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PostSubject: Susano'o [Caster] wip   Susano'o [Caster] wip EmptyTue Apr 12, 2011 4:12 pm

Servant Template

Class: Caster
Alias: Caster, Kaito
True Identity: Susano'o, the God of Storms
Appearance Age: Early 20's in human age
Gender: Male

Susano'o [Caster] wip 0
Susano'os style of clothing is clearly ancient, just as his origin. Clad in noble, but still somehow humble clothing, he carries a sword at his side in a sheath at all times, and looks extremely friendly to strangers. He usually is in spirit form when not around his Master, though, to keep the Holy Grail War secret, as it is the law. Behind his friendly eyes, though, one can see a dangerous storm and fire burn in his soul. For the rare times when he is seen amongst humans, he often wears mortal clothing to conceal himself.
Susano'o [Caster] wip 5x1o1u

Personality: Twisted, corrupted, evil or simply bored? It is hard to determine with this god. Susano'o is, all things left aside, a very playful being. However, his playful self is twisted - he enjoys making people suffer like a kid tormenting a half-dead animal without ever knowing what is right and what is wrong. Humans are nothing but craddle to him, filth that exists to amuse his eternal life. Where this dislike for the mortals steems from is unknown. He does respect power, though - destructive, controlling, strong individuals can earn his admiration.
Towards his Master, Susano'o is a playful, but also strong man and ally. He can be a bit 'naughty' at times, and often tempts his Master to act more openly and destructive, trying to enjoy more of her incredible power. He respects her as the only human who would be able to harm him. Should one wish to harm her, he will be quick to respond with a lightning bolt to the face. Of course, it's not like she would need his protection, he simply feels annoyed by people thinking they can outsmart him with their fragile, mortal minds.
One could raise the question just what he feels for his siblings, but no clear answer can be given. Like with his general mindset, he could very well simply be completely insane, or actually hide his true self underneath, but towards Amaterasu, he seems hellbent on killing her. Just why he hates his sister so much is unknown. Towards his brother, he seemingly has no feelings at all - but would still attack him at any moment he could, simply to enjoy himself in a struggle against someone who could maybe fight back.
His true motives behind his evil nature remain a mystery, but one thing is for sure - for as long as he is alive, nobody in the Holy Grail War is safe. He is the reaper that will claim many souls...

Power Levels: Antagonist Boost applies.
Strength: D (max)
Endurance: B
Speed: EX
Magic: A
Mana Capacity: A

Special Abilities: Divinity, Rank A+
Susano'o, as an actual god, is of course a divine being more so than any other Heroic Spirit apart from his siblings. Since he was banished from the heavens, his Divinity is slightly lowered, but he is still a being beyond human comprehension.

Flight, Rank A
The ability to fly freely through the air with the use of prana. On this level, the user is akin to a mythical beast or demon beast in the air, and only dragons, ancient ones and godly beasts surpass it. Human aircrafts can't even begin to compare to what Susano'o can do in the air.

Noble Phantasm: Enclosed Space of Godhood, Rank: A, Type: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
Susano'os Noble Phantasm is a replication of the fact that he was a god before becoming a heroic spirit. Lacking any trait weapon, having given his sword to his sister before perishing, he has a Reality Marble surpassing todays magecraft by far. While not activated, it is stored within his body, and alters the Ether making it up. Enforcing the concept of 'Storm God' onto 'Servant' makes him a pseudo-god, giving him his incredible increased stats, and the ability to soar through the sky even without activating it.
Once released, his Reality Marble expands in the form of a first, strong gust of normal wind. The larger the field affected is, the more Prana is needed to sustain it for periods of time, naturally. The field is always bound to him as the center, meaning it is a moving distortion of reality, a true Marble enforcing the world to recognize him as a 'God' rather than a 'Servant'.
This enhances his ability to use Prana. Being from the age of gods, he uses his spells without Magic Circuits, but with the same method Medea had - the old language is what gives Magi from his time their power, and utilizes their Magic Circuits without them having to do it knowingly or conciously. The exact number of Magic Circuits Susano'o pocesses is undetermined, but apparently extremely high.
While his Reality Marble is expanded, his Magecraft is on the level of true nature-changing Magic, a miracle that allows him to use only little prana for each of his spells while they become more effective. This is relatived by his cost to sustain the field, meaning he has to use a lot of Prana to make it a visible depletion of costs overall.

Kusanagi No Tsurugi, Rank: A+, Type: Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm
The amazing sword of wind that Susano'o acquired by slaying the Orochi. While myth tells of Susano'o giving this sword to his sister Amaterasu, the myth about him slaying the vile Orochi was strong enough to grant him this Noble Phantasm in the Throne of Heroes, his own 'version' of the legendary blade.

[list][*]Flying Spark: A basic C-Rank spell of Lightning Magecraft, this releases a short burst of crackling lightning from the caster's hand without any incantation, and is thus unuseable by most modern Magi. The main method of attack for Susano'o.

After reconciling with his sister, Susano'o left the heavens again, still exiled. Being a restless and wild god, his strength dwindled away once humans stopped praying to the gods. When exactly he perished because of that weakness is unknown, but after he 'died', he became a hero in the Throne of Heroes for slaying Orochi. What became of his mortal wife is unknown to anyone but him.
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Susano'o [Caster] wip
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