless he was so powerful with Zaiphon that it was rumored he was a child blessed with God's strength. This is when he met Ciel, a member of the Burial Agency.

Ciel and Tsubine had a similar past and so the two, even though Tsubine was seven years older than her, became like siblings. Ciel was actually an inspiration for Tsubine to join the Burial Agency. He was originally the Eight Member and was partenered with Ciel for a good amount of time. Because of his skill with Zaiphon, he was able to be promoted to replace the deceased Fourth Member during the Sixth Heaven's Feel. Tsubine's weapon, Luna Lamina Nigra, is supposedly a Conceptual Weapon, though he has not confirmed (or denied) this...

RP Sample:
::Despite the ice and snow around them all, a warm breeze came through from the east. While, of course, the temperature here was below freezing, this breeze was well above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or over 15.55 degrees Celsius. Some of the lighter snow and ice melted, but it refroze as the breeze subsided. Of course, this wasn't a natural breeze. If one was to look to any of the other directions, they'd see snow and the rest of the park. But to the east, there was a large round shoji-style door. It lead to nowhere, even if you looked at it from the rear. But within a few moments of the door's appearance, it slowly opened. Much like opening a door after a hot shower, the shoji door's interior released a large amount of steam. Humans within the park paid no attention to the shoji door. In fact, they could not see it. Why? This wasn't a door, actually. It was something that the Shinigami used to go from the Soul Society to the World of the Living, a Senkaimon.

The Senkaimon wasn't square like the normal ones. This one was a perfect circle. This has been seen only once, when Sousuke Aizen opened up his portal to the Soul Society. But this was not Aizen's doing. In fact, a woman stepped out from within the dark abyss of the Senkaimon's interior. She wore a large-sleeved Haori over a modified Shinigami Shihakkusou. Despite it being extremely chilly, she was wearing latex-like short shorts and high black leather boots. Her body was nicely shaped. She didn't have a massive bust, but it wasn't small either. Her hair was silver in color and quite long. It extended to the top of her ass, even though it was tied up and didn't extend all the way down. Her eyes were also different from the norm like her hair. They weren't opened; instead they were closed while she gave a large smile. This expression looked almost like former foe Gin Ichimaru.

The silver-haired woman stood inside of the door for a few seconds before actually stepping outside. One after the other, her boots melted the snow immediately. Her footprints were very visible as she approached the now five-man group. It was almost as if her feet were made of fire as she walked. In her left hand, there was a katana. No, it was an odachi. The scabbard was quite long and the tsuba was simple and shaped like an iron cross. Her smile, though, is what terrified most of those who came in contact with her. To quote Rukia, it was like snakes wrapping around someone's throat with venom seeping between those little slits they called eyes.

As she reached the area where the group had been battling, she noticed that she was on top of a frozen lake. She shook her head as her feet seemingly cooled down instantly. She continued to walk towards them, this time her feet did not melt the snow beneath her. As she stopped within feet of the turtle-like creature in front of her, she calmly introduced herself.::
"Well, it seems like the lot of you are having a bit of fun in this winter wonderland~ I am here responding to a little request from a nice young Shinigami. Lieutenant Abarai will not be able to make it today, so I shall assist. I am Kirio Hikifune, the former Twelfth Division Captain. I take it that the white-haired one is the one that was supposed to have been captured and then that hideous thing came in? Because I would think there would've been a little warning if I were to be fighting against such a hideous creature~" ::Kirio then turned toward the turtle. She just smiled at it. Standing there, smiling. Then she disappeared. In a flash, her body appeared above the overgrown turtle.:: "Number One, Nadegiri! Number Four, Kamishini! Number Eight, Kujira Shōgeki!"

::For those unfamiliar with the terms, those were kendou moves. Kirio was one of the few masters of Kendou within the Soul Society. In fact, her skills were rumored to be greater than Kenpachi Zaraki's own skills. Her prowess was shown by combining three extremely powerful techniques of Kendou into a single diagonal slash. Kirio's sword slashed at the turtle's shell downwards at a 40 degree angle. The first kendou move, Nadegiri, is used to take down large opponents with skin like steel. Kamishini is to cut through opponents quickly, and with a wide area since nearly anything within four meters would be affected by her blade. The final move, Kujira Shougeki, is meant to cause massive damage by a two part move. Approaching the turtle again, she sliced upwards using her strength. In case it did not work, she used the force to accelerate a shunpo to being above the two.::

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PostSubject: Re: Tsubine [ARE YOU READY GUYS?!]   Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:55 pm

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