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 ~Rules, Rules, and more rules~

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PostSubject: ~Rules, Rules, and more rules~   Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:03 pm


1. No disrespecting or talking back to staff, that is a huge no no. we will do the same in respecting you, however if you don't give us any respect, then you will get banned on site, if it continues, you'll find your chances of coming back on, slim to none. Once you're banned, you can try to appeal to an admin - don't count on it working. Disrespect will also earn you timeouts in the chatbox.

2. no godmod, or metagaming. You can only control your own characters, and your characters only know what THEY found out. See Information Matrix for more information on this.

That means, you must always give the opponent or person a time to react, to something this could even mean a social Rp, or mature rp. unless the user says you're allowed to do the action, do not. godmodding is also something that will be highly looked down upon, here. Godmod could mean, dodging the opponents attack, being an overpowered magi with unlimited mana(DOHOHOHOHOHOHO). Or a Heroic spirit with a op'd noble phantasm. We'll allow strong noble phantasm's but they have to have some kind of draw back, Referring to Mana or even life force.

4. Normal Masters have ONE (1) Servant. More than one (1) Servant needs a GOOD reason. The more Servants you have, the weaker they get! The Prana supply and Contracts weaken with more partners.

5. Again...NO non-sense or over powered impossible abilities for your weapons or abilities, i know FSN is known for a small variety of noble phantasms that have godly abilities, but those will either be NERFED or outright forbidden on here.

6. One character per account. This is to keep the experience system working correctly.

7. As a rule of thumb, have as many Servants as you have Masters as characters. You don't HAVE to, but it makes sure everyone has a Master and we don't have an influx in Servants...

8. All Magi (besides one's like Shirou in the VN) are understood to have basic knowledge of general Magecraft. Weak boundary fields, utility-Reinforcement, small-time familliars without combat ability. As a general rule, though: Everything you need to explain for people familliar with the Nasuverse to understand, you need to have in your specific Magecraft. Everything else is useable automatically!

9. Servants are stronger than humans, same for Dead Apostles. Therefore, to match a Servant equally, a Master/Magus/normal Human needs to reach a 'two letters higher' rating. Meaning: To match D rank Servant Speed, you'd need B Rank Master Speed. Exceptions are made for EX Master Ranks, which are somewhere in-between of B and A Servant ranks. Dead Apostles can be matched by having a stat that is 1 rank superior to the one of the Dead Apostle for humans, and Apostles themselves need 1 Rank more to catch up to a Servant.

10. The most important rule. Have fun, or else Herakles will visit you tonight!

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~Rules, Rules, and more rules~
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