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 Muramasa [Assassin]

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PostSubject: Muramasa [Assassin]   Muramasa [Assassin] EmptyTue Jan 11, 2011 9:13 pm

Servant Template

Class: Assassin
Alias: Muramasa, Muu-chan, Muu-tan (definiatly not her favorite nickname)
True Identity: Muramasa is not an actual person, but an Assassin based on the myth of the swords the smith Muramasa made - swords that always seek battle. She is one of the many figures of that legend personified.
Appearance Age: 21
Gender: Female

Appearance: Muramasa [Assassin] Muramasaj

Personality: Muramasa is not a very social person, that much is for sure. She hates to be surrounded by people, and even simply being with her Master and nobody else can already stress her out to where the calm and almost caring woman can have violent outbursts. Though, these outbursts are never more than a few scratchings with her nails or a small kick or slap, often aimed at her Master when he is making fun of her again.
Behind the cold shell, Muramasa is very unsure about anything but her ability to fight - her identity, her knowledge, everything is vague in her mind, and the same goes for how to behave around people. That's why she mostly stays calm and doesn't talk more than she has to, and getting through this thick shell of ice is hard work. Under it, she can almost be caring, but Mura never cared about life when she was still human, and she won't start now - if you die, don't expect her to mourn the loss. She accepts death as a part of fate.
When fighting, Muramasa prefers to outmanouver her opponents, using quick movements and insticts rather than a pre-determined strategy. It's hard to stop her once she decides to kill someone, no matter who it is, and prefers to end all fights quickly. She follows at least some codes of the Bushido, but seeing as she is an Assassin, she's not above dirty tricks and ambushing someone from behind as long as it helps her win.

Power Levels:
Strength: E
Endurance: E
Speed: D
Magic: E
Mana Capacity: E

Class Abilities: Hidden Presence, Rank D
Is able to conceal the own presence from other Masters and Servants as long as she stands still, does not attack and doesn't emitt murderous intent. The effect of this while walking is lowered, and other Servants will usually notice soon enough to get counter-measures ready.

Personal Abilities: Clairvoyance, Rank D
Gives the user the ability to track targets in a 1,5km radius without fail. Fast movements and interferences are no match for this sight. Can't keep track of more than 1 target at a time.

Spells: Physical Enhancement: Speed, Rank D
A weak type of strengthening magic, this enhances the body of he user in the Speed department, granting them a + to the current Rank.

That Certain Something: Assured Slash, Beheading Dragon
A skill with a very simple concept, perfected through dedication alone. It is simply based on wanting to slash at the opponents neck, no matter from what position, to end battles quickly, something just not possible. However, when Beheading Dragon is used, the willpower and assured perfected skill behind it reverses result and action.
'The Slash is made' is thus already set before 'the sword is swung', so the blade of the user will twist, together with the own body, in completely impossible ways to attain this - a stab will suddenly arc upwards and go sideways, and at range, the distance will be closed with near lightspeed. However, this skill looses power and speed the further the enemy is away, and the mana cost thanks to pushing the body beyond all limits to make the result true will grow extremely fast. Thus, this skill is best used in close combat.
While the slash at the neck is always executed, it does neither always hit, nor does it always cut. Someone with extreme speed will be able to betray the technique - the neck was slashed, but it moved before the slash reached, thus while it was executed, it simply didn't hit. However, it is definiatly easier to simply block this attack if you know it is coming, since the strength behind it is still the natural strength of Muramasa.

Noble Phantasm:

History: In japanese history, a great swordsmith by the name of Muramasa made some of the best and deadliest swords of all time. Still, every single weapon he made was created to kill, not to protect, and thus, they all carried a curse within. This curse drove many Samurai and others into mindless slaughter, legends tell. Muramasa as Assassin is the personification of one of the many myths:
A beautiful shrine maiden that found a cursed blade and was driven into a bloody rage, killing everyone in sight and terrorizing the lands. Only a very small mythical being, the actual spirit - if that person ever lived - did not become a heroic spirit or evil spirit, most likely simply a work of fictions. However, in this myth, there was also the part of the shrine maiden cutting off the heads of even the strongest warriors in a clean swipe.
When the sword that was rumored to be connected to this one legend was used to summon a Servant, Muramasa emerged - a beautiful woman carrying a blood-red sword without any hand-guard attached to it. However, she is not that spirit from legend, but was merely a normal shrine maiden in her life until she fell in love with a Samurai. When he fell in disgrace with his lord and was thrown into prison with her, a sword was cast into the cell, and the lord spoke: Kill the one you love, and you'll live. [That is the scene in her picture.] However, he did not state WHO was supposed to grab the blade. The warrior had already decided not to cut down his love - and his life ended when the girl snatched the katana, and cut his head off with one clean swipe.
Being a man of his word, the lord released the woman, granting her the sword she used to kill her love as a parting gift. Trying to escape from herself and her past, she did not realize she was carrying a sword made by Muramasa, a cursed weapon - unlike demonic blades, that bestow ruin and glory at the same rate, or weapons carrying a curse helping in battle, like Gae Bolg, this sword simply carried the curse of attracting battle.
Thus, the shrine maiden fought for the remainder of her life as a cursed being, perfecting a skill to cut down opponents in a single swipe, since she hated battle. So, the Beheading Dragon was finished to make it possible for her to end every fight in one move. This was most likely one of the roots of the legend that would be at fault for summoning her as a Servant many centuries after her death in battle.

As an Assassin, she does only remember minimal parts of her life as a human. Her new identity is that of a cold-blooded swordfighter that aims to cut down anything in her path in one swipe, even though that doesn't really fit with her at all, there is nothing she can do against it, being only a Wraith of a formerly living human pressed into a form.

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Muramasa [Assassin] GilgameshFSN
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Muramasa [Assassin]
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