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PostSubject: Kagetora WIP   Kagetora WIP EmptyWed Jan 12, 2011 2:42 pm

Magus/Master Template

Full Name: Tendou, Kagetora
Age: 29
Gender: MANLY male.
Personality: As a Magus and as a normal everyday person, Kagetora is known to be a very headstrong, not to say, stubborn individual, but also very fun-loving and easy to be around. He is rarely really serious, and while his tall and wide stature, coupled with many scars, always looks intimidating for students, especially first years in his job, they often grow to like him in a matter of a few weeks at most. He listens to complains and takes them into consideration if they have actual reason, and is not above confronting others about their errors and flaws.
Thus, he is rather conflict-searching, in fact, often siding with the weaker side if he thinks they are discriminated, even if it gets him into trouble. He believes that strength is something used to protect, never to destroy, and thus, forbids himself from ever dealing the first blow in a fight, one of the results for his many scars, since he practically attracts trouble simply by walking.
Also, Kagetora is more cunning than he appears to be. While seemingly goofy and easily irritated, he can calmly analyze situations, and has a 'mathematic' mind that discerns patterns in movements, behaviour and even magic and magecraft.
Affinity: Restoration
Partner: Amaterasu, Saber Class

Status: free Magus (occasionally works for the MA, is a teacher in his public life)

Appearance: Kagetora WIP 2iu9qv9
Kagetora WIP 4j6c1e
Kagetora WIP 2v8fw4o

Magic Crest Appearance: Kagetoras Magic Crest is located on the back of his right, dominant hand. It is compareably small, and looks like a nearly undefined number of celtic runes merged into one another. It extends up to his wrist when active, but upon closer inspection, it looks like the rest was cut off or left unfinished.

Close Combat: E
Speed: F
Endurance: E
Mana Production: F
Magic Circuits: F

Magic Type: Restoration, Rank D
The only type of Magic that Kagetora has any affinity for. While he in theory could learn other types of magic, he specializes in what he is good at. Regeneration Magic are either healing spells applied to others, increasing the healing rate of the body or turning back time for wounds, or used upon oneself to heighten all types of Regenerations, including Mana Generation and spells to get rid of fatigue.

Samle Spells: Antibody Infusion, Rank D
This magic extracts bacteria, poisons and similliar from the bloodstream, creates an antibody for it and infuses the body with it. Only harmfull substances are affected. This has no effect on magical poisons, deadly poisons and magical sicknesses, and can't get rid of parasites, no matter if magical or not.

Ignorance of Pain, Rank C
A simple curse, this deactivates most pain receptors in the one it is used at. However, damage is still taken, only the pain is gone, nothing more.

Regeneration, Rank F/E/D/C/B/A/EX
A spell that enhances the bodys normal healing rate depending on how much Mana is used, the difficulty of applying it and the needed amount of chants. The lower levels are barely noticeable, while Rank C and B could even heal broken bones in a matter of one or two days, effectively giving even humans regeneration akin to Servants with enough Mana to use for it.

Refreshment, Rank F/E/D/C/B/A/EX
A spell similliar to Regeneration, this spell gets rid of some of the Fatigue the target has, but doesn't heal wounds or restore mana.

Bleeding Halt, Rank F/E/D/C/B
This spell can heal blood vessels and stop someone from bleeding to death even from severe wounds on the higher Ranks, while it simply heals small cuts and the like at best on lower levels.

Unnamed Regeneration Spell, Rank: EX
The ultimate ability of a Magic Circuit only suited for healing, this magic is used by pouring raw magic energy into form without chanting a spell before. This ability would in theory be able to restore vital organs besides the heart and brain, replace destroyed limbs, and with a catalyst, even restore a destroyed heart or heal a curse of death.
In reality, the mana cost of this spell is too high to even consider using it for Kagetora.

Crest Spells: Injection, Variable Rank
The only major spell remaining in the Crest. Utilizing the own Mana, it is pumped into the muscles of the user, heightening Speed, Endurance or Close Combat abilities depending on which muscles are heightened. The highest Ranks of this can turn a human into a battle-monster akin to a Berserker, since as long as the spell is active, the affected muscle parts can be switched around. Using this spell is usually followed by a huge amount of bodily and mental fatigue. Cooldown: 5 posts.

Background: The Tendou family was originally a Clan of Magi from Japan. However, after a falling-out between them and another bigger Clan, which ended in their defeat, the few remaining ones were exiled to europe. However, not being in their homeland had terrible effects on their ability to produce heirs with large amounts of Magic Circuits. Dangling away into unimportance, the family was on the best way to disappear forever. Why exactly the new lands were so terrible on them is not known, but some legends claim that the Tendou-Clan had orgiinated from followers of the sun goddess Amaterasu, and that being so far away from her lands caused their power to decline.
But with Kagetoras generation, things seemed to change. He and his one year older brother were not just very talented - they both had a Magic Circuit count far above the norm. Still, as it was normal for Magi, only his older brother was trained by their father - Kagetora did not even know about the existance of Magecraft for the longest time in his life. And when he found out at the age of 15, he did not care much about never being tought the secrets of Magecraft himself. He himself had long since picked up his own lifestyle - a martial artist. And not just any kind - he was a person who picked up everything he could from every single fighting style.
It didn't take him long to get into trouble, of course. Quickly, he became infamous as a street fighter, who even sought out stronger fighters just to have a brutal match without anyone regulating it. He was almost blood-thirsty, even travelling all over Europe when he was only 17 years old, letting quite a bit of his immense intellect go to waste just to find a way to become the strongest man alive. And Kagetora would've continued this lifestyle, if not for a message from his father to return home at once... Because his brother had been in a terrible accident.

Somewhere, something had gone terribly wrong for his brother. His body rejected the Magic Crest, and he developed a strong case of necrosis, forcing his father to extract the artificial Magic Circuits again, but even then, it had been too late. After two terrible weeks full of pain, he died - and only Kagetora was there for his brother during his last hours.
"Sorry to give you trouble again, Nii-san... But... Can you take over for me?"
Promising it to his older brother on his deathbed, this experience changed Kagetora forever. On that day, his training as a Magus should start.

Having not much time, they had to take drastic measures. After warning his son about one million times of the dangers, he let himself be chained into a completely unmoving aparature, only having one of his hands even on the air - and the implantation started. Not having an entire life to work with like usual, he and his father had to take the ultimate risk and implant the Crest in only two steps - the first half now, the other half after the actual Magus-Training.
It took three full weeks, filled with pain that made him go insane, sane, insane and finally sane again, before Kagetora was released from the holding-aparature that stopped him from cutting his own hand off.
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