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PostSubject: The Seer   The Seer EmptyMon Jan 10, 2011 3:04 pm

"There are so many masters that lack the skill to compete against adept magi. We are here to assist those who are inchoate in terms of mastering magic and control over their mana."

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Also known as Diviner, the Seer is a relatively new servant class that began to emerge just as soon as any ordinary human could take the role of Master. Out of all the other classes, the Seer is best fit for the inept magus and average human that lacks any sort of magic, being that this class completely specializes in assisting the beginners so that they can become adept magi one day. Fourtune tellers, Prophets, and people who have made predictons on future outcomes are the kind of people that become Seers.

The Seer is capable in discovering the potential in humans in regards to magic and affinity. Thanks to its vivid clairvoyance and ability to quickly learn its master's history, the seer can pinpoint exactly what skills the human is best fit to learn (by speculating their personality, lifestyle, and history.), how difficult it will be to learn the magic, and what exactly needs to be done in order for the master progress! The seer can reveal hidden or forgotten pieces of a master's past, enlightening them on what potential they do have. The seer tracks the progress of its master to see how close he is to becoming a skilled magus. Although the seer doesn't know any magic other than buffer spells, he can show the best fit path to mastering a magic, as well as determine the mistakes a master makes, as if the seer were virtuous in the magic himself. With the seer, the arduous task of learning and mastering magic becomes a tad bit easier.

The seer can only focus on one master at a time, and cannot speculate the histories of any other master until the contract is terminated, and a new one is formed with a different master. The seer could be considered another kind of Caster due to its ability to use magic, and absorb mana from the environment, if it weren't for its incredibly low mana cost, only second to that of an assassin. It is just as vulnerable as a Caster, but the prime differences are that a seer can only utilize magic that buffers up their master, and nothing else, making it utterly defenseless when fighting against other servants alone. The seer is completely reliant on the master to fight, since no attack or defense spells can ever be learnt. Their mana consumption is relatively low, except for when it uses its buffer spells, which can range from moderate to high depending on the type of spell used.

The noble phantasm of a Seer can range from tomes, books, and parchment, to slabs or crystal balls. These items are used to forecast the necessary things the master must do to become more adept, as well as reveal the very master's history before their eyes.

Generally speaking, as the master becomes more skilled in the use of magic, the seer's buffer spells will have less of an effect on a master, or have no effect whatsoever. This makes the seer less useful for more powerful and skilled magi, in most cases.

The Seer's endurance can never change. The Seer's speed cannot go higher than C. In regards to magic, the Seer can only utilize buffer spells that only affect his or her master.
The Seer is the only class has a special ability known as Divination, meaning that they are capable of increasing the master's magic and magic circuit during training threads.
The Seer cannot:
Predict the future of the world, or anybody, excluding the master.
Accurately predict the future of the master (IE: You'll get killed by Saber in 5 days. You'll become the fearsome king of Forsena.)
Delve into the minds of other servants or masters. The seer's master must give consent before allowing the Seer to speculate the master's past.
State what exactly the master can learn in regards to spells, that's for the master to decide.
Force the master to comply with the recommended regime or rituals to learn and train.

Summary: The Seer acts as an instructor in teaching the master how to become more adept in the use of magic, and other skills. This makes the Seer an excellent class for normal humans, or inchoate magi.
Potential Seers: Gad, the Seer

Samuel, the Seer

Nathan, the Prophet
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The Seer
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