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PostSubject: Michael Roa Valdamjong   Michael Roa Valdamjong EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 7:42 am

Dead Apostle

Alias: Michael Roa Valdamjong, also known as "The Serpent of Akasha"
Host Name: Kagami, Askara
Age: Roas true age is a mystery in itself, but his current body seems to be no older than 17.
Gender: The original Roa was male, but this re-incarnation has a female body.
Parent Vampire: Arcueid Brunestud
Contract Partner: Jack the Ripper

Personality: Originally, Roa was a 'pure' human with desire for eternity. Thus, in his quest to become immortal, he laid eyes on the strongest True Ancestor, and was 'poisoned' by looking at her, not being able to tell he loved Arcueid from the very first moment he saw her. Over his reincarnations, most of his personality was lost, and during his last death, his will was killed completely.
The 'new' Roa has mainly two sides to her. For one, she is an extremely cold-blooded killer, as one would expect from a Dead Apostle - her thirst for blood knows nearly no bounds. Even still, she is working very subtle - while Roa used The Dead in his former lifes to supply himself with blood, the new Roa is way more secretive, since she fears to ever meet Arcueid or Tohno Shiki, the only beings able to truely kill her according to the inherted knowledge she has.
Besides being a blood-thirsty monster, Askara is quite insane. Having the mind of Tohno SHIKI fused with hers, she is thrilled from battle and mindless slaughter, being a born killer and monster, but can usually surpress those parts until she wants to unleash her uncontrollable, darkest side.
Even before awakening and changing into a Dead Apostle, Askara hated sunlight, and even bright moonlight - now, she despises it more than anything else. Her biggest desire, apart from the final remaining one of Roa to be 'eternal', she also desires eternal, never-ending night to fall over the world. Otherwise, she seems to be VERY protective over her 'little brother', a twin this current body had. Being the parent vampire of him, any try to harm him will result into a blood-rage fit for the stories of the Church about mindless killing beasts.
Even though she seems to be in total control of her madness and insanity, the girl needs blood not only to sustain her body, but also to preserve her sanity, together with her prana. Without either of those, SHIKIs insanity and 'invertion' would turn her into an absolute monster without any trace of the original girl left, turning into SHIKI completely instead of being partially him and partially herself.

Michael Roa Valdamjong Roaasrin2

Michael Roa Valdamjong Roaasrin

Statistics: ANTAGONIST BONUS: Starts with all stats at Rank C.
Hand to Hand Combat: C
Speed: C
Endurance: C
Magic Circuits: C
Mana Production: C

Special Abilities: Mystic Eyes of Life Percetion, Rank: Unknown
As part of his nature, Roa is now able to see the lines of life on people and undead - tracing those lines with a sharp object, like a knife or her own vampiric claws, will cleanly cut off whatever she was tracing with them, making a nearly unhealable wound. Stabbing the 'point of life' on the body of someone will make their life-force bleed out and result in final death.
As her ability is but an imperfect version of the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, the wounds can actually be healed, and it is possible to recover from getting the point of life stabbed if treatment is done immedeatly.

Syphon Life, Rank: Unknown
As SHIKIs inherit demonic ability, SHIKIs host is able to steal life-force from someone, even surviving normally deadly attacks, as long as they don't eradicate the existance. Those drained of their life-force will have attacks of sudden weakness, and should Roa absorb all of it, the victims body will die. Thanks to this, she is a vampire in more ways than sucking out blood.
The limit on Syphon Life is that she actually has to 'dig' into the lines of life on a person and keep the contact steady, as it takes a rather long time to absorb life energy. Since Servants lack the lines of life, she can't absorb anything from them.
Life energy is something that regenerates over time, so those affected will indeed heal after enough time has passed. A faint connection to Roa will stay, though, and they will suffer from sudden headaches or dizzyness if they sense the Dead Apostle near.

Immortality (Fake), Rank: A++
Normally, a soul scatters after death, making reincarnation impossible. However, Roa can stay concious after death and reincarnate. Still, this immortality is imperfect - with each death, even SHIKIs and Askaras will and self will now erode and at some point vanish.

Familliar: In his current state, Roa is only able to use The Dead as her familliars to collect blood.

Magic Type: During Roas lifetime, he was a Magus able to use Numerology to cast spells, but having lost all memories of the former incarnations of Roa apart from SHIKI, Askara is about as magical as a piece of wood. Her magic energy thwirls completely about regenerating her own body and keeping it together with the most minimal amount of blood, to keep as much of her sanity as possible.

