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 The Experience System

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Johnathan [Saber]
Beer-Class Servant

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PostSubject: The Experience System   Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:38 pm

As you may have noticed, we use a Statistic System to give basic overviews of what a Servants/Magis/Humans strength in a certain area is. However, everyone will start out rather weak, unless there is a good reason for the opposite. Of course, you don't have to stay this low - in fact, with every single post and thread you make on here, you'll earn Experience. This is why we only allow one Character per Account.

Increasing Statistics

In order to upgrade one of your Statistics, you have to reach 100 points. Once you do, you're allowed to edit your Application and raise one of your Ranks. You don't need re-approval after doing this. If your upgrade results in learning more spells, however, it does.

Increasing Abilities

Everyone but Assassin will start rather low in Abilities, and to raise this, you'll need more points, too. Every 150 points, you are allowed to either raise the Rank of one Ability, or learn a new one on Rank E. Upgrading old ones does not require re-approval, but learning a new one does.

Other Ways to gain Points, Statistics and Abilities

Of course, these point limits are chosen in a way where you can rather easily reach them. Still, there are other ways to grow stronger. Points will be given out on a regular basis in events and contests, and every time you win a battle against other players, you can request a 'Judgement' on it. You can have a maximum of 4 (four) 'Judgements' in a month. A staff member will look over how you've fought, how well it went, etc, and, if you manage to impress us, you'll be granted extra points. Even the loser can obtain some points this way.
While Statistics can't be upgraded by training for Servants, a Master or Magi could upgrade them through decicated training - at least Close Combat and Agility. Magic is not something you'll be able to learn in the bit of a training thread (UNLESS the servant is a Seer, which can break this rule thanks to Divination), since it is mainly guided by experience. To actually get anything from training, you have to request 'Judgement' on the thread, but remember, a maximum of 4 per month. You could make multiple training threads and just get Judgements in the following months, but this is not recommoned.
Abilities for Servants are something that they achieved in their lifetime and are slowly getting back. Still, new abilities can be picked up by them - if you train for long enough, you can earn an E Rank Ability for free. Again, this requires a Judgement.
On a final note, Judgements don't roll over into the next month, and are used up once the Judgement is requested, not when it is executed. The 4 Judgement rule is counted per Character, not per User.
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Fresh Character

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PostSubject: Re: The Experience System   Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:09 pm

Edited to include Seer's exception in training.
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The Experience System
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