History: Roas history begins many centuries ago with a member of the church longing to be eternal. Tricking Arcueid into drinking his blood and turning him into a Dead Apostle, his powers were tremendous, stealing some of her power.
However, in his 18th Incarnation, he was killed by Tohno Shiki - with his point of death being stabbed. However, Shiki aimed his knife at 'Roa', thus, Roas will and being was torn apart - but SHIKI was able to regain his own will thanks to his demonic blood and insanity from being inverted, and stole the secret of immortality from Roas fading will. Since his body was also 'stopped' from the stab into the point on his body, just before he faded, SHIKI turned his own soul like Roa did centuries ago and transferred himself blindly away.
Loosing Roas magic ability and memories to a big part, only a few broken pieces of his will managed to remain in SHIKI, as he was reborn years later into a young girl, the daughter of a former exorcist that left the Church after falling in love with the girls mother to leave all the killing behind.

Askara herself never had a normal life. Even after leaving the church, her father was incredibly paranoid, fearing that vampires or other supernaturals would still hunt him. Askara has not a single good memory about her controlling maniac of a father, even coming home 2 minutes late would result in a beating for her and her brother. However, she still was a normal girl, mostly. Her latent magic ability was not so big as to stand out, but still there - and it drew in the roaming soul of SHIKI when he reincarnated, still calling himself Roa.
Being dormant in her soul, Roa awakened on Askaras 16th birthday, another day without much happyness for the girl, not being allowed to even HAVE friends in the first place. She always appeared to be a perfect student before, never once late for school, never impolite - all out of fear for her father.
On that day, when Roa awakened and the pain in her head nearly knocked her out, her father noticed the dark presence right away - and in fear, chained his daughter onto a wall in the cellar, attempting to exorcise the evil in her.

Needless to say though, that exorcising something like Roa is not possible. Suffering unimagineable pain in her head, SHIKI did not try to kill her will off - something that would've been easy to do. Instead, in his insanity, he tried to literally mindrape her - and she fought against that, with all her might. For each part he tainted, she destroyed one of his, and finally, their conciousness merged together into one.
Hanging in the black chains like a dead body all of the sudden, her father approached the pale girl, thinking he had managed to exorcise the evil he could no longer feel. When the red eyes lit up, however, he knew his life was going to end.
Ripping out his throat with her teeth and clawing into his chest with her claws, Askara completely mutilated her father, turning him into nothing more than a pool of blood and body parts, greedily sucking up the red liquid. When her mother and brother finally gathered the courage to enter the cellar and saw the still partially chained girl, who seemingly was not able to move properly yet with her vampiric body and confused, bewildered mind, her mother, in a panic, grabbed one of the many holy daggers laying on the ground, trying to stab her into the chest. Something that would've succeeded, if not for her brother jumping in-between and taking the dagger into his stomach, screaming out in pain. In even more of a panic, the mother of the twins ran away, trying to escape from reality and to the Church.

Embracing his sister, asking for forgiveness for leaving her alone - since he knew this wound was fatal - Askaras brother was near-death. Even so, he didn't care that his sister apparently was a monster, and tore apart her own father. Returning his embrace with strange gentleness, Askara said one of her most memorable quotes.
"Don't worry... because eternity awaits."
Biting into his neck with a strangely soft bite, Askara merged her blood into the bloodstream of her brother before he died. Normally, humans take ages to turn into Dead Apostles, if they even have the potential. Thus, he was a rare case amongst rare cases - because when he opened the now-red eyes, he already was a Dead Apostle himself. A true vampire.

Askara, in the meantime, had reverted into a state of complete lethargy - her eyes stared into nothing, and in fact, she was fighting back the inversion impulse from SHIKI that was threatening to turn her into a full monster. It was now night-time, and that night, her brother wordlessly went to work - and started to hunt humans to supply them both with blood.

When the Burial Agency finally arrived after one day in the morning, both the girl who was now the new Roa and her brother had vanished. One year has passed since that day, and one thing is now clear...
Roa is back. Even though the old powers and powers of Arcueid are lost, this new Roa is a danger to both humanity and the last remaining True Ancestor - and now, she is headed for the Holy Grail War.

Roleplay-Sample: N/A

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I hereby approve of this app with the ranks for being an Antagonist.
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